Top 12 Health Benefits of Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, have you heard about this kind before? For some yes, and the rest no. Basmati rice basically an unique rice that come from India.  It has two sort of rice, which are white rice and brown rice. Why is it divided by two sort? It is because of the grinding process. If you thought rice is just a rice, now on you are absolutely know it has a kind of. If you ever been in India or maybe Pakistan before, you’ll find this rice easily. Because this rice commonly using over there. People ate Basmati rice almost everyday and this rice become a dishes for many years.

These days, Basmati rice not only known only in India or maybe Pakistan. But people from over the world already know about Basmati rice. They also believe there are ton health benefits of Basmati rice. Not only rich in benefits, but Basmati rice also rich in flavor and aroma. That’s why Basmati rice accepted all over the world. Because it presented rich of health benefits. Then, if you looking for healthy rice, Basmati rice is what we will recommend to you.

Short story of my experiences. I ate Basmati rice before when I come to Indian’s house. Basically I don’t know what kind is that. It was look as a common rice, but a bit different. They served me Basmati rice, and mixed them with vegs. My first try, yup when I put them in my mouth, I can’t talk. Why? Because it was truly delicious. My appetite was increase that time and I do eat more. When I was asked the Indian, she said that Basmati rice become daily rice in India. Commonly mixed with vary vegs to make it more tasty. But Basmati rice not offers in every state in Indonesia. She said Basmati rice still rare. And when they run out of stock, they need to hit the seller and booked how many they need. Furthermore, Basmati rice sold only by Indian’s seller in Jakarta.

Maybe you asking why are we recommend you Basmati rice? Is there any health benefits of Bastami rice? What makes Basmati rice is the best option for rice? Here is the info:

  • Basmati rice offered the best grain

The first reason because it is rich of grain. Unlike the other rice which has gluten inside. From research, we inform you that Basmati rice gluten free. So, you don’t have to be worry about kind of illness related to gluten. It is also low fat. If you in diet, you can eat Basmati rice as a replacement for the other rice. Beside that, Basmati rice also offered eight essential amino acids perfectly, folic acid, and less of sodium. Worry free if you wanna eat Basmati rice everyday. Moreover, it will not cause cholesterol

  • Basmati rice has a great texture and taste

Unlike the other rice, which contains gluten that causes shole-sterol. Basmati rice perfectly free from all gluten and offered the fluffy texture. While you eat Basmati rice, the texture will stay long and you’ll feel like chewy a gum. How about the taste? Absolutely different with the other rice. Choose basmati rice as a daily rice will present you like a new experience and palate. Because your mouth would feel the diff taste ever. Of course we talk about a good palate, not the worst one

  • Basmati rice smells good

Before eat something, we consider about how it smells. If cuisine smeels good, perhaps our appetite increase suddenly and we want eat more and more with no doubt. This case founded in Bastami rice. After rice cooked-well, you can smell it first before serve it to the plate. Feel the good smell to increase appetite. If you cook the rice with vegs and spices, may the smell will be more good than you could imagine. All scent will be spreading to the place close to the kitchen. And be ready, all family members would come to take a look and taste your food

  • Basmati rice needs love and affection

Perhaps you wondering, why love and affection? Well, when you plant and harvest Basmati rice, you must covered by love. It means you can’t play and joking while planting and harvesting the rice. You need a specific behave to make the rice flourish as you wish. One thing you must know, Basmati rice’s tall unlike the other rices. It is taller, and could cause damage if the farmer not taking care the plants well. The farmer prone put all their love and affection to growth up and maturing the rice. By love and affection, Indian said the grain will be best and produced a premium grain which will make it a bit pricey than the other rices

Health benefits of Basmati rice? If curiousity pop up, here is all benefits presenting by Basmati rice that you must know. Take a look on the list below.

1. Contain Vitamin

The first health benefits of Basmati rice is contain with vitamins. Body need vitamins to keep us health. Sort of vitamins such vitamin A, C, E, etc are what body needs. In fact, Basmati rice also contain with vitamin including niacin and thiamine. These vitamins decent for heart and nervous system in body. Eat Basmati rice frequently make you stay healthy. If you have problem with skin brightness, Basmati rice is one of the best solution. Because it will able to keep your skin shiny even though you always touched by the sun.

2. Gluten Free

We all need to keep our body health. Further, who want to get ill? No one, right? When people get ill, they will not be able to do all activities like it used to. That’s why healthiness is the most important in life. If you prone to eat common rice (not Basmati), perhaps you a bit worry about the gluten. If body filled to much gluten, it also not good for health. Less is good, but to much is worst. If you keep body due to health issue, eat Basmati rice is what we recommend you.

3. Low Fat

People nowadays in alert about their weight. To keep body in ideal weight, they prone to go to the gym and do kind of workout routine. Further, people couldn’t live without junk food and fast food. French fries, hamburger, pizza, including rice contains with fat. But ain’t for Basmati rice. As improvement, eat 200 grams rice contain less than 1 gram fat. It is good, isn’t it? Bastami rice also suitable for people on diet. Beside try to live like a Vegan, you also can make Bastami rice as your special food on diet. Because it is low fat and will not increase weight soon.

4. High in Carbohydrate

White rice and brown rice has different gauge in carbohydrate. Brown rice has less for about 3 g of carbohydrates comparing with white rice. For a certainly amount, white rice has 36 grams for ¼ cup serving, and brown rice has 33 grams for ¼ serving. Eat more Bastami rich will give you more energy to do daily activity. Feel starving after 2 or 3 hours will not happen if you consume Bastami rice per day. The gauge for a man and woman are different. But I cannot predict how much will you need. It’s all depend on requirement.

5. Vastami Rice Content with High Fiber

Fiber is what body needs for digestive. When you eat Bastami rice, your body will filled with fiber to smoothen feces. After comparing Bastami rice with the other rice, absolutely it is different. One cup Bastami rice contains with 20 percent higher fiber instead the other rice. You can imagine how much fiber would be in in your body when you eat more Bastami rice. In research, an adult allowed to consume Bastami rice 20g – 35g each day in minimum. If you want more, you can increase the level. For children under 5 years old, Bastami rice also good for 5g in minimum each day. For children more than 5 years old, it will necessary to consume minimum 10g each day.

6. Overcoming Irregularity

We all have problem with digestion. Basmati rice as the best solution because it also contains with fiber. The fiber could maintain water levels in body to overcoming irregularity. That fiber also useful to soften digestive. If you in irregularity, you can eat Basmati rice as it needs. That’s why Indian people feel overwhelm and bless because Basmati rice’s presence.

7. Avoid Hemorrhoid

In case, hemorrhoid existed. And some people have problem with this hemorrhoid. People in hemorrhoid would uneasy to reduce all feces in their body. As I noticed you, Basmati rice contain with fiber which means good to overcoming digestive. That fiber also work on rectal muscle movement. Hemorrhoid? Now on, it will not happen anymore after you eat Basmati rice

8. Avoid Cancer Cells

Cancer these days well-known as the faster death causes. To avoid cancer, we very recommend you to consume Bastami rice. The highest benefits has offered and you must no doubt to make a try onthis Bastami rice. Further, it has a nice appealing and smooth texture comparing to the other rice. All vitamins and fibers inside Bastami rice help you to avoid cancer cells. It means, this illness will not come to you easily. Especially when you live healthy ways and do workout routine. That is the main key to stay health.

9. Free Cholesterol

Next health benefits of Basmati rice is free cholesterol. Even though its rich in carbohydrate, it doesn’t mean Basmati rice produced more cholesterol. If you have cholesterol already because bad life style, now on, you can eat Basmati rice to avoid cholesterol. Since its rich in carbohydrate, worry free about starving constantly. Before you consume Basmati rice as daily dishes, make sure you go control to doctor first to get know how much cholesterol you have.

10. Suits for Diabetics

Are you have health issue recently? If you one of those who diagnosed have diabetics, Barmati rice could help you out to reduce diabetics. Comparing to another rice, Basmati rice has lower glycemic index. That is why, this is highly recommended for those who suffer from diabetes. The glycemic level basically impact from protein, fiber, and fat. And these all will be easily absorbed in our body. Well, glycemic level divided by three categorize: low (<55), middle (55 – 70), and high (>70). If you are in the high level. It means your body produced sugar rapidly than you could imagine. The rapid of couse diff if you comparing with the low level.

11. Good for Heart

This point not mean Bastami rice suitable for whom feel heart broken. Of course that is wrong. What mainly I wanna say is for heart disease because Bastami rice uncrammed fatty acids in our nuts. American’s research revealed consume more than 20 grams of fiber each day will help people out of heart disease. The measurement for man and woman of course diff. More you consumed, more you’ll be able to avoid heart disease. You can prove it by comparing a woman or man who consumed Bastami rice in diff requirement.

12. Suitable for Diet Program

Either woman and man recently taking care more to theirself. They prone to do workout and eat healty food to maintain body shape. People on diet absolutely cannot consumed to much fat. Because it will prevent diet process and ultimately getting hard to get perfect body shape. By eating Bastami rice, feel haunted by weight will decrease day by day. Obviously because it contains with low fat. Eat Bastami rice will make you full easily and won’t to consumed snacks.

For more better result, try to combine Basmati rice with quail eggs on your diet.

Rice is a commonly dishes for Asian people. Unlike European who prone to consume cheese, dairy, chocolate, bread, etc. If you as Asian prefer to consume other rice before, now on try to consume Bastami rice. Make your best Bastami rice by mixing vegs and spices to increase palate. Even though Bastami rice a bit easy to find, but it’s not totally mean you cannot consumed. Because there is a store in Jakarta, Indonesia who sold Bastami rice.

That’s all the information about the reason why choosing Bastami rice and 12 health benefits of Bastami rice itself. All the infos has noticed above as my confession after tasted and researched the truth. If you have any thought about Bastami rice, drop your comment in the comment section below.


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