19 Adorable Health Benefits of Muira Puama

Muira Puama refers to a plant found in Amazon which is used to cure various nerve distractions as nerve tonic. However, it is more familiar as Potency Wood, Marapama, Potenzholze and Mara Puama. Such potency wood has actually experienced long history, especially remedying a lot of health issues related to male and female. Although the whole plant parts can be made as drugs, the bark and the root become the most widely-employed components. It has been used by ancient Brazilian people to cure neuromuscular problem. Also, it has been used for treating paralysis and medicinal bath. Recently, Muira Puama’s product has been widely sold all over the world as herbal medicine.

Before Muira Puama comes to your local store, there was a long historical journey about it. Long time ago, there were a great number of European explorers visiting Brasil. They took the plant as souvenir to bring back to their country. No longer, the plant becomes so popular in British herbal medicine.  Nowadays, Muira Puama name is still involved as a medicine within British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (an approved reference for herbal source in England). Furthermore, the health benefits of Muira Puamahave been approved by its world-wide consumers.

Benefits of Muira Puama

Muira Puama is familiar as a sexual medicine for male and female. However, it contains more benefits for your health more than that. In this article I will show you all of the benefits from Muira Puama. Hence, pay attention to these listed health benefits of Muira Puama.

1. Increasing Sexual Desire and Satisfaction

Called “potency wood”, it specifically refers to the ability it gives for sexual life. Muira Puama brings “sterols” which becomes the building feature of sex hormones like testosterone. A study discovered concluded this herbal medicine can make the corpus cavernosa relaxed. Corpus cavernosa itself is a sponge holding blood during man’s erection. Such relaxation lets more blood stream transport to the men’s intimate area to produce a firmer and stronger erectile response. There were two studies conducted by Dr Jacques Maynberg at the Institute of Sexology, Paris. He asked men which were stricken with their reduced erectile capacity and low libido to consume Muira Puama in two weeks. As a result, 60-70% of them men gained a notable increase of libido while their ability to keep an erection is improved at the same time.

Sexual frigidity does not only happen in men but also women too. If you are a woman having this sexual disorder, it is highly recommended to consume Muira Puama. It is one of the most effective ways to treat low desire in sexual or called women frigidity. Based on a study held in 1990, Paris, France, among 202 women that is healthy in frigid informed that after consuming the supplement mad of Muira Puama for one month, 65% of them had sexual desire increase or libido increase and satisfaction. Nowadays it becomes a herbal medicine for increasing fantasies and orgasm in women.

2. Improving Physical Performance

Either men or women from all ages have changed their intake to herbs for an improvement in physical performance. Muira Puama is produced and sold as a tonic of body stimulant like few other beverages. It has been widely used as a herbal tonic for athletic and physical performance. The compounds of Muira Puama with some other herbal essences like guarana and ginger that are caffeine sources can significantly boost your stamina. Also, studies have proven that Muira Puama functions as a fatigue reliever and a mild stimulant.

3. Relieving Stress

Working for many hours with high responsibility becomes a common way leading to constant stress. The stress effects are really harmful for human health if it happens many times. Many studies found that stress becomes the factor delivering negative impact for your immune system, insulin levels and blood sugar levels. Taking Muira Puama as your herbal supplement is a healthy way to decrease stress effectively. This actually comes from some people’s opinion after consuming Muira Puama supplement. After consuming the supplement for several days, they felt better with mood increase. Moreover, Muira is beneficial to decrease anxiety, something which can reduce mental and emotional stress.

4. Treating Central Nervous System Problem

Muira Puama has been used by indigenous people as tonic in Amazon for several centuries ago. This herb is used as a remedy to treat a slow central nervous system. When Siquire studied this plant for its effect toward the central nervous system, she found that the roots of Muira Puama has diverse central nervous system works, belonging light anxiogenic effects. It means that Muira Puama can help to increase your physical stamina and mental performance.

5. Enhancing Brain Function

Health benefits of Muira Puama are not only for physical and sexual need but also for intellectual need. Based on animal models, it is found that Muira Puama can support your cognitive function after consuming it two weeks. Studies also reported Muira Puama contains important properties which are good for improving human memory, especially among older people. Such as in a study which is performed by Brazil in 2004, it is found that aging rats performed well as well as adult mice for memory tests when they are treated with such herb. This effect to enhance memory is caused by the ability to prevent acetylcholinesterase. It is known as an enzyme decomposing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that is important for memory and cognition. By aceylcholienesterase protection, such herb can deliver therapeutic properties for memory affected and cognition impaired individuals.

6. Preventing Alzheimer

The next health benefit of Muira Puama is for Alzheimer prevention. This benefit relates to the beneficial properties inside the herb remedy to increase the amount of acetylcoline in human brain. Indeed, acetylkoline is a crucial neurotransmitter in the brain. If the level of it decreases it will give serious effect and lead to the potential of Alzheimer. Taking Muira Puamaintake can assist to keep healthy your brain function while preventing it from Alzheimer problem that usually occurs in aged people.

7. Healing Diarrhea

One of problems that commonly occur in the digestion tract is diarrhea. Actually watery stool occurring in diarrhea sufferer comes from the complication within large intestine. In the process of defecation, there is a fail intestine to pervade water coming from the stool and it finally triggers diarrhea. Diarrhea occurs due to many factors like infection from bacteria, sour food and spicy food. If you get diarrhea, consuming Muira Puama supplement is the effective way to overcome the problem of health.

8. Lowering Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptom

Rheumatoid is one of the indications that you suffer autoimmune disease. This condition relates to your immune system which doesn’t function normally within your body. The immune system cells will damage healthy cells within your body. As a result, this symptom leads you to get joint pain. As a herbal remedy, you are suggested to consume Muira Puam aregularly to assist to decrease the pain coming from rheumatoid arthritis.

9. Remedying Beriberi

Another health benefit of Muira Puama is to treat beriberi. Beriberi itself is a condition in which your body lacks of Vitamin B substance especially thiamin. Beriberi disease can also be caused by the failure of thiamine absorption within your body. This disease may lead paralysis and muscle weakness. This disease can be serious if you don’t treat it immediately.

10. Helping Dysentery Remedy

Dysentery is the next health complication which can be overcome by consuming Muira Puama herb. Brazilian has commonly taken this herbal remedy for their dysentery treatment as well. Dysentery itself is kind of infection occurring within the intestine which can lead to diarrhea. Including Muira Puama in your regular diet can help you prevent the disease whereas the infection in your intestinal tract is relieved simultaneously.

11. Preventing Baldness

Many people have been usual with baldness and even it becomes style for certain people. However, it will be a serious problem of health and even annoying for some people group, especially women. Consuming Muira Puama based food or supplement can overcome hair loss that leads to baldness.

12. Treating Central Nervous System Depression

Central nervous system depression is physiological depression that occurs in the central nervous system. It can influence breathing rate decrease, heart rate decrease, and consciousness losss that lead to death. Muira Puama is widely known especially in Brazil and Germany as a tonic for nerves system. The supplementation made from this herb within certain dosage can truly reduce nervous depression whereas the good mood is improved.

13. Decreasing Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is one symptoms of some serious conditions including diabetes, HIV, cancer and shingles. Nerve pain or neural pain usually occurs in people having problem in which some inflammation occurs in the nerves system. This can be found in people suffering ischilgia, pain occurring in the backbone. Taking Muira Puama to consume will give positive result and can reduce pain.

14. Treating Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS influences a lot to women physics, psycho and emotion. Women will get mood swing, weakness, menstrual cramps and so forth.  Fortunately, this discomfort can be relieved by taking Muira Puama into your consumption. This herbal remedy really works and has been commonly used by a lot of Brazilian from long time ago.

15. Treating Upset Stomach

Stomachaches are common disorder that many people experience in their daily live. There are a lot of causes why you can suffer this complication. When it happens to you, you must get a correct treatment for it immediately. You can use Muira Puama supplement or diet to treat such upset stomach that shows nausea sign like morning, vomiting, sickness and any kind of discomfort feeling coming from your stomach. By taking this effective medicine you will get the best solution for your stomach problem.

16. Strengthening Cardiac

Cardiac relates to the health of your heart. When it becomes weak, you have to be careful because it can trigger heart disease and heart failure. Of course, this can be dangerous if it does not get correct treatment immediately. One way that many doctors recommend is by consuming Muira Puama. This herbal medicine is believed to be able to increase your heart performance and decrease your cardiace muscle weakness.

17. Preventing Cancer

Cancer refers to a class of diseases that cause abnormally growing cell within the body. It has potential to spread and invade to more parts of your body. Before cancer attacks you, it is better for you to prevent it. Health benefits of Muira puama includes lignans that is very popular as a substance which is not only able to improve sexual frigidity but prevent some kinds of cancer also especially which effects your sexual organs like endometrium, prostate, breast and ovarium cancer.

18. Treating Paralysis

Do you know what paralysis is? Yes, paralysis is a condition when your muscle lose the function and it can happen to one or even more muscles. Paralysis comes together with sensory loss (loss of feeling ) within the area which is affected. To overcome this problem you can rely on Muira Puama intake. There are health benefits of muira Puama, including paralysis treatment. The supplement has been used by many Amazonian people in treating paralysis since long time ago.

19. Treating Influenza

Influenza is kind of seasonal health problem and it usually attacks when your immune is weak. Due to its complex properties, Muira Puama can be an excellent supplement to prevent influenza and relieve it. By boosting the stamina within your body, it can improve your body ability to destroy certain disease like influenza and grippe.

From all of the listed health benefits of Muira Puama above it is clear that Muira Puama is very important for our life. It can be a remedial source for most any disease annoying us. Aside from those complex benefits, using the supplement excessively also cause a side effect such as sleep disorder called insomnia. This is actually caused by the supplement effect to the central nervous system while the brain alertness is increased at the same time. If you have such sleeping disorder effect after the excessive use, you have to decrease the dose of Muira Puama supplement you take.

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