Top 10+ Surprising Health Benefits of Nofap

NoFap may sound unfamiliar to you. Have you ever heard of the NoFap Challenge? Basically, it’s a challenge to avoid PMO, it means no fapping. The word ‘fap’ comes from the sound of masturbation in manga, Japanese comic books.

This challenge is also part of a movement for people to avoid PMO for their health. NoFap provides health benefits for both men and women.

Did I say woman? yes

There’s a misconception that only men masturbate, however women do too, and have the same side effect. Researchers have proven that watching adult movie can lead to anger and violence.

Now men might think that, if they don’t masturbate the liquid will accumulate in their vital area and cause problems, and they risk becoming less fertile

Yes, it’s true, but luckily, our body does this naturally once every 3-5 weeks, and that’s why we have wet dreams.This article will provide some tips that may helpful to start your NoFap challenge. So here is the list of NoFap benefits:

1.  Improve Your Social Life


Perhaps, you don’t realize the impact of doing fap with your social life. It is true and really happens that reducing PMO can improve your social world. When you do fap, you need to sit alone in a closed room. Thus, you will be isolated from social outside. Indirectly, it will lead you to have lower confidence and less of social sense and life. If you continue that isolating activity, then it will be an endless circle.

Unlike wasting a time just for fapping in the room, finding other activities outside will give you truly goodness, especially for social life. Meeting others in certain activities will socially be more real and fun. Interacting with other people can surely bring you from being disturbance to have a lot of pleasing activity. Mainly, it will help you connect to people and it will lead you to get closer with a real partner, date him/her and have a sex with her for real.

2. Improve Confidence

One of the impacts of PMO is to make you less confidence for real sex. Of course, this will make your ways of sex less pleasure in kind of qualities and abilities. By avoiding PMO or having NoFap you will get the confidence that ever lost. You will feel better and comfortable enough when approaching one.

With this confidence, you sexual anxiety will also be reduced. You can start to convince yourself that you deserve to have a partner. By such feeling you can also improve your social situation. You will be more sensible and respect other’s opinion. Furthermore, The T hormone within your body will increase and it lead you to get a better feeling about yourself.

3. Renewed Interested in the Little Things

Ones that are too much addicted to watching adult movies can lose few or more things they should interest in. This is one of the PMO effects that steal half of your attention toward other things, even just simple ones such as books, music, sports and art. To do NoFap can help you find your interest in certain things since NoFap is an escaping way from PMO. It will be an amazing feeling to regain your interest and you will be more energized.

These benefits can also make your NoFap challenge easier, and you can start doing more activities on the field outside your private room. Therefore, you are suggested to start finding pleasure outside your room. Dedicate your time to your hobby and do it with your passion.

4.  Increase Motivation

It is not a secret that guys will be tired and lazy after having an orgasm. You will lose your energy and be unmotivated due to an addiction to adult movies. By doing NoFap your motivation will increase as well as having an obvious purpose within your life.

That is why you should replace your habit of watching adult movies to do some other things that support your career, maintain your social life or just simple things that you want. The more your testosterone, the more ambition will increase.  As a result, you will be more productive than before.

5. Increase Sensitivity

Another health benefits of NoFap is increased sensitivity to emotions. You will become much more sensitive to other people’s struggles and opinions. You don’t have to hide your sensitive side anymore. You will open what is in your thoughts and express the feeling. Get ready to be more social.

6. Improve Health Sex Life and Good Marriage Life

The sex life in an adult video with its original life is not the same, it can even be said to be very different. Adult movies industry only gain benefits from its viewers -as a demand, does not really teach us how to live a sex life in the real world. PMO will lead into virtual idea of what pleasure means that you’ll not get in an actual sex.

The more you watch adult movies, you will feel that sex life is like the one in the adult movie and your partner should be like a star. Though whatever how sexy is your opposite sex, you still not feel satisfied. Because your satisfaction has turned into an adult movie.

Quitting PMO will make you feel real sex becomes more incredible than adult movies. It will make you feel real human more attractive, you gain sensitivity to the opposite sex. Feel the heartbeat, body heating, skin to skin contact and emotionaly attached to your partner. You ‘ll find yourself more interested in real sex. No need pills, fantasy or whatever to trigger yourself into sexual activity.

7. Goodbye Induced Erectile Dysfunction, DE , or PE

When you’re addicted, the chances you enjoyed the actual sex is almost zero. Referring to this article a men’s sexual arousal is through visual. This means that a men who spends the majority of his sexual life viewing and masturbating to digital pornography is likely, over time, to find his actual girl less interesting and less stimulating than what he finds on the screen.

Have you ever feel it’s difficult to have an erection in a real life while you do good when watching adult movie? if the answer is yes, you probably having an erectile dysfunction / delayed ejaculation / premature ejaculation

Imagine if you finally do the actual sex for the first time, but you do not perform -not be able to maintain the erection. Your woman will feel that she is not attractive, can not make you passionate, and you become feel worthless as a man for not being able to do very basic things.

This can be eliminated by starting nofap. So start rebooting your mind over the resulting dopamine. Of course it’s not a benefits that you’ll get just right away. In the process, you can face the flatlining situation before finally go back to your normal situation.

8.  Better Stamina

After just several days without fapping, testosterone levels rises by up to 45%. Increased testosterone hormone will affect the growth of body hair, decreased body fat, increased sexual desire, fertility, avoid feeling depressed and sad, increased strength, muscle mass and keep concentration.

9. Clarity of Mind, No Mental Clutter

Urge to expand your mind. Nothing stressed you out anymore. PMO will produce dopamine, indeed this hormone is good. But too much dopamine produced will be bad, for example you will feel a fake pleasure.

Too much unrealistic pleasure produced by dopamine will produce mental instability, such as anger, stress, and feeling pressure. This condition will lead to anxiety that will cause negative effect to your life.

That’s why nofap and reboot the resulting dopamine will make you have a clarity of mind. No more brain fog.

10. Feeling Live a Life to the Fullest

Just like what mentioned in number four, your motivation will increased. That’s mean you will have a purpose on life and feel more alive. Being a powerful spirit to do activities. Reduce rage and anger. No more angry outbursts around people and become more relax.

Feels like to good to be true? Hey, you’re in the time to not just improving your health but also your life.

11. Appreciation and Admiration of Women’s Inner and Outer Beauty

If you are too addictive with padult movie, see a woman having sex (while man as a dominant) on screen,  it makes you think that woman is just an object of sex. You no longer think of women as human beings, they are just material for sex.

After doing Nofap you start to have an ability to look at women more than sex and feel her, sense the energy, all these things that related to emotion. Appreciate woman’s feeling and their ‘annoying’ behaviour. Accept them as the way she is.

12. Self-control

Once you doing nofap challenge for the first time, your brain still wanted the dopamine it was used to. It is easy to go back into the same habit. This is where self-control is tested.

You train yourself in this nofap challenge, and take control of your life. Over time, you’ll be able to have a good self-control. Later on you realise, you have that self-contol you thought you did not have.

13. Sleeping with Better Quality

Sleeping with better quality is one of health benefits of NoFap. At least, this is what many people have reported and they get clearer dreams. For me, I have to take fewer hours of sleeping time to really get rested. This allows me to get more time in a day so I will be more productive in the day. Also, with better sleep due to NoFap our health will be better. Ejaculation wastes your sperm that contains many nutrients, vitamins and mineral which are helpful for your immune. By the way, you throw away amounts of zinc (5 mg), copper and selenium significantly due to masturbation

14. Experiencing Better Sex

Masturbation worsens your sexual life by reducing your sensitivity, notably for frequent masturbation. However, if you do not it for long time, you feel much better. It’s kind of addiction in which stopping doing something and you do it in longer time after it can increase the experience. If you apply it by stopping masturbation for longer time, you will get much harder erections. Also, having a sex for the first time after not doing it a long time can burst your nut so fast. You can go with it more times without stopping so your sex activity will last longer. With such sexual ability  your girl will know that you are really like her while she is pleased.

15. Increasing Your Testosterone

The next health benefit of NoFap is an increased testosterone.  As scientifically has proven, such increased testosterone leads an increase of muscle and strength. Meanwhile, other people have reported to loss several kilos of their weight that means there is an increase in testosterone. In boxing sport, boxers are not permitted to masturbate before a fight comes up. This is surely relates to the influence of testosterone level to their strength and muscle.

How to Start Nofap Challenge

Do not come near to whatever it is that lead you to watch adult movie. Force yourself into the environment that will make you forget the need of fapping. Doing your hobbies or passion with others.

Don’t be by yourself, be with a good friends, be outside. Go somewhere where people are around, because when you’re alone, the desires to go back faping may arise.

You can start for a some period of time not abstinence. After you achieved your goals you can continue to doubling the period. First try to reduce the amount of faping. For example, if you’re do it 2 times a day, reduce it to 1 a day, then 3 times a week and so on.

For those who addicted to adult movie like crazy probably will feel the benefit even more. By this I mean, they can see and related the difference. So, if you’re faping only like once a week, Probably you not feel the benefits right away in the short term than those who are faping everyday.

Nofap is not a magical cure for every life’s problem, but do have a benefits for your health, nofap is a stepping stone for us to become a better person.

Quitting PMO may seems super hard because of the addiction, but it’s not impossible. It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be very challenging, and some men have found it to be the hardest thing they have ever done, but you are not alone.

Are you dare to give it a try?


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