15 Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract for Peacefull Mind Body

Olive is one of the common kind of plant that has been known for several benefits. Amazingly, there is also several health benefits of olive leaf extract for human body. This are things that might not really known by everyone. Most people thinking that it is the best kind of oil that can replace ordinary cooking oil. But more than that, olive leaf extract benefits are numerous. Therefore, no wonder if some people try to make a homemade extract from olive leaf.

Olive tree is firstly found in Egypt. While olive leaf comes from the leaf of the olive tree and was used to treat any medical condition since the past. Therefore, many people around Egypt believe that olive leaf extract benefits are giving a significant medical result for the medicine world. Considering that it has been tried to apply for cure some diseases and eliminates some infections.

Planting an olive tree only will works in a tropical country such as in Asia. It is due to the behavior of the plant that needs more sun and enough moisturizer. Making the plant growth properly in a warm country such as Asian countries. For these reasons, many countries in the Asia region start to cultivate the plant and hope for the benefit of using the olive plant. However, until today the biggest supply of olive leaf extract is still coming from Mediterranean countries that are the origin of the plant.

Olive Leaf Nutrients

Olive leaf extract usually contain several minerals that important for the body. Therefore, it can benefit to avoid any diseases and maintain a healthy body. The olive leaf extract usually contains several nutrients such as Oleuropein, which also known as the main bioactive with standardized percentage of 18-22% of the supplement or around 60-90mg/g (6-9%) of the leaf by dry weight. The extract leaf also contains several other compositions that might be vary among other brands.

The most important things that this extract will bring an enough vitamins and minerals that support the work of body system. Including to contain iron, calcium, and sodium in a very small portion. It also contains vitamins A, B, C and E in natural source. For those whose might not feel familiar with olive leaf extract, below are some health benefits of olive leaf extract for the mind and body.

1. Stress Release

Olive leaf extract believe can bring a calmness mind and feeling. Therefore, try to put the extract next to the air conditioner and let the smell flows around the room. Otherwise put it in a diffuser and put next to the bedside. Therefore, it can benefit to relax the mind and help with several stressing minds after some hard hours of working outside.

2. Avoid Insomnia

The capability in soothing the mind and bring calmness feeling is good to treat people with the signs of insomnia. When the mind is calm and positive, it can bring the body to get relaxed. Therefore, it will stimulate the body to produce a better sleep. Therefore, some people use the extract to manage with sleep disorder such as insomnia.

3. Detoxification

Another health benefits of olive leaf extract are including to manage the body detoxification process. Through the extract, it will help the body to flush out all the toxin out from the body. It can be through sweat or through the urine. It is good to free the body from any free radical effects that accepted by the body everyday from the vehicle pollutant. Therefore, it will help to refresh a healthy body.

4. Refreshing Mind

Not only works to detox the body and avoid stress, it also works to refresh the mind. Therefore, it can bring a better mood and feeling. Specially for woman during their PMS syndrome. Adding olive leaf extract diffuser can help to soothe breath and respiratory system and bring a positive feeling for the whole day.

5. Source of Fiber

The extract plant always rich of fiber. The same way with olive leaf extract. It is a good source of fiber that will work optimum to manage the digest system. Therefore, it will help people to ease the energy converting and help to avoid fat absorption. Furthermore, it will optimize the nutrient absorption during digest process.

6. Ease Digestive

In relation to the above benefit, another olive leaf extract benefits including to ease the digestive system. Hence, it will optimize the work of intestinal bowel movement to create fasten digest and including to fasten the metabolic rate of the body. Therefore, it will bring optimum ways in absorbing vitamins and mineral into the body system.

7. Weight Loss

Consuming olive leaf extract frequently also benefit to help with the efforts of weight loss. It can help the overweight problems by reducing the weight through wasting the fat in natural ways. Furthermore, it can help to maintain the weight not to increase too much and keep a stable weight of the body. Therefore, it will help to benefit the body to avoid obesity too.

8. Improve Metabolism

The extract also a good agent to improve the body metabolism too. It will effectively improve the process of changing food into energy and optimize the energy burning. Therefore, it will help to avoid fat formation in the body and able to optimize the energy forming for daily activities.

9. Maintain Cardiovascular

The benefit of the extract is including to maintain the cardiovascular health of the body. It will manage to bring a proper cholesterol level inside the blood. Specially in maintaining the HDL and LDL level. Therefore, it will help to avoid the possibility of cardiovascular diseases such as a heart attack or early symptoms of stroke.

10. Improve Brain Function

The health benefits of the extract including to improve the brain function. When the blood circulates in a better way, it can manage to distribute enough oxygen to the brain nerve. Therefore, it will stimulate the brain to bring a better and proper function. Specially for elderly who usually risk at loosing memory or experience dementia. Continuous using of the extract will benefit to avoid the possibility of early memory loss.

11. Improve Blood Circulation

Using the olive leaf extract will benefit to improve blood circulation. Therefore, it can help the body to avoid the possibility of blood cod. Furthermore, it can manage the blood circulation to circulate the proper oxygen distribution into the whole body. Hence, it can result a better body functions.

12. Manage Blood Pressure

This extract also beneficial in manage the blood pressure. It will keep the blood pressure in certain level and avoid the possibility of high blood pressure. Therefore, it is one of the good treatment for people with hypertension condition. Since it can help to lower down the tension and manage a normal tension.

13. Avoid Diabetes

Olive leaf extract can work to manage the blood sugar level. Therefore, it is a suit treatment for diabetic patients. It works to stimulate the formation of insulin to the body becoming normal again. Hence, it will bring back a natural way of the body in converting the glucose into energy.

14. Anti-Bacterial

Olive leaf extract benefits also including to be an anti-bacterial. It brings a benefit to avoid the infection of virus or bacteria into the body. Hence, it will work to optimize the immune system of the body and keep a healthy condition. Furthermore, it can work to fasten cure in the bacteria infection symptoms.

15. Anti-Inflammation

The extract is good as an anti-inflammation too. Therefore, it beneficial to soothe any inflammation problems such as sore throat or skin inflammation. It can reduce the redness symptoms, swollen symptoms and help to ease the pain. Furthermore, it will good to manage a fasten cure of any kind of inflammation. Including to cure the possibility of any cough and cold with signs of inflammation.

Recommended Intake of Olive Leaf Extract

Since the benefits are enormous, many people interesting to preserve a homemade extract. Even though it is not easy, but making an extract from olive leaf is worth to try. Below are some step by step tips in preserve the olive leaf extract.

  1. Make sure to get a fresh olive leaves. If it is not available around your backyard, try to find it in a plant store that have stocks of olive plant. Make sure to choose the young leaves and the fresh one. The fresher is the leaves, the more good the extract can result.
  2. The nest things to prepared is an enough cup of alcohol and a glass jar to process the extract.
  3. Chop and shred the fresh olive leaves and pour immediately into the glass jar. After that directly cover it with dilute alcohol.
  4. Stir the olive leaf extract to release bubbles and make sure that the chopped leaves remain covered.
  5. After that seal the glass jar tightly and then store the glass jar in a dark place with room temperature which not too hot but also not too moist.
  6. Let it for several days and always look at it every day. Always shake the glass container and check whether there is always sufficient alcohol to cover the leaves.
  7. Wait until 2 weeks and check whether the tincture already be of a good strength. If so then it can now be filtered and put in a bottle.
  8. Now you can preserve the tincture and use the extract oil for several purposes.

If making a homemade extract feel impossible or hard to do, there are several another way to get the olive leaf benefit. The extract oil can easily find in the drugstore around the world with various brand. Otherwise, try to buy the teabags or the dried leaves. It can be mix with another fruit such as lemon to bring more flavor on it.

Side Effects of Olive Leaf Extract

Just like any other leaf extract, even it contains several benefits, it also contains several side effects. Therefore, do not only amaze with olive leaf extract benefits, but also pay caution on below points:

  • It is possible to bring allergically reactions such as itchiness, redness, swollen face, cough, asthma or even dizziness and nausea. Therefore, make sure that there is no historical allergically conditions with similar leaves. Otherwise, it is suggested to avoid using this extract. If need to use the extract, consult the possibility with the capable medical practitioner. Otherwise, it can bring a negative side effects to the body.
  • Even if olive leaf extract benefits are good to apply on the skin, but it possible to be dangerous if consume by pregnant woman. Therefore, make sure to consult with the care giver before decide to consume the extract in the middle of a pregnancy. Since, it can bring a risk of miscarriage when it is not used properly during pregnancy.
  • Careful with the portion consumed. Make sure to always consult with the doctor before deciding to put this extract in the daily menu. Mainly for hypertension and diabetic patients. Since, it might bring interfere between the extract benefit and the medical prescription benefit. Hence, the best is to consult and to choose one method only. Whether it is going to use an herbal medicine through the olive leaves extract, or continue with medical prescription from the doctor.
  • Some extract of not properly done might cause poisonous. Therefore, always careful when apply or consume the extract. If using a product from the drug store, check for the expired date and make sure it is not expired.

Those are the brief explanation on the health benefits of olive leaf extract. Since today the herbal medicine bring more advantages rather than medical prescription drug, many people prefer the natural one to cure their diseases. Including after get information on olive leaf extract benefits. Making the leaf extract is one of the common herbal wanted in many countries. Hence, it will bring a natural recovery of illness and maintain a healthy mind plus a healthy body too.

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