15 Amazing Health Benefits of Essiac Tea For Cancer Patient

Tea is one of the common beverages that known by everyone in the world. Even though the history of drinking tea is coming from old China. But the tradition is now widely spread around the world and many people love to consume a cup of tea. This is happening for any type of tea, whether it is a green tea or essiac tea. Not only have a unique taste but there also some health benefits of essiac tea for the body health.

Many people might feel familiar with green tea benefits, but not all the people be familiar with essiac tea benefits. It can be seen that in the market green tea is spread out wide, while finding an essiac tea is not as easy as we wish. Even if both having the same way to extract and the same benefit for the health. But green tea usually more common than essiac tea. This is because green tea is more popular and influenced by Japanese habit of drinking green tea every day. While essiac tea is only known by some peoples and not parts of any tradition. Therefore, below are some brief explanation about essiac tea to bring a better overview and information about this tea.

Essiac Tea History

The history of essiac tea comes from a woman called Rene Caisse. She is a Canadian nurse that challenged to treat breast cancer patient through herbal remedies. After several times of searching, she finds out that herbal extracts of several plants and herbs works to bring medication for the cancer. These herbs contain several kinds such as burdock root, indian rhub, sheep sorrel root and slippery elm bark. Rene Caisse than try several methods to extract the herbs and bring the herbs for cancer medication to her patients.

Rene Caisse has dedicated her life to go through the research and work to cure many breast cancer patients in her countries. Thanks to her invention that people now understand that essiac tea is good for some diseases and possibly work. Specially to treat cancer as her finding from the beginning. It brings a fact and real proven that the herbal tea is work best to treat cancer patient. Therefore, until today some tea company still interesting to produce essiac tea extract.

If green tea is coming from one single plant to extract, it can be seen that essiac tea comes from several types of plant that extracted into one tea. Therefore, making an extract of essiac tea is more complicated and needs more patient. Looking at essiac tea ingredient also might not easy. It might only able to find in some countries and not in all countries. However, the result is worth to try, since the research has been done for many years ago and bring a significant result of essiac tea benefit.

Essiac Tea Nutrient

As mentioned previously that essiac tea is coming from several extracts of some herbs. The herbs inside it including:

  • Sheep sorrel – which is an anti-oxidant that work an anti-proliferative to cancer cells that help to prevent the multiplication of cancer growth.
  • Burdock root – which contain anthraquinone that can help to slow down cancer cell growth. It also works to inhibit cancer mutation and help to killing the cancer cell too.
  • Indian rhubarb – which is good agent for inflammatory to help protect pulmonary and those which doing any radiation therapy in process to cure a cancer disease.
  • Slippery elm – which bring essential fatty acids that help to reduce inflammations. If combined with the above component. It can help to protects the human body organs from the effects of cancer chemotherapy and also works to support the body immune system.

Essiac tea contain several nutrient that good for the health. One cup of essiac tea normally contain several vitamins and minerals that benefit for the body. There is different nutrient in each essiac tea brand, but normally one cup contain almost 200 calories with 2gr of protein and 95mg of sodium.

Essiac Tea Benefits

There are many health benefits of essiac tea for the human body, the benefits including below:

1. Anti-Oxidant

Every tea is a good anti-oxidant, including this tea. Essiac tea also a good anti-oxidant that can work to eliminate the side effects of free radical. Therefore, it is the best approach to eliminate the effects of pollutant from any motor vehicle that usually bring negative effects such as cancer cells. Furthermore, the anti-oxidant capability will bring the tea as a good anti-aging agent. It will help to avoid the early signs of aging and bring a youthful look and youthful body. This is one of the reason why drinking the extract tea is one of the favorite options by most of the woman. Since it is one of the best treat for younger look.

2. Anti-Inflammation

The ingredients of essiac tea also benefit to work as an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, consuming the tea can help to cure any inflammation. Such as in sore throat, it can benefit to calm down the respiratory and soothe the inflammation. Through this way, it can reduce the cough and reduce the phlegm at the same times. Hence, drinking essiac tea is best for respiratory problems.

3. Anti-Cancer

The best benefit of essiac tea is to avoid and treat some cancer disease. This is as mentioned before that the research has proved the work of this extract tea in helping to slow down the cancer cells growth. Therefore, drinking the tea every day is good to manage the cancer cells growing. It can cut off the nutrient for cancer cells and replace the bad cells with a new cell. It will stimulate the good cell inside the body. Therefore, it can avoid the possibility of cancer diseases and one of the suit treatment for any cancer problems.

4. Anti-Bacteria

The tea also some good anti-bacteria that can help to avoid any bacteria infection into the body. Therefore, it is a good treat for any diseases related to bacteria such as diarrhea, pneumonia or lung infection. It helps to heal the pain and soothe the infection.

5. Immunostimulant

Essiac tea is an alternative to produce a better immune system to the body. Therefore, a well-developed immune can help to avoid various diseases into the human body. It can avoid any possibility of virus and infection. A good immune also will help a better body system and body metabolism.

6. Ease Digestive

Another health benefits of essiac tea including to ease the digestive. It can optimize the intestinal bowel movement to avoid fat absorption and to manage the absorption of important nutrient.

7. Soothe Stomach Symptoms

The extract tea also good to soothe any stomach symptoms such as heartburn, diarrhea and any other kind of stomach infections. Therefore, when having a stomach, it can be reduced and cooled down through consuming these herbs.

8. Ease Metabolism

Essiac tea is another way to ease the body metabolism system. It effectively supports the formation of energy by increase the food burning system. Therefore, it will bring enough nutrient and energy supply into the whole body. This is beneficial to support a healthy body and support daily activities.

9. Detoxification

The extract tea also another way to body detoxification. Therefore, it benefits to release the toxin from the body. It will also waste the toxin through sweat or urine.

10. Control Blood Sugar

Consuming the tea can also help to control the blood sugar level in the blood. Therefore, it will manage a balance sugar level inside the blood system.

11. Avoid diabetes

The capability of controlling the sugar level inside the blood is a good way to avoid diabetes. Therefore, essiac tea benefit including to avoid diabetes too.

12. Maintain Cardiovascular

Consume essiac tea daily will help to maintain cardiovascular. It will balance the cholesterol level inside the blood. Therefore, it will help to avoid any possibility of cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke symptoms or the worst case is heart attack.

13. Avoid Hypertension

The herbal tea also good to maintain the blood pressure. Therefore, it is good for people with the symptoms of hypertension. It will help to lower down the blood tension.

14. Stimulates the Nerve

Essiac tea benefits including to optimize the nerve stimulation. It can help to avoid the possibility of nerve degeneration to elderly. Therefore, frequent consume of the tea can help to bring back a better motoric and the brain nerve system.

15. Improve Brain

Consume essiac tea is one of the best option to improve the brain. Therefore, it will help people with mind problems. Specially to elderly which easily loose brain function due to age. By consume essiac tea, it can bring back the mind and help to reduce the possibility of dementia.

Recommended Intake of Essiac Tea

Extracting essiac tea homemade might not easy. As mention before that the ingredients are difficult to find. However, essiac tea benefit making it as a worth efforts. Therefore, try to make it homemade will be one of the good choice. Below are some step by step ways on making a homemade extract of essiac tea that quite easy to follow.


The first things to do is to prepare the ingredients. Make sure to prepare as below:

  • 5 cups of burdock root
  • 1 pound of sheep sorrel
  • ¼ pound of slippery elm bark
  • 1 ounce of indian rhubarb root
  • Some water
  • 1 tsp of honey or lemon extract

To make a homemade extract tea, below are the step by step ways to follow:

  • Put some water in a pan and turn on the heat, wait until the water is boiling.
  • After the water is boiling directly put the other ingredients such as burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and indian rhubarb root.
  • Wait until the water color change slightly brown due to the herbs extract.
  • Turn off the heat and wait for several minutes.
  • Strain the herbs and move the extract water into a pot.
  • The extract essiac tea is ready to serve into cups.
  • For more flavor add some honey and lemon extract into the cup.

Essiac Tea Side Effects

Like any other herbal tea, this tea also has several side effects. Even though the effects are not quite hard, but some cautions shall be attend as below:

  • It is suggested that people with allergically condition shall consult with the doctor first before consuming the tea. Since it can bring allergically reaction such as redness, itchiness, swollen mouth, or even nausea and dizziness. Therefore, make sure to test the tea first and if any allergic reaction is appeared, it is suggested not to do the treatment with essiac tea.
  • Even essiac tea is not commonly bring side effects, however people with special conditions such as with heart attack disease or hypertension shall consult with the doctor before decide to consume the extract tea. This is to make sure that the tea has no interfere with the medical prescription that taken by the patients. It is also to make sure that the tea effects wouldn’t make the patient condition dropped down. Therefore, it is quite important to consult on the allowable portion of the tea.
  • Pregnant woman shall avoid to drink the extract tea since there is a possibility of miscarriage. Therefore, it is not suggested to consume by pregnant mother and even breastfeeding mother. This can bring effects to the breastmilk and can affect the baby too.

Those are the health benefits of essiac tea. Consuming the extract tea everyday might be good for the health. However, it shall be control and as per medical recommendation. Mainly for cancer patients. Even though some research brings a good result by using the extract tea, but peoples might not experience the same way. Therefore, incase the methods is not suit, it is better not to depends on this herbal medicine. Keep consuming the tea for the other health benefits, but it is suggested to consult the doctor for other proper treatment of the cancer diseases.

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