20 Amazing Health Benefits of Ashitaba for Our Body

Ashitaba or known as Japan’s tomorrow leaf has a scientific name of Angelica keiskei koidzmi. This plant has a lot of benefits that is believed by Japan’s people. This plant is grows through out the Asia especially Japan. But the first discovery of this plant was in Hachijo Island in Japan. The taste of ashitaba it self basically bitter but you can consume it in a various way such as tea (most people consume it as a tea), combine it with juice, smoothie, and dressing.

The health benefits of ashibata is known from the past many centuries by the elder and it is inherited to the young because of its godly effects. Until in the 1990 some scientists doing a research about the health benefits of ashitaba. And they have found that ashitaba really has a great benefits for those who consuming it. And here are some of health benefits of ashitaba that I’d like to share you with.

1. Anti Aging

Ashitaba leaves could act as an anti aging. By consuming ashitaba your body cells will be regenerated by growing its hormone booster. When ashitaba is successfuly rejuvenating your body cells, all your organs will work and has a better function too. So you can get a younger look and a better function of your organs. This will also mean that even in the old age you will still have a strong and healthy body as when you’re in the young age.

2. Preventing Nerve Degeneration

We know that the nerve degeneration is usually happen to the elder people, and make them more suffer because of their disability. Since ashitaba leaves contain so many types of mineral and also protein, this leave could help us to prevent the nerve degeneration. Nerve is important because nerve is the connector between what we are willing to do with our brain. With this benefits we can prevent some nerve disease such as parkinson, dementia, and alzheimer.

3. Preventing Constipation

The biggest concern of constipation is children because they usually don’t like to eat vegetables, you can make ashitaba in many various ways to prevent your children from constipation.

Constipation happens because our body needs more fiber either from vegetable or fruit. If you don’t like eating vegetable you can fulfill your body needs of fiber from ashitaba. By consuming ashitaba leaves as a drink for several times in a week, you don’t have to worry about constipation anymore.

4. Preventing Anemia

Anemia is a condition when our body lacks of producing enough red blood cells. Usually, the people who got anemia will get dizzy when they stand after they sit for a long time. Ashitaba leaves also could help us to prevent anemia by helping the forming of red blood cells and hemoglobin. The research about the function of ashitaba for red blood cells shown that it could help red blood cells getting stronger. When the red blood cells strong and the producing of red blood cells is running smoothly, our body needs of red blood cells will be fulfilled.

5. Preventing Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance that you need in your body. It used to produce hormones and also some vitamins. Even though cholesterol is good for our body but the high number of cholesterol could lead us to a heart attack. Because it will be combine with some substance in our body and creating a plaque around the wall of the blood stream and creating a blockage of blood.The fibers inside ashitaba could help you to increase the LDL (healthy cholesterol) and decreasing the HDL (bad cholesterol).

6. Preventing Gastrointestinal Disorder

Gastrointestinal disorder is may caused of the high level of acid inside our digestion system. To fix this, ashitaba leave that has a alkalizing function will help you to reduce the problem with your digestion system. But if you consuming the ashitaba leaves rountinely you’ll be prevented from gastrointestinal disorder.

7. Preventing Muscular and Joint Pain

Muscular and joint pain may caused by the accumulation of acetic acid in our muscle, injury in our joint and etc. The chalcones substance inside the ashitaba could help you to reduce the pain because of muscular and joint pain. This will also preventing you from getting tired earlier when you consume it routinely.

8. Preventing Premenstrual Syndrome

Every single girl will have an emotional problem during the days before the menstruation. We know it as a premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The emotional break down and the pain that the woman feels is caused by the hormonal activity that changing. Thank to chalcones that could help us to reduce the pain by consuming ashitaba as a tea routinely.

9. Anti Inflammatory Agent

Inflammatory may caused because of infection due to some virus, bacteria, or germs. The chalsones inside the ashitaba could fight against the harmful substance from outside. So we have an active agent that could help us fight against the harmful substance. Taking an example of acne, the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial will work together to reduce the patches and also skin iritation. Because ashitaba is natural, it will works in any type of skin, body, and person.

10. Weight Loss

So many people especially a woman would do a diet to have a better look of their body. Mostly they will reducing their consumption of food, doing exercises at the gym, and etc. Sometimes there are also the people who got a serious problem of their ulcer because they have a strict diet. To have a healthy diet you can consume ashitaba which has so many benefits beside reducing your weight. A group study from US has proved this benefits, and mostly the fat that will be reduced is in the hips and belly. So you have to so the exercise still by having a healthy food with ashitaba for sure and don’t let your self get ulcer.

11. Increasing Body Metabolism

The next health benefits of ashitaba is still connected with the diet. The people with obesity has a problem with their metabolism system. Their metabolism system works slower than people with normal metabolism system. That is why, even when they eat less than usual, their body will still fat because the body is slow due to the digesting process of food. To help this, ashitaba has a certain substance that is believed and it is also proven that can help to normalize the metabolism system.

12. Preventing Cancer

Cancer seed is owned by everybody. It is only the matter of active and inactive cancer cell. Cancer cell can active due to some unhealthy life patterns. Such as, consuming fast food too much, soda, and etc. These kind of food contains some substance such as MSG that could lead the cancer cells to be activated. Cancer basically is a high number of cell that is out of normal and eating our own body because of it. Or simply put it as the high number of cells growth our of normal. The antioxidant inside the ashitaba could help us fight against the free radical from outside. Free radical could lead us to cancer. And the antioxidant to prevent cancer can be found in the ashitaba roots.

13. Antibacterial Agent

Some researcher in Japan found out that ashitaba could work as an antibacterial agent. In their research they found out that it is effective to against staph and strep. The chalcones inside ashitaba that has the function of antibacterial agents are xanthoangelol and 4-hydroxyderricin.

14. Keep the pH Balance

Do you remember the fuction about ashitaba of alkalizing in the previous number? Because of that function, ashitaba also has a function to balancing the pH balance in our body. So our body won’t be too acid but neutral. This will help our body away from some disease such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and etc.

15. Accelerate the Healing

Because of its anti-inflammation substance inside it, achitaba can help our body to heal the wound. The healing done by achitaba is faster and boosting the healing done by our own body. Achitaba also contain antioxidant flavonoids that can reduce the cell damage due to free radical. And also it could increasing our blood circulation system better.

16. Regulate the Blood Pressure

Chalcones in ashitaba does really contain lots of function for our health, one of the function is to regulate the blood pressure. The high pressure of our health could lead us into some serious disease such as stroke. When you can’t be healed from stroke and got the second attack of stroke, surely you will go numb forever. So to prevent this, ashitaba could help you by its chalcones substance inside it.

17. Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes is caused because of the abnormal function of insulin that controlling the number of glucose is our body. Diabetes can come from genetics or unhealthy life patterns. The sapoin substance inside the ashitaba could manage the glucose level inside our body. And by then we can be better from diabetes or we do also can prevent diabetes to come.

18. Detoxify Agent

Because the use of chalcones inside the achitaba is to strengthen the blood cells, red blood cells will not easily broken by any harmful substance. By this, the production of red blood healthy cell will be much more bigger than the dirty blood. And this make your body has a better and clean circulation of blood. Blood is used to carry away many substance, such as oxygen to the brain, nutrition to the cells, and also substance that should be thrown away such as ammoniac. When the blood stream is running smoothly the detoxification will be run smoothly as well.

19. Strengthen the Immune System

The next health benefits of ashitaba comes along again from chalcones. Ashitaba’s benefit in the previous number of nine is working along with our immune system and strengthened our immune. The benefit is comes along with the vitamin B12 that stimulates the body immune. The body immune that I meant here are the white blood cells. Because most of the immune of our body comes from the white blood cells. Even when you have a white acne, it is a white blood cells that try to heal the acne by isolating the bacteria. So, if you think you’re easily to get sick you can try to consume it.

20. Increasing Concentration

Brain is one of the most important thing in our body that can keep us alive. It also help us in many things such as, to think, to feel, to smell, and etc. But besides that super ability our brain also needs some amount of substance to keep it works well, such as blood, oxygen, and vitamin. Ashitaba is containing the high level of vitamin B12 that is one of the most important thing for our brain development. Consuming ashitaba means we can prevent our self to easily forget the things. By consuming it, it is equal with we are consuming our brain with vitamin B12 that can help our brain development better. It will be better when you consuming it earlier, especially for children who still in the age of the brain development. Or we know it as the golden period.

Basically from my explanation in the above the very basic function of achitanba is regenerating the cells. When you can regenerating your cells, you can fix everything in your self. Including the aging, the problem with digestion, and etc. Cell regeneration means the cell will heal from damage. And when the cell is healthy every process in your body will be done perfectly. But why cells? Because cell is the smallest part that shape our body. Cells will compile tissue, tissue will compile organ, and organs will compile organ system such as respiration system, digestion system, and etc.

So that was the all health benefits of ashitaba leaves and maybe there are still more benefits that the researcher should find out on ashitaba. Hopefully this article is helping you to know more about the health benefits of ashitaba. And for sure, have a healthier life from now on. Thank you for reading this article until the end and stay healthy!

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