10 Surprising Facts about Benefits of Kamias for Human Health

Kamias is the Filipino name for sour fruit plant that has a scientific name with Averrhoa bilimbi L. Kamias origin come from Southeast Asia region, Kamias also can be found in several countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Kamias has their own name in every country. For example in Malaysia they call it as Belimbing buloh, in Indonesia called as Belimbing Wuluh and in Thailand called as Taling ping. Meanwhile, in such countries in Europe, this fruit known as tree cucumber.

In Southeast Asia, Kamias often used as a food source or traditional medicine for some kind of disease. Kamias ready to consuming after some of cooking process without reducing the content of vitamins and minerals the inside of kamias. Kamias trees tend to be short with a height between 5-10 meters with a double composed of leaves and the trunk is not too big with diameter above 30 cm.

Kamias categorized as tropical fruits with containing a lot of source of vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin C, Iron, Antioxidants and Phosphorus. Even, kamias are familiar used as ingredients for making a foods but kamias also has other function that is for health aspects. Kamias have high nutritional value that needed by human, therefore, besides consuming the kamias as food source, kamias can be used as medical alternative ways.

Due to some research kamias have several awesome functions to our health such as: as relieve cough, high blood tension, toothache treatments, rheumatic prevention, diabetics’ preventions, weight loss program and other beauty function for woman. Unfortunately, many of people still did not recognizes that kamias has a lot nutritional value and other benefits for our health. Therefore, we try to collect as much as possible information for all of you to understand the health benefits of Kamias.

Kamias are also familiar with other names such as carabola reed, leatherback acid, starfruit bottle, and starfruit iron. The trunk rough-textured have many bumps and have a branching at the top of the tree. The leaves are small and the amount of 21-40 pieces. The leaves are compound, finned and have odd number. The size of its leaves are 2-10 cm. The upper surface of its leaves are green, while the under surface having the colour brighter than upper surface. The fruit is round oval with long 4-6 cm and yellowish colour. The fruit contains a lot of water and has a sour bit flavour and the seeds are round elliptical.

Long time ago kamias has long been used as a food ingredient to produce a natural sour of taste. But behind the sour taste, Kamias has a lot benefits for human health. The benefits of Kamias can be obtained as fruit-producing vitamin C or as traditional medicines. In addition, Kamias also contains glucoside, tannin, folic acid, peroxide, calcium oxalate, sulfur and pottasium citrate. Because of the unexpected benefits of kamias, we try to conclude as much as information for the people to know the health benefits of kamias, here the benefits of kamias for health and beauty:

Kamias Benefits for Human Health

1. Used as Cough Treatment

The first health benefits of Kamias is to overcome cough situation this fruit can be a good medicine to relieve cough. Most of people use kamias as food ingredients for many dishes and kamias are familiar knows has a good sour flesh. The sour taste of Kamias will relieve cough, and the content of expectorant substances will also relieve the throat of human. Then, the throat will be more fresh and relieved after cough.

In order to consume the Kamias as a cough medicine, the first thing to do is prepare of Kamias by choosing the good quality of kamias. Next step is blend the fruit and add 2 tablespoons of salt or depend on your taste. After the fruits was blending, strain the water from the juice and the kamias drink are ready to consume. The time to drink the kamias is recommended around the first half in the morning, before you have the breakfast, and other half in the evening.

2. Lowering Blood Tension

Symptoms due to hypertension are not the same in every person, the level of blood tension of one person to another will different. But in general, symptoms of hypertension is excessive headache, heartbeat will going fast (palpitations), stiffness in the back of neck (feeling uncomfortable), dizziness and ringing ears.

Kamias rods contain saponnis, sulphur, tannins, glucoside, calcium oxalate, and formic acid and for the leaves contain tannins, sulphur, formic acid and peroxide. In particular, kamias can be used to lowering blood pressure treatment. But, in another case for those whose urine contains calcium oxalate, it is not recommended to consume Kamias as a blood pressure-lowering medication. So also for those who suffer from ulcer, it is not recommended to consume Kamias.

3. Toothache Treatment

Kamias can be used as a natural treatment to cure toothache. The incidence of dental disease in generally due to the presence of bacteria that develop in the perforated tooth. Kamias has a substances that able to fight against bacteria and good for treating toothache. In order to consume Kamias as toothache treatment eat some Kamias during a toothache or just blend some kamias and apply on the painful tooth. Kamias can help to reduce pain during toothache. Another way that can be used to treat toothache using Kamias is by pounding it. After pounded, place it on the sick and hollow teeth. It will prevent the spread of bacteria on the teeth.

4. Rheumatic Prevention

Rheumatism is a disease attacks the body organs such as bone, joints, muscles and even blood. Rheumatic diseases will greatly disturbing our daily activities because our body will felling uncomfortable as the effect of rheumatic. Rheumatism will cause pain when someone is in the activity and most of rheumatism case usually suffered by the elderly person. But does not mean the rheumatic just suffered by the old person, the young person also has the possibility can affected by rheumatic.

Kamias is known to prevent rheumatism and has the benefit to relieve rheumatic pain. How to use and apply kamias as the rheumatic treatment? Here, First you should choose and take some of kamias fruit along with the leaves (choose the good one), and then wash in the water and you can blend it until smooth. After that, add a little bit of whiting and stir until well blended. Rub the mixture of Kamias on the painful part. Do this repeatedly until the pain is gone and you get feel better.

5. Natural Treatment for Diabetics

Diabetes is a type of disease that is quite harmful. This disease arises from the high levels of sugar in the blood. Blood sugar levels cannot be controlled because the diabetic body has insulin deficiency. Insulin is an important substances that useful for controlling the stability of blood sugar levels. Insulin produced by the pancreas. When a person suffers from diabetes it will cause insulin substance to decrease significantly, which means that the pancreas organ is experiencing problems in producing substances insulin sufficient for the our body.

The substances in the Kamias is beneficial for diabetics. In the Kamias contain saponins extract and flavonoid compounds which are useful to help increase the production of insulin by the pancreas, and also useful to restore damaged pancreatic cells. The tannins contained in Kamias will lower blood sugar levels of diabetics to the normal limits. Calcium oxalate content in the Kamias is useful to prevent bone loss.

Diabetics may be at risk for complications of bone loss, heart attack, kidney failure, obesity and liver disorder. To make Kamias a natural treatment for diabetes is to drink the juice. First prepare 4-5 pieces of Kamias, then wash thoroughly. Then, blend the kamias and mix it with 1 glass of water. After that boil the water until leave only half a glass of water. Strain the boiled water, let it cool and you are ready to drink. Drink the kamias 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon but remember, do not over in consuming the kamias. Because Kamias contains a high enough acid, so it can result in digestive disorders such as ulcers and gastritis as a bad effect.

6. Kamias for Weight Loss

One of the fascinating health benefits of kamias is can be used as weight loss treatment or diet plan. The Kamias has a lot of vitamins B, Vitamins C, fiber and antioxidants. Kamias are able to control gastrointestinal and able to control the cholesterol. If you are on your process for diet plan you have to find a low calorie snacks besides your meal plan. In order to find the low calorie snack it could be quite challenge. If you want, you can consume kamias as the snack because kamias has a very few calories. You can added kamias to your water drink or just consume the kamia regularly.

Kamias Benefits for Beauty

1. Overcome Tinea Versicolor

Panu is known as one of skin diseases in Indonesia. Panu is one of the skin diseases that is quite eliminate and make everyone feel not confident with his appearance because they have a panu. Kamias contains antifungal and anti-bacterial substances. Both the content is useful to prevent and overcome the panu. To use it, just simply refine Kamias. After they smooth, apply on the affected part. Let stand for approximately 15 minutes after that rinse with clean water. Do this continuously 1 times a day for a better results.

2. Get Rid of Acne (Acne Treatment)

Acne is a disorder of the skin that often appears on the face. Acne is a trivial problem but should still be treated, because acne will leave marks of black spots on the face. Inside kamias contained antioxidant substances and acidic substances that can disguise black spots on the face and stopping the spread of acne on the face.

In addition, kamias also contains anti-bacterial substances which anti-bacteria is useful to prevent the re-emergence of acne caused by bacteria. Acne is often caused by the presence of bacteria and dirt that clog the skin pores. Besides as the acne treatment kamias can also reduce excess oil on the face. As we know that the excess oil in face is one cause of acne. Kamias contains a lot of vitamin C that serves to reduce excess oil production on the face. Therefore, if you have the problem with your face especially for acne and excess oil you can try kamias as one of the treatment.

3. Brighten Lip Colour

Have bright and pink blushing lips are the dream of every woman, because they will look more fresh and charming. To get a natural blush, try to use natural ingredients as well. One of treatment you can use Kamias. Kamias contains a lot of good nutrition to keep the freshness of the lips and make it look redder blush. Nutritional content in this fruit that is able to make the lips flushed red is vitamin C and also vitamin A. To get maximum results, apply Kamias that has been cleaned earlier on the lips at least twice a day.

4. Prevent Premature Aging

Kamias contains excellent antioxidant substances to prevent premature aging. Vitamin C and Vitamins A are antioxidants contained in Kamias. Antioxidants will counteract the free radicals that are the primary cause of premature aging. Mineral and vitamin content available in Kamias is also efficacious to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the skin so that the face will look younger.

These are the health benefits of Kamias for health and beauty that need to be known. Hopefully useful to increase knowledge in order to maintain health and beauty by getting the benefits of healthy fruit as well. Healthy lifestyle will be more profitable in the future.

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