19 Shocking Health benefits of Deer Meat

Deer meat is typically red meat that has not commonly consumed. Deer meat which is extremely tasty can be alternative meat since the delicious taste is as well as beef, lamb and some other meats. It has great contents including some important nutrition for our body, such as vitamin B3, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, protein, sodium, vitamin B12 and fat. Due to its complex contents it will be healthier diet than other meats containing saturated fats. Surely, there are many health benefits of deer meat based on the properties. It is highly recommended to consume red meat especially when you suffers certain diseases and needs a good intake to keep your body health.

It is really true that there are numerous health benefits of red meat. No wonder, many people rely on consuming it due to its effectiveness in healing a number of diseases. Still, this meat is very popular because it can add more strength and stamina for male.  Nutrition that is found inside the meat is outstanding so it is potential healing food to consume especially for people having certain problems of health.

Before talking more about crucial health benefits of deer meat, let me show you some nutritional lists inside the meat. Per 100 gram deer meat is composed from fat (32 grams), cholesterol (112 milligrams), protein (30 grams), energy (158 kcal), calcium (7 milligrams), magnesium (24 milligrams), iron (4.5 milligrams), vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Based on the composition, no wonder such substances are really needed for cells, tissues, and many organs for the development. The meat can be made for various cuisines that are incredibly delicious.

19 Important Benefits for Health You Can Get from Deer Meat

Health benefits coming from deer meat can be something interesting to know. As a promise, I want to share you amazing deer meat health benefits. Each of them is listed as following:

1. Preventing Kidney Disease

Due to vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 inside, deer meat is an amazing medicine for kidney disease. The contents functions to obstruct homoestein formation inside the body. As known, homoestein is substance that can destroy the cells and various tissues existing in the body. Therefore, all of the third vitamin substances can keep our kidney healthy.

2. Preventing High-Level Homoestein

As said before, there are three important elements inside deer meat. They are vitamin B3, B6 and B12 which are necessary to prevent high-level homoestein. High-level homoestein itself can destroy blood vessels, assist heart attack, trigger diabetes and increase the risk of stroke. Homoestein is usually attributed to osteoporosis which frequently often in women due to lacking of vitamin B12.

3. Maintaining the Bone Health

Many people said that saturated fat in some meats is very dangerous for health. However, saturated fat existing in deer meat is a good fat to keep your bone health. Without saturated fat in your body your bone health and strength will reduce.  Deer meat also provides a plenty of calcium content. By eating such rich-calcium intake, especially for adult, it means you are ahead to prevent osteoporosis. One thing to notice when consuming deer meat is to limit the portion you want to eat so you will not eat it too much.

4. Preventing Anemia

Iron plays vital role to build hemoglobin inside human body to prevent anemia or lacking of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin itself is substance that transports oxygen around the body and makes erythrocyte color red. Hemoglobin must always be produced by the body to substitute other hemoglobin that has been broken. The iron substance inside deer meat is needed to build hemoglobin. The need of hemoglobin can be obtained by consuming deer meat with the dosage that is not excessive. Hence, anemia and other kind of diseases caused by lacking of iron can be prevented.

5. Good Food to Consume by Diabetic Patients

As said before, deer meat contains vitamin B6 which is very good to eat by diabetic patients that have complication about sugar level in their blood. Vitamin B6 functions to converse carbohydrate level which is very important in the release of the blood sugar. Furthermore, deer meat also contains low saturated fat so it is kind of healthy food to consume.

6. Keeping Testosterone on the Normal Level

When a guy has an obesity problem in which the cholesterol is above normal, consuming lamb or beef can endanger himself. The reason is that lamb or beef can cause is high in cholesterol that will lower his testosterone level drastically. Based on a research held in the University of Utah, it is found that the healthiest fat to consume is fat obtained from deer meat due to the low level of cholesterol. Thus, the guy needs to change his diet from lamb or beef to keep his testosterone level normal.

7. Healthy Consumption for Pregnant Mothers

During pregnancy mothers need sufficient nutritional intake since they must share their intake with their fetus.  They need to get more nutrition from food they eat to ensure that the important nutrition is covered. A plenty of important nutrition during pregnancy can be gained from deer meat which is also enriched with iron to produce hemoglobin. Besides, iron is also crucial to transport nutrition to the fetus.

8. Adding Muscle Mass

To gain muscle mass it is recommended to consume food that is high protein. Deer meat has higher level of protein than beef or lamb. Deer meat’s protein content is 58% from the total of body weight whereas beef’s is only 41 % and lamb’s is only 43 %. That is why dear meat is the best option to eat due to a plenty of protein it contains.  Consuming deer meat does not only give you health benefits but also gives you additional muscle mass. Still, eating the meat will also increase the regeneration of the broken mass cells.

9. Curing Lung Disease

Health benefit of deer meat can be gained because there is plenty of sodium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. This content is very good to prevent the damage of some vital organs inside, especially the lung. Consuming deer meat adds extra immunes against pollutant properties. That is why the lung will always be protected from the danger of pollutant substance and kept health for people consuming the meat regularly.

10. Speeding Up the Cell Regeneration

Protein contains a lot of benefits for health. One of the benefits is to help the cell regeneration so the regeneration process will be faster. The cell regeneration itself is very important for body cells having broken due to pollutants and diseases. With faster cell regeneration the process of curing injuries, either internal or external injuries of organs can be recovered faster.  As a large source of protein deer meat provides plenty of protein for speeding up the regeneration. As a result, one’s injury will rapidly be recovered by consuming deer meat routinely.

11. Preventing Heart Attack

The next health benefit of deer meat comes from its low level fat. This level of fat makes deer meat healthy and safe to consume. Deer meat will not bring you to the risk of heart attack that many people worry about. Otherwise consuming the delicious meat regularly can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol from your body whereas the good fat increases. Thus, to stabilize bad cholesterol and substitute it with the good one is by including the red meat in your diet.

12. Relieving Menstrual Sore

It is common that women suffer during their period. Most of their complaints are caused by cramp and sore that they get in every menstruation. However, there is good news that consuming deer meat can help them reducing the pain during the menstruation. That’s why this health benefit of deer meat for menstrual woman should not be ignored.

13. The Great Source of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is very crucial for human body so getting it in large number is highly recommended. One of the best ways to get the intake is by eating deer meat. Deer meat is composed from high amount of vitamin B12 which is called cobalamin. This is kind of vitamin that is soluble in the water and has many benefits in the body. The main function of vitamin B12 is to keep the brain, nerve system and hemoglobin building normal. Lacking of vitamin B12 can lead ones to anemia so consuming the meat is the proper way to protect your body from the disease.

14. The Great Source of Iron

Iron is one of the important substances that must be covered by food we eat. Deer meat is not only very tasty but also it is can be the best iron provider for your body. Especially, complex health benefits of deer meat is guaranteed while it is also low in fat and calories. By consuming deer meat you can cover the needs of iron and many other important minerals for your body. As a result, you will gain a healthy body weight and avoid serious diseases. Due to its extremely high in iron, it will be very important for human, especially who suffer a problem in lacking of iron.

15. Smoothing the Enzymatic System

Enzymatic system determines the health of body’s digestion and metabolism. There is a crucial deep meat health benefit to help your body’s digestion and metabolism run their function. Thanks to plenty of iron provided in deer meat you can get good intake that help to smooth the enzymatic system. Besides, people who consume deer meat will get cytochrome, myoglobin and catalase. Without the substances your body organs have complications or it may be palsied.

16. Increasing the Body Immune System

Another health benefit of deer meat comes from the saturated fat. Saturated fat does not always trigger diseases but also give something good for health although the level is low in deer meat. The saturated fat is actually beneficial to increase the immune system within the body. By consuming deer meat that contains sufficient saturated fat, your body health will always be kept well. Consequently, you will not get sick easily.

In addition to the saturated fat content, there are some other substances which are also helpful for your immune system. They are calcium, magnesium, vitamin B3 and iron which simultaneously functions to increase the immune system. No wonder people eating food containing those substances will be healthier for longer time and invulnerable from pathogen bacteria. Fortunately, the saturated fats, iron, vitamin B3, calcium and magnesium exist in deer meat.

17. Protecting the Body Organ

Organ body can be destroyed by our habit. For example, drinking alcohol too much can trigger certain complication to the organ. This habit should be changed whereas consuming deer meat will protect your liver from unexpected attack. Deer meat contains saturated fat which can be your best option to serve on the table.

18. Preventing the Constriction of Blood Vessels

There are some vital substances that are good for your blood vessels. They are vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and low level fat. Those substances play important role to inhibit every substance that can damage the cells and tissues inside the body. They can obstruct the development of homoestein which can cause the constriction of blood vessels. You will get the substance in one, which is deer meat.

19. Providing Antibiotic for the Body

The last health benefit of deer meat is giving you an antibiotic source. You can get it from the meat and the liver of deer. The reason is the vitamin B3 composition which can prevent infection caused by virus and bacteria. Still, consuming deer meat is the best way for you if you love meat-based food but you are afraid of high cholesterol and excessive saturated fat. Deer meat is free of negative effect and it is safe to consume by all age group, from child to adult.

In short, all of the 19 health benefits of deer meat above prove that deer meat is highly recommended instead of beef or lamb. The meat taken from deer consists of complex properties but low in cholesterol and fat. Even, the fat composing deer meat is typically good fat which is beneficial for human. Hence, it should not be any worry of the side effects.

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