Acacia gum also known as Arabic gum is made from the sap of acacia tree. This tree originally come from tropical regions of Africa and Australia. It can grow up till 15 feet tall with sharp thorns. Chemically acacia gum is called acacia  senegal has the combination of complex polysaccharides complex and protein. Surprisingly, there are many health benefits of acacia gum for human body. This Arabic gum is also already used in baking ingredients, medicines, tools, and woodwork for centuries.

What make this gum is so special?

It has plenty of nutrition which are divided into three major fractions. The first fraction has galactose backbone. The second fraction has glucoronic acid and arabinogalactan-protein complex. While the last fraction, this is the smallest one, contains glycoprotein as the highest protein content. Those three fractions will lead you to get health benefits of acacia gum as below:

1. Treat Diarrhea

Diarrhea is caused by S. Aureus bacteria. Diarrhea occur when you eat too spicy food such as Indian Food, Jamaican Food, Korean Food, Chinese Food, or other Asian Countries. It also happen when you eat the food which contains bacteria. You need to have acacia gum with you to heal your disease. It doesn’t mean that you should use it as supplement to cure diarrhea but you can get it as medical prescription. The medicine that is used to fix your diarrhea problem may consist of acacia gum. Acacia gum function to inhibit the growth of A. Auereus bacthteria and make your stomach better.

2. Assure Your Liver

The amount of fiber from acacia gum is also used in treatment of Chronic Lever Disease. This fiber will help liver to detox the body and improve the function of Kupfer cells. This gum also help liver to prevent fat or lipid cell stick to the liver. Hepatoprotection effect in its fiber will cover liver from unwanted cell. The healthy liver will promote other organs healthy as well because liver’s duty is offering poison. Adding acacia gum as emulsifier in your cake will be better for you than chewing it directly.

3. Promote Kidney Function

Kidney failure comes when you lack of water, exercise, and rest.The symptom of kidney failure are weakness, lethargy, short of breath, confusion, and swelling. Furthermore, if it is going to be worse you will sick on your loins. Some treatments of kidney failure will be able to  make kidney normal again. But, if the kidney fall completely, you should get dialysis or even transplant.

Acacia gum can not repair damaged kidney tissue but it is helpful for slowing down kidney damaging progression. It is done by inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammation. Many studies show that this gum effectively decrease the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease as long as the kidney hasn’t been damage. But, you need to pay attention to your beverage also. Do not drink too much coffee,tea, or other. Drink water eight glasses per day or more to help you keep your kidney healthy. You also need to pay attention to your activity, because kidney damaging also caused by lack of exercise and too much sitting on the chair.

4. Weight Loss

Nobody wants to look fat but their eating habit and daily life style make them so. They eat unhealthy food, bad rest, and no exercise. When they realise that their body already obese they are shocked. Trying to make your body slim need long time and much money. They should make daily diet program. Having obese will lead you to get many problem heart attack, stress, diabetes, or other dangerous diseases.

If you use this gum on your dietary fiber daily for about 30 grams it will help you to lose your weight. High fiber inside acacia gum will make you fill full stomach for a long time. In this case, you will not feel hungry and push you to eat less than before. you don’t need to increase your physical exercise. Just add this gum as the on the ingredients of your dietary program and you will see the result. Consider to avoid the food which will destroy your diet program also. Avoid food that contains too much carbohydrate, glucose, and fat.

5. Battle Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress occur when there are plenty of free radicals come to your body.  A study shows that acacia gum contains antioxidant which will help you to fight free radicals. Free radical is the main cause of oxidative stress. Further, it will lead to damage the cells of your body. But, it will not give you the best result if you still eat unhealthy foods which produce free radicals. Eat healthy food only and add acacia gum as the ingredients as part of your habitual eating.

6. Keep Healthy Teeth and Mouth

Dental plaque occur when mass of bacteria grows on the surface within your mouth. It will damage your appearance because it can appear in front of your teeth, between your teeth, along the gumile, behind the teeth, or on chewing surface. Usually its look yellow or brown and rise up when you smile and talk. It can be broke out by visiting your dentist. But, it will come again if you don’t take care of your teeth. Further, there will be a hole on your teeth which will make you lose one tooth or more.

Do you know that chewing gum will make your teeth healthy? This is absolutely right, some studies has proved it. This Arabic gum actually contains antibacterial which will rid your mouth from harmful bacteria and prevent them to grow more. Those bacteria can tooth decay and gum bleeding. If you choose to chew a gum made from acacia senegal, your plaque level will be reduced for seven days than when you chew other gum. Pay attention to other efforts to get healthy mouth also such as brushing teeth, using mouthwash, or avoiding tea which will produce more plaque on your teeth.

7. Cure of Sore Throat

How do you feel when you get a sore throat? It’s like something shark trapped on your throat right?if you want to get rid of that feeling, you should call your doctor. The doctor will give you syrup or lozenges to help you. Acacia gum is one of the main part of the syrup. It help you to relieve irritation which has made you feel a sore throat. Your mucosa layer is going to be repaired by this gum and make you feel better.

8. Controlling Your Cholesterol Lever

There is Low-density lipoprotein or LDL or bad Cholesterol in your body. This cholesterol aim to transport particles to your body. It build up in your arteries’ wall and make them narrow and hard. While, the second High-density lipoprotein or HPL which is good cholesterol one. Its duty is picking up excess cholesterol and taking it back to your liver. Unhealthy life will lead you to gain high level of LDL  and low-level of HDL. You should pay attention on this stage, because this is bad for your body overall.

High level of LDL cholesterol will be dangerous for your health.  It will lead you to get diabetes or even heart attack. It happens because of poor diet, obesity, large waist circumstance, lack of exercise, or smoking. If you want to make your cholesterol level lower, you should eat healthy food and have exercise regularly. Acacia gum can also help you to make your cholesterol lever lower by attaching and binding the cholesterol so it will not be absorbed by intestine.

9. Help To Control Blood Sugar

High level of blood sugar will be danger for your health. It will damage your blood system and lead you to get hard disease. The amount of fiber in this gum will also make you healthy by controlling your blood sugar.  If you eat many foods with high fiber, your blood sugar will not rise.  Fiber will not be digested and your body do not need insulin to break it down. Eating acacia gum will make you full, so you do not need to eat more cookies or other sweet foods.

10. Strengthen Immune System

When your immune system run well, your body will not easy to get sick. Immune system will cover you from bacteria, viruses, or other diseases. When you start to get cough or flue means that your body is not in a fit condition. Which is meant that you have low immune system. This will make you easy to be attacked by viruses and bacteria.

This super food  will help you to strengthen your immune system. This arabic gum contains fiber consider as pro biotic. The duty of probiotic is promoting the growth of good bacteria inside the gut. While this bacteria later will fight any pathogen bacteria which come inside your body. The result your body will be healthier to do your activities every day.

11. Realive Constipation

Constipation happens because you don’t eat food which contain high fiber. The function of fiber is promoting good bowel movement.  Every body may get constipation. It deals with how you eat and what you eat. The cause of constipation is when you lack of consuming vegetables and fruit into your food. Eating at least 30 grams acacia gum will give you enough fiber which is need to avoid the risk of constipation. However, you should eat more vegetable, fruit, and water to make your digestive system stay healthy.

12. Improve Your Digestive System

The problem in digestive system caused by the food that you eat, whether it has high fiber or not. Food with high fiber will make your digestive system run well. So, you should be more careful when eating. Arabic gum contain soluble fiber which will be used for improving your digestive system.  But, it will not be run well if you still drink alcohol, junk food, or any other unhealthy food.

13. Prevent Diabetes

People who have diabetes will eat as much as they can. They will feel hungry all time and need to eat more and more. Acacia gum has fiber which will make you full stomach, it control your eating habit. Hence, it also help you to control your blood sugar which is the main cause of diabetes. Just add this gum into your cake as emulsifier and you will get the good result.

14. Wound Healing

Acacia gum contains alkaloids, glycosides, and flavonoids which will help the body in wound healing.  A study done by some scientists prove that acacia gum used for healing wound in rat which  will have the same effect to human body. It shows that acacia gum is not only can be consumed but as medical treatment as well.

15. Prevent Cancer

Acacia gum help the body to control cholesterol and get rid free radicals which become the trigger of cancer. The amount of antioxidant in its part help the body to prevent cancer growing by cleaning free radicals that come from unhealthy food or bad air. Having good cholesterol level provides by its high fiber which promote cancer prevention.

Actually acacia gum made from  Acacia laeta,  Acacia senegal , and Acacia seyal. It commonly used in some pharmaceutical industry and some foods as stabilizer and emulsifier.  Now, it known well as soluble fiber in some didactic beverages and low calories food. So, it is not to be eaten directly as food, but used as one of the ingredients. Acacia gum is often formed  in foods, but it’s also available in powder, ground, or whole form at your city’s grocery store

Though, there are many health benefits of acacia gum this super food also some potential risk. Those risks such as stunt growth, affect your digestive tract’s ability to take in nutrients, and hair loss will happen to you if you don’t use the right acacia gum. It will be better for you to consult to your doctor before use it as your daily dietary program. Do not use acacia gum which are not known to be consumed. Only you who know how healthy you are.