Who doesn’t like eating mangos? As a vitamin C supplier, the sourness of unripe and the sweetness of ripe mangoes will satisfy your belly. Eating unripe or ripe will equally grant a perfect delight. Not only Asian, people around the world mostly like this tropical fruit! Besides its delicious taste, the health benefits of mango for the human body are myriad. However, people just aware of the fruit, not the leaves. The reality states mango leaves serving more health benefits.

Mango leaves contain a lot of beneficial chemical compounds to remedy various diseases, most importantly as diabetes medication. Flavonoid as an antioxidant, steroid as hormone supply, gallic acid as antifungal and antiviral properties, and tannin as diarrhea remedy are some of the compounds you can benefit in it.

To go after the mango leaves, it is liable not sold in the store because people tend to only sell the fruit. Where do you go in that case? If you don’t own mango tree, thank god to make it easy in Asia, plenty mango trees growing wild on the roadside. You can pick up the fallen dried leaves or pluck the hanging leaves.

You can consume mango leaves steadily, in many forms, of course, to cure diabetes. Other properties are possessed by the leaves as well like lowering the blood pressure, healing burns, relieving asthma symptoms, and other benefits. To check them out, here are the health benefits of mango leaves :

1. Diabetes Medication

Tannins and anthocyanins are some of the compounds provided by mango leaves to treat diabetes. Drinking mango leaf tea is an excellent way for treating angiopathy and retinopathy diabetes. It also treats hyperglycemia. According to the research, European doctors utilize mango leaf tea to remedy diabetes or blood vessel problems associated with diabetes. the doctors claim that mango leaf tea is able to slow down the progress of diabetes, and is also healing blood vessels in and around the pancreas that are already damaged by diabetes.

To get one of the health benefits of mango leaves as diabetes medication, grab 3 to 4 mango leaves, wash and boil it afterward! Leave it until tomorrow. On the next morning, filter the that boiled water, and drink it before breakfast.

2. Moutwash

People say that a charming smile is the best accessory to make someone look great. Healthy and hygienic teeth are part of a beautiful smile. And keeping mouth hygiene allows you to get sparkling white teeth. Otherwise, you put yourself at the terrible impact of cavities, infections, enamel damage, bad breath and much more.

Because of tannins existence, the same compounds contained in betel leaves, mango leaves are the best for treating unhealthy gums and teeth as well. Only a few people probably know that brown mango leaves can also be dental care of the gums and teeth. The trick is plucking some old mango leaves and clean it properly.

Squeeze the leaves into pieces and then brew it with hot water until the water turning yellowish. That water can be used to clean teeth and gums.

3. Fixing Respiratory Problems

In the era of global warming, pollution can damage your respiratory system, can’t it? Try to stroll outside or hang out to the mall, there must be people smoking. Or just enjoy a cup of coffee on Starbuck, as far as you go will experience the cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust fumes. Well, you indirectly become a passive smoker.

So, for those of you who suffer from asthma or bronchitis or respiratory-related illnesses because of being passive smokers too often, surprisingly, mango leaf tea is also useful for treating respiratory problems and can clean the lungs naturally.

The trick is preparing enough mango leaves, boil it with the water until boiling, then drink the boiled water of mango leaves regularly. Add a tea spoon of honey to get maximum results and to make a sweet taste.

4. Healing burns

Burns are skin conditions that are injured by the contact with hot objects, such as hot water, hot oil, exhaust, ironing and more. In general, the burned skin will bubble, blister and watery. Many ways can be done to overcome or eliminate the burns.

If you are burned by chance and nobody helps, but you have a mango tree in front of the house, there is a simple way to overcome burns as first aid, that is using mango leaves. Take the dried mango leaves and burn them into ashes, just sprinkle the ashes over the wound. Maybe it’s really hurt, isn’t it? better than getting more severe. Be careful with an opened burn, causing infection

5. Rich in Antioxidants

The benefits of green tea have been known to have potentials for antioxidant. A study published in 2007, tea is also proven to protect against oxidative damage. Mango leaf tea also contains a small amount of vitamin C, which is soluble in it as a natural antioxidant. Vitamin C provides protection against free radicals and toxins that can cause DNA damage in the body.

6. Stomach Strengthening

Abdominal pain is a pain happened between the chest and pelvis. Patients with abdominal pain can feel the sensation of cramps, stiffness, and impaled in the abdominal area. Almost everyone has experienced abdominal pain.

Not all stomach pain can be prevented. However, you can lower your risk by keeping your stomach up. Abdominal health is closely related to the condition of the digestive system.

Another health benefits of mango leaves is preventing and overcoming various problems or disorders in the stomach. The trick is to put some mango leaves in warm water then cover the container and leave it overnight. The next morning, strain the water and drink on an empty stomach. Do it regularly to act as a good abdominal tonic and help to prevent various stomach ailments.

7. Treating cough and cold

The flu that is characterized by a cough and cold becomes the most common illness in humans. It is very closely related to the season or the weather. One person can experience it many times a year. However, there are a lot who do not know how to really cure these ailments.

Another health benefit of mango leaves is to treat a cough and cold. Brew mango leaves with hot water up to yellowish. You can break the leaves of mango into pieces in order to get easier. If there is honey, very good you add honey into a water. Drink it regularly! Another way, the fumes coming out while boiling mango leaves will also relieve the throat. Although the smell is mediocre, the particle in it is amazing!

8. Reduce the Risk of Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the diseases that come secretly. It is difficult to know someone has hypertension without measuring his blood pressure. Maintaining and limiting salt consumption is one of the important steps to prevent and manage high blood pressure.

But this is not the only thing we can do to keep blood pressure staying in the normal zone. One powerful way to lower high blood pressure is to consume mango leaf tea. Some of the compounds in mango leaves are proven to lower high blood pressure. However, you won’t get this benefit instantly. Drinking the boiled water of mango leaves will gradually lower the blood pressure to be normal.

9. Improving the work of reproductive organs

Pregnancy is the most awaited period after marriage. The process of pregnancy and have a baby can boost the happiness of married life, bring love and affection between families, and improve the relationship of husband and wife.These are things that cause many couples who can not wait for pregnancy coming.

Not only in vegetables such as sprouts are able to provide fertility for both women and men. But the properties of mango leaves are also able to increase fertility for couples. So if you want to quickly get a baby, change your tea habit by drinking mango leaf tea.

10. Sources of Vitamins

Researchers claim that mango leaves provide tons of vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Tea can be a healthy choice if you want to add more nutrients and vitamins to your daily diet. The result of the research also proves that mango leaves tea contain a lot of nutrients very useful for poor people in some countries.

11. Treating kidney disease

Kidney works for disposing of metabolism waste that occurs in the human body. Systematically will throw the excess fluid out of the body as much as 750 ml – 1500 ml per day. If the kidney doesn’t work properly, or in the medical world is well known as kidney failure, the rest of body metabolism will not be released, it will be toxic instead.

There are several things triggering kidney disease, and your ignorance will make it worse, even causing kidney failure. Luckily, one of the health benefits of mango leaves is treating kidney disease. By consuming water of mango leaves, it will prevent the occurrence of infection in the kidney and also destroy kidney stones that inhibit urination.

12. Healing Gout

Gout disease is a condition that can cause unbearable pain, swelling, and hot feeling in the joints. Although all joints in the body can be attacked by gout, the most frequently are fingers, knees, ankles, and toes. Men are more prone to have uric acid than women, especially when they are over 30 years old. While women are usually at risk after menopause.

People with gout can also take the advantages of mango leaves as herbal medicine. You can put some mango leaves into hot water until yellowish. If you have a bottle of honey, a tea spoon of honey will give an extra taste. Drink it regularly as a gout treatment.

13. Eliminate spots on the face

Black spot on the face exactly reduces your confidence. Somehow, it also annoys your appearance. Especially for ladies, as if losing their beauty. Of course, the presence of black spots will transform the beauty into the beast. Black spot on the face that comes after acne scars is totally annoying.

But do not worry, mango leaves can be a cure to eliminate black spot. It is very simple, you just dry out the leaves and turn it into powder. Blend the powder with yogurt. Then, apply the mixture on your face where the black spot stands.

14. Treating dysentery

Do not misunderstand, dysentery is way different with diarrhea. Diarrhea feces is very liquid but not accompanied by blood, while dysentery is accompanied by blood. Dysentery patient will automatically recover their self after a few days without requiring medical treatment. However, drinking plenty of water is very important to replace the liquid during diarrhea to avoid dehydration. The good news, dysentery can also be treated by using mango leaves.

You need to dry out the mango leaves under the sun. After drying, boil with water until boiling. Drink the boiled water of mango leaves, add a little honey for maximum benefit.

15. Preventing Hiccups And Throat Problems

Most of the hiccups that occur will stop by themselves. Hiccups are rarely considered as an emergency medical condition. Hiccups are the effects of sudden diaphragmatic muscle contractions. Sound comes up when the vocal cords are closed during muscle contraction.

Hiccups may not be a serious problem, but if happened unstoppable, it is certainly very annoying. Well, mango leaves are proved effective to overcome it. You can simply burn a mango leaf and let the smoke inhaled by your nose to cure hiccups and throat problems.

Mango leaf (Latin name is Mangifera Indica) is proved to have a lot of contents not necessarily owned by other leaves. The health benefits of mango leaves is also very much and the application for medicine comes with several ways ranging from boiling, drying, brewing, and powdering

Mango leaf you consume by boiling, making it into powder and brewing have very minimal side effects. When compared to generic drugs, the leaves will remain safe for consumption as herbal medicine.