8 Remarkable Health Benefits of Donating Blood for The Donors

The activity of donating blood is not new in our life. Nowadays, there are so many people and also communities that rally and facilitate this activity routinely by considering the amount of patients which need the blood. The amount of the needs and the lack of blood supplies prove that the public interest to donate the blood is still quite low. While in the other side, the amount of the patients which are called as recipient is getting higher.

There are so many reasons why someone be a recipient and need the blood quickly, for example: Had an accident and lost a lot of blood, need the act of operation, cancer and various other conditions that makes the body lack of blood. Seeing the fact above, it is clearly visible how the emergency condition could happen to someone who needs the blood if at any time the supplies are not sufficient. So, the anticipation activity is by donating the blood and the concerned parties can facilitate, save and supply the blood to someone who needs it. If the supply of blood is sufficient, there will be many patients that can be helped and get the blood they need on time. In this case, the donors can participate in saving more lives.

Not only for the recipient, the health benefits of donating blood, also can be felt by the donor itself. This is what supposed to be understood since the beginning, so that people’s interest for donating the blood is getting higher. If the availability of blood is quite a lot so the opportunity to save lives is also getting bigger.

To make you more understand and interest to do the donating blood, take a look these 8 remarkable benefits of donating blood for the donors’ health:

1. Make the psychological condition be more stable

“The giver is the happiest.” We often hear this expression in many chances. Basically, there are so many things that can make us happy. One of them is sharing with others. It is important to have gratitude in our life, where we feel enough and capable for sharing with others. We can get this thing when we do the donating blood and help others by doing that way. The health benefits of donating blood can we feel in our psychological condition which is healthier and more stable.

Donors’ psychological condition will be calm and spared out from stress because his mind be more stable and balanced. It is not easy to get psychological condition like this, especially when the daily activity is really full of routines and works. It can cause pressure and high stress level. Donating blood routinely will help to build the calm and stable psychological condition all the time. Not only that, this also can give the positive impact for our mind performance and the brain can work more maximal.

2. Decrease the iron in the blood

Basically, blood consists of ironin a certain amount. But if the iron is too high, itcan be risk to cause various diseases in our body. There are many kinds of susceptible disease that happen because of the blood condition like this, such as heart disease and others cardiovascular disease. This thing can harmthe health as a whole because these are included to malignancy and highly risky diseases.

Avoid various risks above due to the high levels of iron in our body. This can be done by routinely donating the blood. The activity of donating blood can press and make ironin the blood be more stable, so that the body can avoid any risk of diseases above. Not only avoid the risk of malignancy diseases such as heart disease, cancer and the like, the derivation of iron will also make the body be healthier all the time. The stable ironcondition in the blood will make the metabolism in the body be more stable and avoid any risk of heavy diseases though.

3. Make a healthier heart

The high risk of heart attack that occurs recently is a worrying fact for many people. It is even compounded with the risk of other diseases which can come simultaneously due to the unhealthy heart. For this dozens years, heart disease become one of the biggest “killer” which is difficult to be overcome. Not only old people (elderly), but this heart disease attacks even the young and aged productive man. That is why this heart disease be one of most alerted by most people,especially for risky experienced people. The health benefits of donating blood is quite varied include reducing this scary heart disease.

Donating blood is one of the positive actions that can be done for caring the heart. Being an active donor will decrease the risk attack and also heart disease which has a fearsome for most people until now. This thing be even encouraged by a research in American Journal of Epidemology said that, an active donor will decrease the risk attack and heart disease until 88 percent, also decrease the risk cardiovascular disease until 33 percent.

4. Increase the production of red blood cells

Red blood cells are one component which is very much needed by the body and it will reform these red blood cells regularly. This proses will go in accordance with owned capability include by adjusting the health record concerned. The healthier a person is,the faster regeneration process of red blood cells will be. The fast of these red blood cells regeneration process is one of the health benefits of donating blood which is done routinely.

When someone does donating blood, the red blood cells will be decreased in the body. This is not the negative impact but it even brings the positive impact for that person, because the body can produce the new red blood cells quickly. This activity will make the body healthier, especially when the body can do the very well regeneration of red blood cells and appropriate with the needs. It does not need a long time for body to regenerate the red blood cells which has donated. Generally the new red blood cells will have changed in few weeks after doing the activity of donating blood. Automatically, the spinal will work and produce the new red blood cells and fulfill the needs of red blood cells in the body.

5. Help to prevent the early aging and keep the skin healthy

The healthy skin needs the stable and healthy blood condition. The fast of blood circulation as a consequence of good red blood regeneration in the body will make the skin appearance become healthier. This thing will definitely keep the appearance to stay young and free from early aging problems. Not always need the medicines and expensive cosmetics, this skin condition can also get from the health benefits of donating blood which is done regularly.

If the red blood cells generation runs well, the skin condition will be healthier and better than before. The routine activity of donating blood which is done regularly can make the body be more productive in regenerating the red blood cells, so that the skin can feel the benefits well. When the body has the healthy red blood cells and regenerate regularly, the blood condition will be better and the bloodstream also can bemore stable. This will give the positive impact for body organs performance,include the skin.

6. Control the better health from time to time

We know that the donor should have the good history of health. The medical will do the strict control to the donor’s health condition. This makes sense because by considering to every drop of our donorblood will flow and help someone out there to recover his condition. It means that,it is important for making sure our donor blood is truly proper and follow the health valid standard. If it does not follow the health standard, obviously our donor blood will be vain and we cannot be the donor for others. It is really unfortunate, isn’t it?

If we want to be a good donor, we have to make sure that we have a good and proper health quality. This is very important for keeping our body to stay healthy all the time, so we can do donating blood routinely. This can be a motivation in caring our body’s health everyday, include for doing the healthy and worthy lifestyle. Not only give the motivation like this, it also can give us the health benefits of donating blood itself. If we are discipline and always have the healthy lifestyle for donating our blood, directly we will be easier for having the stable health. Not only intend to donate but also give the best quality in the drops of blood for others because this will help us to control our health to be better from time to time.

7. Get the free health analysis periodically

When did the last time we do the health test? Is it last month, year or we even forgot it because it has been too long? Health check routinely, often become a forgotten problem by many people. The condition like this is often found around us, iteven often happens to our close friends or family. Although it is not an obligatory, yet this is important to do it routinely and periodically.

We often do the health check if we get serious illnesses. Besides if we have had the serious phase, we will have the more serious and complex treatment. It means that better for us to keep and check our health periodically since the beginning, so that various health disorders can be detected earlier. When this health disorders are known earlier, the prevention and others treatment will be easier to be done. This will be better because various fatal risks of health can be avoided since the beginning.

Health check can be obtained at the same time with donating blood, it is even free. It is a must for the donor to check their health for making sure he is qualified as a donor. We can do two things at once, that is checking our health and donating our blood at the same time and place (if our health is necessary/worthy). If we do donate blood routinely and periodically, we also can have health analysis from medical periodically.

8. Keeping the bloodstream to stay stable

The coagulation which happens in blood will give the bad impact for health as a whole. The various kind of serious illnesses will come to threaten, even worst such as stroke and cancer. The blood viscosity in the body can be influenced by iron ingredient which is in the blood. When the iron is too high, the blood viscosity level will be higher and cause any serious problems for health. It is important for always keeping the bloodstream in the body include keeping the viscosity level itself.

For pressing the iron in the bloodstream, the activity of donating blood will be very helpful. Donating the blood routinely (once in 6 months), will directly help to decrease the amount of iron in the blood. This will make the bloodstream be more smoothly because blood is in the stable condition (not too thick). The body will produce the new blood cells, where this blood regeneration will be helpful for making the body to stay in a good condition all the time. The stable bloodstream will directly help the body to stay in a stable and good condition.

Although this is not an interesting activity, this donating blood should be appreciated because when we consider it, this activity will give many benefits for recipients who need the blood for keeping their health. If you have not done donating blood, there is no harm for scheduling this activity in our calendar because there are so many benefits that can we get from donating the blood itself

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