17 Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

Scientists found something remarkable in Lotus plant. It is not like a common flower because this kind of herb brings nature, culture, spirituality and science. Hence, Lotus is very popular as a sacred flower.  It is not only edible but also is able to be tea and medicines. Most of its parts from root to seeds give a lot of benefits for human health. The root can manage high cholesterol because it offers dietary fiber, thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin C and so forth. Then, the leaves are very helpful to strengthen human’s heart function, decrease obesity problem, cure diarrhea and so forth. Likewise, there are a lot of health benefits of Lotus seeds. In this article I will unfold Lotus seeds amazing benefits that you may never know before.

Before talking about the numbers of Lotus Seeds benefit for health, I want you to know the background of Lotus seeds itself. Lotus is a name of flower that has lots of beneficial contents. For example, it has seeds that are known as versatile food. You can eat the seeds whether they are cooked or still raw. If you like popcorn, Lotus seeds are best for it. They are usually harvested within August and September and then they are dried due to the sun. After dried, the seeds are widely sold and they can be found in a lot of Asian markets. Their texture is rough and hardy so it is necessary to soak them in water all night.  Adding them into various dishes like soups is great way to serve your meal. Before eating it, the seed’s shell must be removed first. To make lotus seed crystallized the way is by cooking them in syrup liquid and afterward drying them. The food made of seeds can be found in Japanese cakes and Chinese pastries.

The reason why health benefits of Lotus seeds are complex is due to the contents.  This magical plant contains high fiber that is a great source to control your digestive lane in correct way. Fiber is also good in driving away your bile that includes your body cholesterol and make it always clean. It is the way how fiber maintains your cholesterol level within your body. Next, Lotus also is also rich in Potassium and it is a great benefit for heart. Potassium can decrease the risks of heart stroke and hypertension. It helps to flush the excess of sodium amount from the system. It is also helpful to cure muscle contractions causing cramps. Such essential micronutrient is available in high proportion to find within Lotus seeds. Lotus seeds also contain high level of Thiamine. This important nutrient works to nourish the cognitive functions and the nerve health.

17 Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds You Must Know

Consuming Lotus seeds is highly recommended because they have amazing nutritional value. They are not only sweet but also have good nutrient contents, minerals and vitamins. Of course, there are a lot of good things they give to human body. I will talk about each of the incredible health benefit of Lotus seeds as following.

1. Providing Anti-Aging Formula

Many people are worried of getting old. It’s true because age really influence human appearance and health. Lotus seeds are good food sources that can help to slow down such aging process while the damage proteins are repaired. Hence, consuming Lotus seeds is very important to reverse the aging symptoms without any anti-aging creams to use. Moreover, researchers are attempting to find the ways to inject the enzymes of anti-aging in skincare products and cosmetics. However, you had better eat the seeds than using the cosmetic products.

2. Delivering Instant Energy

If you need an instant energy, you can get it from Lotus seeds. Lotus seeds provide a good source for protein, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. You will love to consume it because it is not only an instant energy source but it is tasty and healthy when you want them as a snack. The food made of seeds can instantly deliver more energy level into your body so you had better provide them in your handbag for every travelling and your home for watching television and any other activities. You can eat them because it is nice as pop-corns. Optionally, you can roast the seeds till they appear golden brown. I suggest you to keep Lotus seed snack in a package that is air tight and you can bring them by using your handbag when travelling. The snack will instantly give you more energy besides it is tasty, healthy and nutritious. The greatest thing about Lotus seed’s snack is they it is digestible for any age so kids are allowed to consume it.

3. Conquer Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping disorders such as insomnia and apnoea are general issues of health that both elderly and young generations suffer. Sleeping disorders come because people get stress and it may lead to underlying some complicated problems relating to health. Lotus seeds have an important role as the medicine and they are commonly used as effective remedies for sleeping disorders. They deliver alkaline, sedative properties which are natural and calming effects to encourage people to sleep and to heal their restlessness. Therefore, they will be best traditional medicine to cure your sleeping disorders. To make you sleep easier, you have to eat Lotus seeds before you go to bed every night and get a peaceful night sleep!

4. Being Preserved as Diabetic Snack

A lot of diabetic patients are suffering because of food they eat. They are not allowed to consume foods that can worsen their diabetic condition. Doctors do not allow them to eat food that is high in calories, sugars, carbohydrates and fats. That’s why it’s very difficult for them to eat snacks because usually snack contains the ingredients above. If you want a snack that is good for diabetic patients, why don’t you eat lotus seed snack. Lotus seed snack has nutrients that can help to lower down the sugar level in your blood while it has low calories yet high fiber. Hence, every diabetic patient shouldn’t avoid eating the snack mad of lotus for maintaining their health. Furthermore, Lotus seed snack is very healthy and tasty for diabetics.

5. Providing Important Nutrition during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when a mother needs to get a lot of good intake. One of the ways is by consuming Lotus seeds. Lotus seeds bring an extremely good intake of protein to help the development of brain and nervous system of fetuses.  Therefore, Lotus seed is highly recommended for pregnant women. Doctors said that the snack from Lotus seeds is so healthy and every pregnant lady should consume it after being in short intervals.

6. Curing Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common stomach complication and most people must ever suffer it. As a safe herbal medicine, you should use Lotus seed to heal it. Even, Lotus seeds have been widely used in China to decrease diarrhea problem. Based on Chinese medicine, they have sweet taste that is beneficial for nourishing the diarrhea the spleen. Furthermore, researcher found that Lotus seeds are helpful for strengthening digestive and reducing diarrhea.

7. Lowering blood pressure

If you split Lotus seed, you will found the embryo inside. What is the benefit of it? The embryo actually has benefits and it is good for the heart due to its cooling and bitter properties. The bitter one which is known as isoquinoline alkaloids is claimed to have calming antispasmodic and calming effects. They are crucial for helping blood vessels in dilation and lowering blood pressure.

8. Solving Urinary Problem

When it comes to urinary problem, then one the best options is by using Lotus seeds. The health benefit of Lotus seeds for urinary problems is not denied for its effectiveness. To cure urinary problems like reproductive condition and prostatitis, you can combine them with other ingredients.

9. Relieving Gum Issue

Another health problem can happen in human gum. It can be more serious if it is not cured and treated well. To solve the gum issue you can take it from Lotus seeds. Lotus seeds contain healing properties which are very important during the healing process of gum issue. Consuming the seeds regularly can gradually heal the gum issue.

10. Curing Sexual Diseases

Another health benefit of Lotus seeds is to cure various types of sexual diseases. In China Lotus seeds have been used in every treatment together with other kind of herbs. Such kind of sexual disease treatment is particularly a secret thing so only a few of them want it to be a public discussion. Hence, using Lotus seeds is the best option because it is much private and safer to keep such treatment a secret.

11. Increasing Appetite

Lotus seeds can be your best option if you lose your appetite. Adding the seeds in your diet can bring back your appetite that is ever lost due to sick or any other reasons. The seeds are high in astringent which is an effective source to increase the appetite in food. Besides, they can help to maintain your kidney health and to prevent any types of urinary infections.

12. Treating Mouth Sores and Ulcers

The next health benefit of Lotus seeds is to treat sores and ulcers. Lotus seeds contain anti-inflammatory elements that can helps to cure your mouth soreness. It is highly recommended to use them regularly for your mouth health.

13. Curing Fatty Liver

Sometimes fat accumulates in your body due to anxieties and stress. This leads to the foods not being broken down. Hence, there will be fat accumulation in the distinctive parts of your body. Fat is deposited around many of human organs (visceral fat) and it can cause many troubles of health. Lotus seeds have medicinal elements which can cure fatty liver and reduce the lipids of blood.

14. Curing Reproductive Disorders for Males and Females

Lotus seeds are very useful to cure different reproductive complaints that occur in males and females. Many people incline to be impatient and restless if they cannot obtain any satisfying results from different treatments they take. In this case Lotus seeds come to give a bunch of expectations for a lot of people about the matter. Consuming the seeds of lotus will present fruitful results while finding remarkable differences after consuming them in several weeks later.

15. Treating Excessive Bleeding Control

In the seeds of Lotus there is flavonoids having an anti-haemorrhagic benefit and being able to evade extreme bleeding by strengthening the wall of the capillaries. By charcoaling a bowl of Lotus seeds, the effect of haemostatic can be developed. The charcoal contains the important property helping in promoting the blood clotting when excessive bleeding occurs.

16. Relieving Stomach Problems

Because of the remedial properties inside Lotus seeds people can use them as home medicines to relieve stomach problems such as indigestion, diarrhea, and any others. This health benefit of Lotus seeds is largely used especially in Chinese medicines and has got popularity worldwide. Then the name of Lotus refers to an effective medicinal source in increasing the spleen health.

17. Controling Heart Disease

Lotus seeds, including puffed and dried, can function as powerful home remedy to control heart disease and lowering the level. The health benefit of Lotus seeds for heart is gained from the magnesium content which can maintain the heart to be healthy, maintain the level of blood pressure, prevent obesity and prevent diabetes.

This far, Lotus seeds are known as a safe item that is edible. Never do I found any evidence concerning toxic effects after consuming the seed of Lotus and using the product in long time. There is exactly a promising future in every Lotus-based food since they are foods which are gluten free. It is possible to get them in blended way with dals and flours while this can be food with low cost to counter malnutrition.

Furthermore, add Lotus seeds as an evening snack and always check them based on their quantity. Eat and enjoy the food but keep the portions under your control. This should be in your rule and you can get them with other healthy food items to put on your plate. That’s all for the health benefits of Lotus seeds and get them in your serving.

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