12 Delightful Health Benefits of Ceylon Tea

In this beautiful morning, it’s such a perfect time to enjoy some tea. If you’re thinking that we’re gonna talk about the tea that came from England, which is really famous for its “Would you like some tea?”. No, the place we’re gonna discuss some place for away from that spesific country. The country is located in the South East region, our good neighboor Sri Lanka. In this country, there’s a special tea called Ceylon Tea. Basically, all the tea kinds from Sri Lanka are called as Ceylon Tea. So, if you’re getting a tea at Sri Lanka, it’ll be 90% Ceylon Tea, except the owner offers you with an international brand.

The tea came with three different variants, white, green, and also the black one. Many people mistake the black tea as the Ceylon tea, which is no true at all. Even though it’s the black one, but it didn’t originated from Sri Lanka, then it’s not a Ceylon Tea. With some special techniques, people in Sir Langka made this tea so perfectly. The taste of the Cayelon Tea is something else, even more better than the jasmine tea that many people like. It also came with so many health benefits of Ceylon Tea, so you can start buying it at our nearest stores. It’s not really rare one, so you can find it easily if you look at your area throughoutly. So what are those health benefits of Ceylon Tea that you can get after consuming a cup of it? See them below!

1. Perfect Supporter For Diet

The perfect one health benefit of Ceylon Tea in our first place on our list is a really happy news for people on a diet. Yes, consuming Ceylon tea with proper time consuming and also proportions will help your diet to be more efficient and effective. One thing you’ll notice is the hot feeling when you doing the daily activities inside your own body. The metabolism inside keeps performing what you called as workout, and keep working out to burning our fat during the day. It really helps some people that really desperate at their own diet technique.

So beside working out and exercising every single day, one cup of Ceylon Tea is a perfect gift from God. Just because of that single cup of Ceylon tea, you’ll get the first health benefit of Ceylon Tea. With the increased metabolism, all the activities during your busy day will change into exercises. Don’t worry to sweat a lot during that very day, it’s really normal because all the fat inside your body will be burnt all the way. Just with one cup of Ceylon tea in every beautiful morning, it’ll change you within that very day.

2. Improve Immune System

The second one you can get from this Ceylon Tea is to improve your own best friend the immune system. Like we all know, the immune system is really important to our body because such important role it has as the protector that prevent so many dangerous diseases. You don’t need to consume any other supplement or maybe potions to help you gain moreshiled against the other bad stuff. Just a cup of Ceylon Tea in the morning or maybe evening, you’ll get this very health benefits of Ceylon Tea right away. Also, complete it with some healthy meals like vegetables or fruits to make your morning more wonderful than ever.

The Ceylon Tea also ver useful as the cleanser for the bad free radicals inside your body. Many of you will feel ill if there’s too many of them lying around your body. So, inside the Ceylon Tea there’s very high antyoxidant that really helps a lot as a cleanser for those bad things. The little disease like influenza and also the other will be gone so easily. And for you who have some wounds, they will be recovered so fastly during the healing time.

3. A Good Natural Energy Increaser

Like said above in the part two, the Ceylon Tea is a really great companion for your healthy breakfast. The good level of caffeine inside this tea can give you much concentration during your working day. It really helps a lot for workers and also managers in an office. Usually you can drink at least two or three cups per day to fulfill the daily needs of caffeine in a day. Also before going to work, you can make a very delicious and healthy breakfast as your starter.

You can prepare some usual stuff like vegetables, eggs, bread, and don’t forget the fruits for more vitamin. And then for drinking, you can use the Ceylon Tea as a smoother. Pick whatever you want, either the cold one or the hot. Usually cold is the best after eating a sandwich and other “big meals”. With the combination of those nutrition inside the marvelous breakfast, you can have the best morning ever.

4. Make Your Heart Stronger

Not so many people know about this crucial function of a Ceylon Tea. This health benefits of Ceylon Tea is actually the best among the others, because this one has the relation with our main core, the heart. The healthy heart is everyone wants, no one wants an ill one. So, as the first step toard the better life, you can make your heart more healthy by consuming the Ceylon Tea with proper proportions.

Inside one cup of Ceylon Tea, you can find so many potassiums. For you who don’t know, Potassium is a really important supprter for your heart, it will help to release the blood pressure and also reducing the strain that exist in there. The Potassium also makes the arteries more relieved by reducing the blood tension. By then, your heart will be more protected and healthy with just a cup of Ceylon Tea in the morning.

5. Say Bye to Kidney Stones

Well, kidney stones can be a big problem in human life. The Kidney is one of many important parts of our body, if it works so well, there’s nothing to worry about. But if the kidneys in a worse condition because of the bad habit that some people keep doing like drinking and smoking, it’ll be another story. The Kidney stones also make some people frustated, and the way to make it completely gone is very painful.

So, we must protect our kidneys now, before it’s too late. One way to do it, is by consuming the Ceylon Tea everyday. Caffeine and also the high level of antioxidants are the importants aspects to make our kidneys more healthy. Those elements help us to reduce the risk of forming kidney stones. They prevent the time and also the chance that our kidneys will get those stones one day. That’s good.

6. Make Your Skin More Beautiful

One health benefit of Ceylon Tea that very good and many women out there hunted is the skin helper. The skin helper? How? Not like the usual technique that already been used by many people out there, you know using the tea as a mask or something. Well obviously you can do it too, but that’s not what we’re gonna talking about right here. The Ceylon Tea can also help you from the inside. So you don’t need to bother preparing all the stuff, all the equipment to make a very epic mask made from this tea.

Consuming it everyday during your morning or evening time is always recommended. You can sip one cup of it and putting another masked that made from easy ingredients like cucumber or tomato, and put them in your eyes. Make this relaxing activity in a free day like Sunday or Saturday to make your mind and body also more relaxed. And then in the working days, you can just drink it after a breakfast.

7. Preventing Diabetes

Even though this tea is a bit sweet ( if you add some sugar to it), it can help the people with diabetes. Usually they will prevent any of tea that has some sugar in it, well in this case things can get a little different. The good consumption of Ceylon Tea can help them in regulating the glucose level inside their body. Ceylon Tea can also be a big help for the people to prevent the diabetes itself.

With the pretty notable level of antioxidants inside it, eh Ceylon Tea can cleanse your body of all the bad stuff that can increase  the risk of getting diabetes. Somehow the Ceylon Tea can create a great stimulation to control the level of glucose inside, which is a very good news for the people who getting diabetes.

8. A Shield For Cancer

As the best natural shields for cancer, you go the best deal in here. By watching all the descriptions above, you knew that Ceylon tea has so many antioxidants that really useful as the cancer cell preventers. Even though the cancer is very dangerous, you can start preventing it from a very simple way.

Consuming the Ceylon Tea really helps a lot to build up your immunity against several serious diseases, like cancer. Consuming it also not taking so much effort, just use the method to preparing tea as usual. With that little cup of Ceylon Tea, you can make your body more well prepared for preventing cancer.

9. Curing Wound In No Time

For you who still in the curing mode for your wounds, the Ceylon Tea can also be a great help. It can speed up your healing time, making the wounds more faster to recovered and making more drier also.

No need to give another painful medicine to cover your wounds. You can apply some of tea into a cup of hot water and then drink it for several days to come. With the proper medication and a diligent way to consuming it, your wounds will be gone shortly.

10. Normalize Blood Pressure

The caffeine contained inside the Ceylon Tea is also very useful for old people or the people who have the high blood pressure. With the high blood pressure, the risk of catching dangerous disease will be much bigger.

So, with this health benefits of Ceylon Tea, you can have a relaxing session during your day. The tea can give you enough supplement as a stress reliever

11. No More Influenza

With so high level of antioxidants, the little disease like influenza, for example, can’t get in to you that easily. The influenza need more power to get through your well-protected body. So, if you really sensitive to cold or maybe you’re that kind of people who can get flu so easily, then you should try the daily dose of Ceylon Tea. It helps a lot.

12. Reducing Stress

Like mentioned above, the Ceylon Tea is a very good for stress relieving. Many people use this beside the coffee, because it doesn’t have the strong level of caffeine but rather smoother. The smooth feeling is many people’s favorite.

That’s the 12 health benefits of Ceylon that you can get so easily by consuming it. This product is the best choice for the people who really focus on their diet, without making further trouble for the future. The price of it also vary, so be sure to check more than one place to get the best price you can get. Even though Ceylon tea is really good for the heart and also a very good companion for diet, be careful of the notable level of caffeine contained in it.

So for you pregnant moms, please stay away from this tea for a while because it’s really dangerous either for you or the baby. If you forcing yourself to consume this tea, there will be some problems that may occur in a short time. For example, the pregnancy complications that really bad for the baby’s health. So just be safe, and please check your health first before consuming this tea.

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