17 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Galunggong Fish

To extend your life, you should consider kinds of food you eat every day. Food determines your health level, energy building, brain intake and more others. Hence, right food can be a good source to keep normal organ function and metabolism. You need to consume healthy food containing a lot of nutrients, especially protein that is needed by your body. Protein is very crucial for your body since it functions as a substance to build your body organ. The best protein source for your diet exists in fish.

Galunggong is a name of fish that is popular in Philippines. This fish is also called mackerel scad or round scad. This kind of culinary source is often found in smoked serving with rice as the companion. Since it contains numerous nutrients for your body, there are a lot of health benefits you can get from the consumption. Even, this fish is recommended to us in a single fish serving every day especially for youngster and pregnant mother.

Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Eat Galunggong Fish

Composed with high omega-3 fatty acids and a great amount of proteins consuming this fish give us numerous health benefits. These are health benefits of Galunggong fish you must know.

1. Preventing Heart Disease

Heart is one of human vital organs that work 24 hours inside our body. To ensure your heart healthy, it is highly recommended to eat such nutritious fish. Galunggong does not only contain high amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids for our body but also low saturated fats. Besides, rich in potassium and omega 3 which are needed to maintain our normal heartbeat. Eating a single fish serving every weak has a potential to reduce the risk of suffering heart disease.

Based on a study, people eating Galunggong fish can lower up to 15% of the possibility to experience heart disease. Thus, if you want to be always healthy and free of such serious disease, don’t hesitate to put this fish in your daily diet. Hence, regular Galunggong fish consumption can be more effective way to reduce heart complication than some which are commonly prescribed. Furthermore, eating this fish assists you to reduce the potential of heart disorders like atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, stroke and heart attacks.

2. Reducing the Risk of Diabetes

Galunggong fish contains a lot of healthy fats called monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). It plays important role within the control of blood sugar levels experienced by diabetic patients. Also, there are high amounts of potassium in the fish to assist in keeping blood pressure normally.  A study informed that consuming galunggong fish and other kind of fish could lower the risk of experiencing diabetes, especially the type 1 which occurs due to low production of insulin and broken pancreas cell. Omega 3 properties inside the fish is useful for the body prevention of damaged especially the disease in autoimmune causing diabetes. Moreover, consuming Galunggong fish regularly does not only control the level of your blood sugar but also decrease visceral fat (diabetes cause).

3. Lowering the Symptoms of Arthritis

Oily fish including Galunggong brings anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in reducing the pain, swollen joints and stiffness in people that suffer arthritis. To add this nutritious fish in your daily diet while having medication is proven to enhance your condition by improving the effectiveness of the remedy. Thus, this healing fish can be your best choice when treating your pain.

4. Boosting Brain Performance

Fish including Galunggong does not only make you healthier but also smarter. As we know, the fish contains omega 3 and DHA (Docosahaexaenoic Acid). DHA is one of important nutrients that are required for the development of brain cell whereas omega 3 functions to keep your brain function. Both of the nutrients can save your brain cell from getting damage coming from certain factors like free radicals and aging. Some studies have reported that people having fewer omega-3 and DHA intakes will potentially have lower volume of brain. Of course this influences their brain performance. In addition, these nutrients including omega 3 and DHA are not formed by our body but it should be delivered from food.

5. Treating Stress and Depression

Stress and depression can happen to all people, especially those who live in this modern era. There is a good way to treat them such as consuming Galunggong fish. Research has found that people who consume omega 3 fatty acids in high levels tend to have lower risk of depression. Adding Galunggong fish into your diet every day does not only help you decrease your mood swings when depression, but also it enhances the activity of antidepressant treatment. Thus, adding this fish to your daily meal can help you escape from stress.

6. Enhancing Survival Possibility from Bowel Cancer

Galunggong fish is one of natural food sources that are rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D is well known to extend the survival possibilities for patients suffering bowel cancer. Research shows that patients of cancer having high levels of vitamin D tend to survive from the disease. Also, it can improve their condition after sick.

7. Preventing Cancer

Cancer is really unexpected disease that still becomes individuals’ nightmare whereas the medicine for cancer is not certain. To treat cancer it needs a treatment to maintain the function of body organ and improve your live quality. Eating Galunggong fish at least once a week can keep you far from cancer. The fish contains high amounts of antioxidants, omega-3 fats, and coenzyme. Antioxidants can aid reduce the risk of suffering cancer by disposing free radicals from our body; omega -3 fats can aid to prevent prostate, breast, colon and renal cancers; coenzyme Q10 aids you to throw away cancerous agents existing in cells. Aside from that Galunggong fish also brings high amounts of selenium and vitamin B12 which are helpful to treat cancers.

8. Improving Immunity

The next health benefit of Galunggong fish is to boost the immunity. This fish is beneficial to help the organ functions which have been impaired by sickness. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids acting as an anti-inflammatory property. This is useful in managing arthritis. The fish is also high in selenium and zinc which can boost the function of immune cell while protecting the body from getting damage due to free radicals. Meanwhile, some antioxidant properties in the fish like copper and vitamin C can support the body when fighting against bacterial or viral infection attacking the body. Consuming Galunggong fish regularly will make you always protected and healthy.

9. Losing Weight

The next health benefit of Galunggong fish is to help you reduce some kilos of your weight. The fish brings protein properties which can replace poultry or red meat consumption. As we know, either poultry or red meat contains cholesterol and fat. Thus, replacing both kinds of meat with Galunggong can assist you in controlling the fat and calories you consume. Protein plays important role in the process of calorie’s burning inside your body. Besides, there are also omega 3 properties inside the fish. It is also proven as an effective way to reduce your weight. Based on a research, consuming oil bloating fish like Galunggong combined with routine exercise becomes a great method to decrease abdominal fat. Furthermore, this intake is also important to control your metabolism and can reduce the level of blood sugar in fatty people.

10. Lowering Cholesterol

Galunggong fish has oil supply which is good for cholesterol decrease. Bad cholesterol components or low density lipoprotein (LDL) can be reduced by fish oil in Galunggong fish. Meanwhile, good cholesterol components or high density lipoproteins (HDL) is boosted by the fish oil intake. To realize a healthy consumption without certain disease caused by cholesterol, Galunggong fish functions to keep cholesterol from intestine absorption. This will also help reduce blood pressure. Moreover, it is recommended to consume Galunggong fish at least once in a week.

11. Lowering Triglycerides

Triglycerides can be so dangerous if it presents in high level within your body. It can lead to stroke and heart disease when the amount is excessive. Commonly, high triglyceride is caused by obesity and diabetes which is maintained poorly. This happens to people who have poor diet including a high consumption of carbohydrates, sugary foods and alcohol.  Also, people who have inactive lifestyle come closer to high triglyceride condition. Fish which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like Galunggong fish have been found very effective to lower the levels of triglycerides.

12. Slowing Down Aging

Aging is one of important things that people aware today. The sign of aging can be recognized when it comes to our body, such as your organ and body getting low function and performance. It usually appears on the external parts of our body like skin. Galunggong fish is kind of food source that contains collagen, amino acid and protein to help to maintain firm and tight skin whereas the vitamins content can destroy the effect of free radicals in the body due to aging.

13. Reinforcing Bones and Teeth

Galunggong fish is an excellent fish containing calcium in high level. Such high calcium intake is very crucial to keep strong your bone mass. Besides, vitamin D properties also exist in this fish and it functions to increase the calcium absorption in the body. It also has fluoride in it to keep the enamel of teeth from damage due to many factors. You can find the combination of fluoride and calcium within tooth paste and of course from Galunggong fish serving.

14. Remedying Damaged Tissue

Our body is susceptible from getting damaged by some mechanisms including free radicals and toxic. Fortunately, the body can remedy by itself so the broken cell and tissue can be replaced with the new one. To repair organ and tissue, our body relies on protein and any other nutrients that build our body. Galunggong fish is rich in protein and may other nutrients that can give aid to remedy any damage within the body.

15. Preventing Alzheimer

Alzheimer is linked to a mental illness occurring in older people. Actually, it has been a focus of numerous researchers for current years as scientists believed such illness can be cured or prevented to make older people still be able to enjoy their healthy life with normal function of their brain memory. Some studies found that consuming Galunggong fish is potential to develop an area within brain which functions to keep memory and thinking ability namely grey area. By consuming fish that is rich in omega 3 such as Galunggong fish, it means you do a simple step to boost the grey area while preventing Alzheimer at the same time.

16. Keeping Healthy Vision


Improving your healthy vision is very important. As we know, about 11 million of American people over 12 year old need correction of vision. However, it is just a reason about finding the way to keep your eyes healthy. Galunggong fish is one of a good food sources that can help you provide vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed to keep healthy vision so consuming Galunggong fish can make your eyes healthy. Based on a study, consuming vitamin A, existing in Galunggong, regularly can help you prevent the degeneration of age macular that occurs in older people and lowering the illness risk up to 53%.

17. Promoting Healthy Pregnancy

Most pregnant mothers expect to find a good intake for their fetus. Therefore, they need to pay attention to kinds of food containing good properties that support their fetus development. Eating fish, notably Galunggung fish, can assist in promoting the development of fetus in the womb. Folate and omega-3 content in Galunggong can increase organ and brain development while preventing the new baby from disease.

In addition to those health benefits of Galunggong fish, most of them are associated with the existent of omega-3 fatty acid found in the fish. Such particular fish can be eaten also for gaining significant nutrient sources including protein, nutrients and vitamins.  All of these components show you how complex Galunggong fish is! Thus, keeping them always in your diet at least once a week can ensure you to gain all of those benefits.

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