15 Best Health Benefits Of Avocado Leaves

Avocado or known as Persea Americana Miller in its Latin name is now commonly growth not only in South and Central America but also in some parts of Asia. It is known also as the butter fruit that shaped like peer with green skin and yellow flesh. We all know the health benefits of avocado fruit which is originally comes from Mexico but we may know less about the benefits of the leaves even some people used to include the leaves on their cooking.  If you are curious about the nutrients and health benefits of avocado leaves, let’s take a look this matter closely.

The Nutrients Content Of Avocado Leaves

You may not expect that the leaves of avocado contain abundant nutrients even more than the fruits. This part of avocado plant contains protein, fiber, mineral and phytochemicals that are useful for human health. Every 100 gram avocado leaves contain 25.54 g protein and 38.40 g fiber which is greater than the fruit that only contains about 1.60 g protein and 2.06 g fiber in same amount. Not only rich in protein and fiber, avocado leaves also contain some of mineral such as magnesium, sodium, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus in proper amount. Talking about phytochemicals, the leaf of avocado also has greater number than the fruit and the seed especially the flavonoid and phenols content. No wonder if many health benefits of avocado leaves is now being concerned.

The Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves

After knowing the nutrients content of avocado leaves, now let’s see the amazing health benefits of avocado leaves and how its effect the human body to deal with several serious health problem.

1. Fight Ulcer

Ulcer is a kind of inflammation that usually happened in the stomach by the presence of strong acid which destroy the stomach wall. Avocado leaves have potent benefits in fighting stomach ulcer and relieve gastritis as well as bloating problem. A research that conducted by Bamidale Owoyele and his college from University of Ilorin has proved that the extract of avocado leaves posses an anti-ulcerogenic effect that could be a reason why this health benefits of avocado leaves is effective to cure ulcer especially in some folk medicine.

2. Cure Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is a serious health problem that can lead to another fatal disease such as kidney failure.if you facing a problem with kidney stone, consuming avocado leaf can be a good alternative since it contain many phytochemical s such as alkaloid, saponin and flavonoids that have ability to destroy the stone inside your kidney and make a better function of the organ.  To get the health benefits of avocado leaves you can simply makes avocado leaves tea by boiling 8 pieces of leaves in a cup of water until it stay for half cup. Strain and  drink the tea twice a day until you get better.

3. Maintain Healthy And Smooth Skin

We know that avocado fruit is one of the best natural skincare that we can use but who knows that the health benefits of avocado leaves is also good for your skin care routine? Hence, avocado leaf contains many properties such as antioxidant that can bring smoothness to your skin and keep it from aging. Just mash the avocado leaves and put it on skin as well as your face for about 15 minutes then rinse it with warm water. You will find your skin so smooth and delicate after this treatment. Do this treatment just twice a week and feel the difference.

4. Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is a case of health problem that can be suffered by anyone especially the older. A study which held by Adeyemi et al in 2002 reported that avocado leaves contain an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that can reduce the pain of several body part including back pain. Another French study also found that the health benefits of avocado leaves extract can also stimulate cartilage repair and cure the pain as the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs. To relieve back pain you can consume the tea of avocado leaves or include it in your diet for several days. For your information, some people also said that the avocado leaves also can reduce the pain of arthritis and other types of pain which induce by inflammation process inside the body.

5. Reduce Swelling

Swelling is another health problem that can be treated by using avocado leaves. The phytochemical content especially the quercetin, a natural bioflavonoid in avocado leaves posses the benefits of reducing swelling that usually occur in the body during recovery process of wound such as after surgery. It also can help to minimize and avoid the effect of free radicals which leads to skin damage and worse inflammation in the body. To gets the strong effect of quercetin, you can directly mashed the leaves and put it on the swollen body parts, wrap it with bandage and leave for 2 until 4 hours. Rinse with warm water and do it regularly until the swollen parts of the body healed.

6. Lower Blood Sugar Level

Using traditional way to cure a disease is sometime never be a fail. If you are searching an alternative way to cure diabetes and lower the blood sugar, you can hold it on the health benefits of avocado leaves. Diabetes is a common health problem and nowadays it affects most of population over the world. It is usually happens when the pancreas inside the body stop producing insulin which known as the hormone that regulate the blood sugar in the body metabolism. A scientific study which conducted to some artificially diabetes induced rats found that the avocado leaves extract possessed a hypoglycemic effects in certain dose. The maximum result of the extract was reported after six hour consumption of the leaves. Isn’t it a good news for diabetes patient?

7. Reduce Hypertension

Not only lowering blood sugar, the health benefits of avocadoleaves also can help to lower the blood pressure in hypertension patient. Avocado leaves contain magnesium that can help to lower the blood the blood pressure and reduce the chance of suffering hypertension. According to Gill, 1992; and Lans 2006 research, avocado leaves can be a good medicine in reduce hypertension and normalize the cardiovascular system. To keep your blood pressure in normal condition, you can consume avocado leaves or the tea in regular basis but keep in mind that before you consume it, please consult it with your doctor or any medical expert.

8. Cure Diarrhea

Another good health benefits of avocado leaves that you must know is its effect in curing diarrhea which is caused by bacteria infection especially Escherichia coli. Avocado leaves contain a a great number of saponin which known as one of the plant flavonoid with its strong effect. A research that held by Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Ilorin, Nigeria in 2013 found that saponin along with other phytochemicals substance such tannin can significantly reduce the bacterial infection and help to stop the diarrhea. This makes sense why most African and American use the leaves of avocado to treat the disease. Simply consume the leaves if you are suffering diarrhea and have no medicine or any doctor around you to help.

9. Treat Epilepsy

A study which conducted by Ojewole JA and Amabeoku GJ in 2006 which published in the Publication of Medicine journal reported that Various parts of avocado including the leaves are commonly  used by African as traditional medicines to control and treat many human ailments, including epilepsy and  childhood convulsions. The avocado leaves contain anti-convulsant agent that is also known as antiepileptic or as antiseizure drugs. This kind of drug usually used in epilepsy treatment and to reduce the the risk of the disease. The effect of anti-convulsant of avocado leaves is connected to it’s  function in blocking sodium channels or enhance the GABA mechanism which trigger the rise of epilepsy.

10. Help To Lose Weight

Still finding a way to lose weight in a healthy diet? may be you just need to put some avocado leaves in your salad, soup or even your smoothies, even the taste will not satisfy you. A study which published in EXCLI journal Experimental and Clinical Science at 2015 reported that the laves of Persea Americana or avocado leaves has anti-obesity effect that significantly causing 25% weight gain reduction in the body if its consumed in regular based. Even the research was conducted on albino rats, the effects will also possessed in human body. In order to lose weight you can also consume the avocado leaves tea twice a day until you get the normal body weight as you desired.

11. Maintain Black Hair

The leaves of avocado contain some pigment which is good to maintain a black shiny hair. It can also be a good hair mask to solve your dull and bad hair problem. How it works? Just mash some of young avocado leaves into a thick paste then rub it on your hair before you wash your hair. Leave the avocado leave paste on your hair for about 10 to 15 minutes then wash and rinse your hair as usual. You can do this treatment twice a week to get an adorable black and shiny hair s well as get other health benefits of avocado leaves which strengthen your hair root. Easy right?

12. Treat Asthma

If you have any problem with breathing allergy like asthma, maybe avocado leaves can help you to treat the disease. Avocado leaves contain a substance called pinene that can directly effect the air passage in the lung and heal the asthma attack. To solve this condition, you can boil several leaves of avocado in two cup of water and add a tablespoon of salt in the solution. Boil the water until it remain a cup, strain and drink it warm before go to bed.

13. Eliminate Thrush

An oral thrush is a condition of an abnormal sore which occur in the mouth by the form of strange rush that is caused by fungal infection. Not only known for it’s antibacterial effect, avocado leaves also contain some anti-fungal agent that can help you to eliminate oral thrush.  If you found this condition happen to you, just try to chew some young leaves of the avocado until it become smooth, then let in stay in your mouth for a while then rub it on the rush for about 5-10 minutes. Do this treatment three times a day and notice the result after some days.

14. Reduce The Risk of Cancer

Cancer is a disease which has became nightmare for modern people nowadays. It can occur the body if the cells DNA mutate and can not control its growth. The mutation of DNA in the body can be caused by the free radicals effect which destroy the body cell mechanism. Avocado leaves contain strong antioxidant effect which posses by the presence of it’s flavonoid and phenols content.the antioxidant of the avocado leaves can reduce the free radical effect and protect the cells from damage. Even so, the health benefits of avocado leaves on cancer still need more plenty of study.

15. Cure Headache

Need a natural cure of headache? You can try to consume the tea of avocado leaves when you got attacked by a heavy pain on the backside or on another area of the head.  The leaves of avocado contain some effective analgesic substance such as quercetin and penine that can relieve the tension of headache by blocking the path of neurotransmitter or pain impulse to reach the brain.

The Side Effect of Avocado Leaves

Beside its numerous benefits, the avocado leaves may also bring some side effects which should be noted by anyone who want to consume it especially in regular basis in order to cure some disease. Some scientist reported that the leaves of some variant avocado plant could possibly contain amount of toxic which is dangerous to be consume such as the Guatemalan avocado plant. While another type of avocado plant, the Mexican avocado is consider as save to be consumed. Many experts also claim that high consumption and long term usage of the avocado leaves also not suggested since it can cause several problem in the future. So if you want to try the avocado leaves consumption consult your doctor first to discuss its effect to your body and how you should consume it.


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