10+ Unexpected Health Benefits of Egg Yolk for Beauty and Baby

In this article, we’re gonna tell much more about the things in this world that can give you the amazing health benefits. For example, at this time we’re gonna discover something amazing inside the egg. You know that egg has two parts, the white and also yellow one. The yellow one is also called as the Yolk, sadly many people avoid to eat it because of the fat contained in it. Even some of them doing this kind of egg diet, which is the way to consume the egg by its white part only.

But, not so many know that the egg yolk can be used as an additional supplement for the beauty care and also a great nutrition for baby. Not only just the white part of egg that can used as a mask for face, this yellow part also can bring the same good things. In this article we’re gonna tell you about the egg yolk that can be used in so many forms, like the hair mask, face mask, or the whole part of egg yolk for babies food. From those forms, you can get the different benefits from each form you wanted. All the benefits of it included in our list of 10+ unexpected health benefits of egg yolk for beauty and baby below :

1. Glowing Skin

Here we will divide the topics into two parts, starting from now until number seven are the health benefits you can get from egg yolk face mask. You can also use the alternative version of egg mask by using the yellow part of the egg. Even though some people feel disgusted about the form of the egg yolk, but it can be as a very good face mask.

You can apply some on your face by using your own hands or maybe using brush to make it more easier. And then you can wait for 15 minutes to make it drier and then you can wash your face with fresh water to clean it off. You can do it for several times to get he best result on this health benefit of egg yolk face mask.

2. Blackheads Reducer

And then the second benefit you can get from this egg yolk face mask is to remove the blackheads. The blackheads are considered the bad things that can make your face dirtier, even though they don’t have some serious effect your face health. But, the existence of blackheads can make some people feel unconfident with their appearances. So that’s why this egg yolk mask can be a great solution because it offers really good benefits that came with a very cheap price.

To make the “experiment” more perfect, you can add some other things like honey and lemon. With both ingredients, you can make your own egg yolk face mask more effective to reduce the blackheads on your face. Just an egg combined with those things, you can create something that even greater than the usual face supplement.

3. Slow The Aging Process

The other health benefits of egg yolk, specifically the egg yolk face mask is to slow the time of aging process. You can prevent the aging process your face like the wrinkles that annoy some people, especially women at their young adult time. The wrinkles and the other bad problem like the dry face can make you feel uncomfortable, if you really care about it.

Then to fix it, you can start to apply some egg yolk on your face, all over. You can use your hands to get the best result, because you can also do a little massaging around your face. Do this for about once per two weeks to get the most beautiful result. You wash your face with warm water after the process of applying the egg yolk face mask is done.

4. Acne Cleanser

Beside to remove the blackheads, the egg yolk face mask can also be used to remove the girls mortal enemy, the ance. Acne is somewhat annoying for some women, we can clearly hear them complaining about their own acne almost everyday. We can imagine how frustrating it is, so can give you the best solution, using the egg yolk face mask.

Usually the acne comes up when the face has the bad condition, either due to the oil skin or the dry skin, both of them have the same bad result that can be happening to our face. Then, what you should do is combining the egg yolk with olive oil and apply the combined recipe to your face. Do this until your acne finally gone.

5. Moisturize Your Skin

Dry skin is bad. You can look more deadly than usual if yo having the dry skin. The dry skin can also bring some injuries to our face, even though not so serious ones. To fix e dry skin, you don’t need to pay much more for the other facial medicines. Only with the help of egg yolk, the trouble will be gone in a second.

Like usual, apply some of the egg yolk to your face every day, until your face getting a better condition. Your face will be more fresh and far away from dry. You can add some uv cream to protect your skin, it’s completely optional. Then after this health benefits of egg yolk for beauty and babies, you’ll be served with another one benefits of egg yolk for your beautiful face.

6. Removing Dark Circle

For you who like to work so late in office until midnight, or the college students doing the reports for professor, the dark circles are your best friends. When waking up, you always see your reflection with the perfect dark circles on top. This kind of circle can make you scarier and feels not fresh.

We know that you can make them disappear by having the proper hours for sleeping. At least 7 or 8 hours per day is very delightful. But, to make the eyes skin recovery faster, you can add some of the egg yolks on your eye circle. Just scrub some more and do a little massage on them. Then you can have your normal eyes look in a short time.

7. Can Be Used On Sensitive Skin

Some people can’t used the several supplements for their skin because they’re too sensitive. The sensitive skin can’t be just “introduced” with different material so lightly, or things can get worse. Usually, the time for looking the right supplement for the skin is a little bit too long, some of us can’t afford to lose it.

So, without further do, you can seek another good thing that can give you the benefits, which is the egg yolk.This yellow part of an egg doesn’t have the materials that can trigger the sensitive skin. This can be a great help for those who suffer the sensitive skin because besides having the cheapest price, they can also get the best natural thing for beauty care.

8. No More Hair Loss

So, in this part of our article, we’re gonna tell you about the health benefits of egg yolk for beauty and baby that came from a hair mask that made from an egg yolk. An egg yolk is not only used as a food or face mask, you can make it as a beneficial hair mask if you want. The hair mask can cure so many things, like this curing hair loss for example.

Even though you’re still young, you can also suffer from the hair loss. Loosing much hair can cause the baldness, which looks so bad if you’re a woman. A bald woman? It’s okay if you like it, but if you don’t it can be frustrating. You can cure it with an egg yolk hair mask. Just use some on your hair, and spread it gently. And then you can wash your hair with shampoo after several minutes. Do this diligently to get the maximum result.

9. Make Your Hair More Strong

You can make your hair more strong and far from damage by using the egg yolk hair mask. You can use just pure egg yolk, or add some perfume elements to it, like the olive oil for example. The aroma that came from olive oil can stabilize the bad smell of egg yolk.

Just like the 11th  health benefits of egg yolk for beauty and baby above, the appliance of the hair mask to your hair is pretty simple.Even too simple. You just need to add some olive oil in this step, which can upgrade the curing effect of an egg yolk for your hair.

10. Dandruff Remover

The itchy feelings on your hair can become more annoying day by day. If you happen to have the long hair, that can be more frustrating. So, some people recommended to use the anti-dandruff shampoo that you can get so easily by your nearest store. But, the materials contained in it is not 100% natural of course. And sometimes, the dandruff keep appearing for some reasons.

If you want to feel the different sensation, you can add the egg yolk hair mask for your hair care. Before washing your hair with the anti-dandruff shampoo, you can “balance” it with the usage of the egg yolk hair mask first. And several minutes after that, you can clean your hair with the anti-dandruff shampoo.

11. Serves A Good Nutrition For Brain

And in this section, we want to tell you about the health benefits of egg yolk for baby. The egg yolk can be a really good food for the baby from six months old. The egg yolk has one good nutrition for the brain, one of them is the Omega 3.

Beside that, this egg yolk also has the high level of protein and calcium which really good for the baby’s growth. So for you newly mom, you can apply this simple food into your kid meal menus. Only one egg everyday can help a lot.

12. Great Energy Source

The baby also needs some energy for the daily activities. Your baby need to play and discover new things in the process. Those activities require a lot of energy to be spent, and one of the best sources of energy is the egg, especially the egg yolk.

Beside the carbo, your baby will receive the good vitamins like Vitamin A, B, D, and E. Those vitamins are really good for the baby, and really helping. No need to add something with the egg yolk, just use the spoon an the baked egg. You can also make the omelet or a pancake that made from an egg yolk for the baby to get some varieties.

The twelve benefits finally have been introduced, and now our meeting for today ends here. So like you all know now, removing the egg yolk is a bad choice and a bad thing to do. Even though you’re still on diet, you can use the egg yolk for another thing like the egg yolk face mask or egg yolk conditioner. With egg yolk face mask, you can get the natural care for your own beautiful face in a pretty simple way.

The egg yolk face mask is actually one of the best natural face masks you can get out there. Another form of an egg yolk is the hair mask, that really useful for curing and maintaining a healthy and good-looking hair. Beside that, the egg yolk also a wonderful food for the babies that really good for their growth. So with these dozens of health benefits of egg yolk for beauty and baby, you still reconsider to not use it?

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