17 Health Benefits of Neem Leaf To Treat External and Internal Diseases

Azadirachta Indica or well-known as Neem, Indian Lilac, Imbo, Alembha, Nimbo, and Intaran is a tree belonging to the Meliaceae family. The neem tree is one of two species in genus Azadirachta originating from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Neem trees are commonly found in tropical and semi tropical countries. It can even grow in less fertile soil. Neem trees are also known as a plant that almost every part of it is usable, from seeds, leaves, to branches. Neem trees are also widely used in various traditional medicine. However, the most commonly used for traditional medicine purpose is neem leaf.

Neem tree contains very complex compounds, especially on the leaves, very good for curing some kind of diseases, both internal and external diseases. One of the nutrients that can be found is azadirachtin which is a group of limonoid. Unfortunately, the azadirachtin nutrient content will die within 100 hours if exposed by the sun and water. There are also glyceride acid, Acetylloethyryl – Aecahydrotetramethyl – Oxocyclopenta Natolfuran acid, acetic acid, and Hydroxytetramethyl-phenanthenone.

Neem tree can also be found in West Java, East Java, and Madura Island but it is not commonly used by the Indonesian. At a glance, there is nothing special about the sighting of neem, it only has a jagged edge markers and the shape is round and oval and the stems are fairly rough-skinned.

Neem leaf is very rarely found in the market because not many know the usefulness. Beyond that, this plant has the potential to become an Indonesian export commodity. Here are some health benefits of neem leaf for human body:

1. Anti-Acne Medication

Various brands of cosmetics offer facial cleansers and masks to avoid acne. Have you ever recorded the main ingredients of an anti-acne cosmetic product in the market? It turns out that most of them are made of neem. This tree is a common ingredient in most anti-acne cosmetics products!

An outstanding anti-acne solution, neem water is able to treat acne without any side effects. To treat acne, dip the cotton into neem leaf water and apply it on your face. Do it twice a day. Neem leaf is an antibacterial agent that kills bacteria in the skin. Make skin free of acne within a few days after usage.

2. Preventing Coronary Heart Disease

Similar to stroke, coronary heart disease is caused due to a blood clot to the heart. Generally, blockages occur because of the amount of fat that is too much in the blood vessels.

Therefore, coronary heart disease is dominated by those who have obesity. If the blood circulation work properly, the risk of getting coronary heart disease will be smaller. To prevent it, you can consume neem leaf water regularly.

3. Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial for Acne Prevention

There are many factors causing acne that is medically known as acne vulgaris. One of them is the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes that mostly perch on the human skin. The sudden growth of bacteria can make the body’s immune system being on alert and trigger inflammation causing acne.

One of the health benefits of neem leaf is its ability to treat the skin and overcome skin problems. Neem leaves are used as one of the herbal ingredients in anti-acne face wash or a part of antimicrobial herb used to overcome some groups of bacteria Escherichia coli.

4. Treating Chicken Pox Disease

The chicken pox disease is a skin disease caused by varicella zoster virus. In general, this disease attacks children although it is possible that adults can also be affected. The disease usually begins with a fever and a sense of weakness throughout the body.

Therefore, the chicken pox body temperature always shows above normal temperature. Physically, chickenpox is characterized by a red rash on the skin that forms a small bump. the bumps contains water and often make the sufferer feel itchy. If it cracks, it will leave a scar that is usually difficult to remove.

Of the many treatments taken, stems and leaves neem tree can be used as a chicken pox medicine by applying on the smallpox skin. Antibacterial content can cure the chicken pox.

5. Helping Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes occurs because the sugar or carbohydrates in your body can not be burned properly so the sugar will accumulate in the body that causes the increment of blood sugar levels. Diabetes can also be caused by sugar or carbohydrates that enter more than needed and removed.

To treat it you can use diabetes medicinal plants that can help reduce and cure the disease. One of them is neem leaves. You can boil seven neem leaves with two glasses of water. Let the water boiling until only one glass of water remains. Filter afterward and let it cool slightly. Drink every morning, afternoon, and evening.

6. Neem Leaves to Prevent Gingivitis and Plaque

The use of neem leaves to treat dental problems such as gingivitis, plaque, and periodontitis has been widely practiced in India for decades. This is because of the antiseptic properties of neem leaves.

In one study, forty-five subjects who experienced plaque problems and gingivitis was divided into three groups. They were asked to gargle with 15 ml of neem leaf water twice a day. The results of this study indicate that neem leaves are effective in reducing periodontitis as well as Chlorhexidine. Therefor, another health benefits of neem leaf is reducing bleeding gums and plaque count significantly.

7. Avoiding Colds

On the rainy season, my friends affected by various disease, ranging from colds, flu, cough, up to the cold. Although trivial, you can not let colds go, because there are many cases of colds resulted in death. Therefore, it is best to treat colds immediately.

A simple way to cure it is by consuming neem leaves. You can boil 7 pieces of neem leaves with three glasses of water. Then let it boil until there is only one glass of rest water. Drink it in the morning and evening before sleeping.

8. Reducing the Risk of Stroke

Stroke is a disease that attacks the brain because the circulatory system to the brain is inhibited. Normally caused by high lime content. Even if it breaks, some of its senses can not function properly. But if blood circulation is work well, blood that contains oxygen and carbon dioxide can exchange smoothly, it will help reduce the risk of stroke.

Just for your information, one of the benefits of neem leaf is reducing the risk of stroke. If it is consumed regularly every day, the boiled water of neem leaves can prevent someone exposed to the risk of stroke. The content in it can accelerate blood circulation so that the possibility of stroke becomes smaller.

9. Removing the Black Circle at the Bottom of the Eye

Panda eye is a dark circle on the skin around the eyes. The panda eye itself will arise if someone lacks sleep or stay too much stay up, so the skin will look dull and tired. For some people, this may not be a problem, but for you who are very concerned about appearance, this would be very disturbing, because it can worsen your appearance.

You can use neem water to treat dark circles effectively. Combine neem water with natural thickening agents such as sandalwood. Apply carefully around your eyes, directly on the dark circles. This amazing natural mask improves blood circulation and reduces pigmentation, and helps eliminate dark circles.

10. Natural Cancer Treatment

Cancer becomes one of the ‘enemies’ for humans. Countless numbers of people have to die from cancer. Starting from colon cancer, white blood cells, breast, to brain cancer. Moreover, until now scientists also have not been able to find a medicine that can cure cancer.

However, there is a series of herbs that are believed to prevent the emergence of cancer cells. Some recent findings suggest that the properties of neem leaves are able to treat cancer because of some substances inside that can reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body. The substance, azadiractin (C35H44 and O16), will act as toxins in the body.

11. Treating Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by scale skin, itching, and reddish crust. This condition causes a burning sensation on the skin, certainly uncomfortable and very painful. Neem leaves are useful for treating itching and irritation. This natural treatment also moisturizes the skin to prevent the condition getting worse.

To get one of health benefits of neem leaf as psoriasis treatment, mix the neem leaves powder with milk, yogurt, and rose powder to produce a fine paste. Apply to your skin and leave on for 15 minutes before washing with clean water.

12. Inhibiting the Development of AIDS Virus

One of the most dangerous and deadly diseases around the world is HIV / AIDS. The technological advancements today have found several ways to prevent this dangerous disease. As for the traditional world also began to advance, one of them by using neem leaves.

This leaf is believed to have powerful properties to help inhibiting the growth of cells that cause the severity of AIDS. The substance is claimed as toxic to the virus. It is commonly known as azadirachtin (C35H44 and O16) which contains 17 different toxic components.

13. Cleaning the Wound

The skin is part of the body located on the outside, so it will be easy to get injured or scratches due to a sharp object outside the body (environment). Skin wounds will leave a nagging and painful feeling.

Injuries caused by accidents such as falling from vehicles and burns are usually long to heal and will cause long scars if not handled properly. Apparently, neem leaf water can also be used to wash wounds or bruises. This benefit comes from the antibacterial properties in the leaves.

14. Treating Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease that attacks the liver, This disease is very dangerous and deadly. Most people do not feel the symptoms of this disease within 20 to 30 years. In that period, the liver is infected by a virus that can cause liver cancer.

Without proper treatment, hepatitis or commonly called jaundice can cause death. Although the taste is bitter, neem leaves have a number of substances and important compounds that are useful for curing hepatitis and liver diseases.

15. Relieving Rheumatic Pain

Rheumatism or often called as uric acid is one disease that can cause pain in muscles or joints that have inflammation. This disease usually attacks a person aged 30 years and above and rheumatism often occurs in the muscles, joints and bone systems that exist in the vicinity. In general, rheumatism will cause general symptoms of joint pain. There are several causes of rheumatism, but the most common cause of rheumatism is due to trauma and infection.

To treat rheumatism, Indonesian is preferred to use an alternative way or using traditional medicine. Neem leaves contain azadirachtin, acetyl acid, and glyceral oil which are antipyretic and antirheumatic, making them effective for treating rheumatic symptoms.

16. Whitening Teeth

Do you have yellow teeth? Sometimes, yellow-looking teeth can make a sense of confidence to go down, especially when you’re hanging out and talking with others. Therefore, whiten your teeth immediately in order to re-confidence again!

There are many traditional ways that are believed to be hereditary able to whiten teeth. One of them is a neem leaf twig. Use a neem leaf twig as brush and toothpaste to get the sparkling white teeth.

17. Eliminating Acne Scars and Brightening Face

Acne in medical terms is basically a lump arising from pore blocking or inflammation of the skin accompanied by pus or blood. There are a lot of ways to get rid of acne. Starting from facials in beauty salons or buying acne-fighting products in beauty clinics.

For those of you who want to deal with acne at a low cost, try using neem leaves that have been proven to overcome the problem of acne. Boil the twenty leaves of neem until the water turns yellow. Squeeze the leaves to get clear water and keep it in the bottle in the refrigerator. You can use it for 3 days as a toner to solve the problems on your skin.

Although it may difficult to find, but there are a lot of health benefits of neem leaf for your body. Neem leaf has a remarkable efficacy to help curing both internal or external illness.

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