12 Marvelous Health Benefits of Guyabano Tea

Hello there, meet us today in this beautiful morning again talking about some great benefits from the natural vegetations around the world. We talked about some teas in previous article like Paw paw tea and Ceylon Tea. Those teas are really great and wonderful for your health. But there’s something more we can get here, the tea that came from the American continent. That’s the Guyabano Tea, or as you can call as the Soursop Tea. Whatever you call it with, this is also one of the best natural medication for those who need it.

Beside America, the other locations to find the Guyabano itself or its trees are in the area of South Asia. You can see the Philippines, Vietnam, and also Indonesia in that area. Actually, the name Guyabano came from that very country, Philippines. While in Indonesia, we like to call it as the Sirsak or Soursop. It’s basically just the same thing actually. So, not just the fruit that has a very good taste and pretty beneficial, the leaves can offer you with something greater than the fruits. So many nutrition contained in those leaves. Better prepare something first before making a really good tea to get the health benefits of Guyabano Tea.

First, you can only pick the dried leaves, the wet ones just don’t work. And then add them into some water and leave it for several minutes. And there you have it, the Guyabano Tea made by your own hands.You can have it as a cold one, or consume it when it a bit warm or hot, pick what you prefer.

So, like mentioned above, there are so many health benefits of Guyabano Tea that you can get in a pretty easy way. In this time we want to tell you 12 of them, all included in the 12 health benefits of Guyabano Tea below :

1. As Your Protector Against Cancer

The first and also very important aspect of health benefits you can get from Guyabano Tea is the use of it to prevent cancer. Cancer is like a big nightmare for all the people who live around the globe. Many people leave their family because of this serious disease. One way or another, we must do what we can to prevent something bad to happen to us. Before catching that dangerous disease, better prepare ourself with some stuff. First, we need to clean our body from the free radicals. Those are bad news for our health, they will invite the cancer cells in no time. So, one way to cleanse our body from them is by drinking a Guyabano Tea.

Guyabano Tea has so many good compounds inside that very useful for treating the cancer cells. They will easily hunt them down without breaking the other good shells. But, you can only get that when you drinking your Guyabano Everyday. Don’t worry, that ain’t expensive, even some leaves are free to get. Many people considered the leaves as garbage, no one want them. So, this can be your perfect chance to finally get them home. The “garbage” is actually full of health benefits.

2. Preventing Diabetes

The next health benefit you can get is to prevent yourself to getting diabetes. This problem might occur if you have a really high blood sugar level, indicating that your blood is mainly filled with none other than the sugar. Yes, the sweet taste is really good for your tongue, but if you have too many of them in your food, there will be a really bad new for you. The risk of Diabetes also increasing along with the long time consumption of sugar. Except the healthy sugar.

So, what we can do to prevent the Diabetes? Do we need an expensive medicines to cure it and make it disappear? Well, we have another solution, drinking the Guyabano Tea. Then again, this tea can help you through your difficult time, like reducing the sugar level on your blood. You can do it easily by consuming the GuyabanoTea every day. Make sure to drink all the water in the cup.

3. Herpes Medicine

This might get a bit too personal. Sex is every human needs. But if you do sex in those bad ways like changing with another partner or maybe doing drugs, there will be more consequences. One of them, is Herpes. Herpes is the disease that will attack your own genital . This disease is really shaming for some people, indicating that they have the bad habits in doing sex or something. Some people even don’t have that much money to cure it.

Well, the nature already gave you the solution, but you didn’t recognize it. It gave you the blessing of the Guyabano Tea, which very useful to cure the disease of Herpes. The Guyabano Tea will increase the immune system and then hunt the virus that already inhabit the genital from the inside. You can also apply some of leaves on it to get e full medication.

4. Reducing Your Stress

Stress is annoying. Yes, we all agree on that one. In our daily activities like working, doing the same stuff everyday some times can bring this little bad thing called stress. Usual stress is pretty normal, but if the stress level reaches the worrying level, then you must cure it as fast as possible. The pretty bad stress can lead you to do something else that really dangerous for yourself, like self hurting or even suicide.

One way to do release the level of stress is by relaxing with the relaxation method of sipping a tea. The aroma of it is another health benefits of Guyabano Tea that you can get in the first time. Then drinking it will give you the calm feeling because of how soft the taste is, not to strong like the other teas. With this, the stress is no more.

5. Cures Liver Disease

Liver is one of many important parts of our body. The function of it is also very crucial in our health, to do the detoxification against the bad compound inside our blood. Well to keep it well maintained, we need to do something in particular to make that happens. One way to do it is by consuming the Guyabano Tea.

The Guyabano tea has the high level of antioxidant and insulin that really good for the Liver’s health. Those leaves can help you to reduce the bad things that will attack the patic tissue. The nutrition inside the Guyabano Tea will protect the tissue.

6. Makes Your Immune System Stronger

Consuming the Guyabano Tea for children is also very recommended. By doing that every morning or maybe every evening in family’s tea session, they can have more protected body from various diseases. They will not having the well-known influenza that easily, making them more healthy than the other kids.

The caffeine inside the tea is not that very high, it’s pretty save for their body. Also, the amount of caffeine wouldn’t destory their stomach because it’s so soft and not too strong. Only kids above 7 are recommended though.

7. Curing Hypertension

Beside the important benefit for kids that mentioned above, there’s one health benefit of Guyabano Tea that you should know right now, reducing the blood pressure. High level of blood pressure can lead you to the hypertension which increase the risk of heart attack so badly. That’s really bad, remembering the heart attack can attack anybody, not just old people.

So, in this state of body and age, we can protect ourselves from getting that killer inside our body. We can start by doing a little exercising and supported by the Guyabano Tea. Guyabano Tea can be a great helper for these circumstances.

8. Makes The Bones Stronger

Bones are also the important parts of our body. Without them we’re just a fat meat walking with our fat all day. Many people recommended milk as a supporter to make the bones more strong and keep them up in a good condition. But sadly some people can’t even afford to buy the milk for them.

Then for economic purpose, maybe some of you can seek a better alternative, like this Guyabano Tea for example. The pretty noticeable amount of calcium can be found inside the leaves of Guyabano. That’ll be a great news for those who seeking the better choice of calcium sources.

9. Anemia Preventer

Anemia is a disease that many girls have suffered. Some girls having Anemia in their period, and that’s a bit annoying for them because they needed to do something else in school or at campus. With Anemia in them, they can’t focus on the materials or can’t even focus when talking with their friends because they feel tired all the time.

To get the better solution, we should do the therapy of Guyabano Tea. One cup of Guyabano Tea in the morning before going to school can be a great help. Your body will be less tired and you can be more focus on the things you’re doing.

10. No More Constipation

Well, some of us maybe already suffered from this constipation. With this, we can spend more time in the bathroom than in a make up room. Constipation happens when we don’t have enough fiber to smoothen “the way”. Usually, people who eat a lot of junk food without even balancing with the healthy ones can get constipation more easily.

Fiber can be got from the vegetables and fruits like papayas or mangoes. But if you look for a liquid one that can be swollen so easily, then Guyabano Tea is the best for you. With its health benefits of Guyabano Tea that can give you enough fiber, constipation is no more.

11. Smoothing Your Skin

For the beautiful women out there, here’s a tip for you. Drink the Guyabano Tea everyday, and your skin will be smooth in no time. The antioxidants and a lot of Vitamin C inside the Guyabano tea will help you gladly to make your skin more beautiful than ever with such a cheap price.

No more cream, no more supplement, all you need is the Guyabano Tea. With those nutritions mentioned above, you can have the slowed aging process. With that, the usual skin problems like wrinkles, blackheads, and other will be slowed as well.

12. Calming Nerves

Having a tea in the evening is also a good tips for relaxing. We can push our nerves to the lowest level as possible by having a good time of tea. The best choice you can get in here is the Guyabano tea that has the good aroma and pretty good taste. You can get the additional stuff like watching movies or maybe having a good time with your partner to have a really good relaxing moments for your mind and body.

That’s the complete list of the health benefits of Guyabano Tea. Remember, you can find it easily in a tropical areas only to get its leaves. Even though look so unclean and wasteful, the leaves can give you a lot of benefits. They are pretty useful in our life, so don’t even think of them as garbages, they’re actually a free natural medicine packed into some leaves. You’ll need some efforts through to get it leaves, but it’ll not too hard if you think about it for a second.

You can order some in your nearest fruit store, and order some Guyabanoes complete with its leaves. Yes, you can do that. And then after finally got them, you can move to another step to make them look drier. Just take them out to get the sunlight all day long, and then in the evening you can try some them for your own experiment of making Guyabano Tea. That’ll be great.

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