15 Jaw Dropping Health Benefits of Papaya Leaf

Papaya that has a scientific name of Carica papaya is one of many kind of fruit that could gain you lots of benefits. Papaya also can be found in the tropical area all around the world since it is so easy to grow the papaya tree. Starts from its fruit, seed, and even its leaf can be consumed by human and it is healthy. Papaya contains so many vitamin and compound that is beneficial for our body health. Such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B, flavonoids, and calcium. Maybe you only know that the papaya’s meat is edible but there are more benefits that you can gain from papaya. Many people using papaya seed and leaf as a traditional and safe medicine for some disease. And here in this article, I’d like to inform you some amazing health benefits of papaya leaf for our body.

1. As a cure for dengue fever

Dengue fever is caused by Aedes mosquito. This disease may cause the blood platelet count goes down and if the patient don’t get the proper treatment and the blood platelet count still going down this may cause the patient die. The health benefits of papaya leaf in dengue fever is to increase the blood platelet count so the patient will be better as time goes by. Maybe we only know that guava juice can also increasing the blood platelet but now we have another option for it. The consuming of papaya leaf during the hospital treatment is also safe so you don’t need to worry that it will disturb or even ruining your treatment that being done by the doctor. In fact, the doctor recommend you to consume something that could increase your blood platelet and you can try papaya leaf juice for it.

2. Preventing malaria

Malaria is a disease where the plasmodium type is became the cause. Malaria will make you have fever, headache, easily getting tired, and vomiting. This kind of disease is mostly found in the tropical areas where the anopheles mosquito can freely spread the disease through its bite. Many people also believed that malaria can’t be cured 100% because it will recurrent since the parasite still stay inside your body. To prevent this papaya leaf has a compound that can help us away from malaria. The acetogenin compound inside the papaya leaf is could help the patient to get better from malaria. And for those who consuming papaya leaf even if they don’t suffer because of malaria can be prevented from malaria.

3. Liver friendly

Liver is one of our body organ that has the function of filtering any toxic that comes from outside together with the food that we ate. Papaya leaf could act as a cleansing for the liver and makes the function of liver to be maximally. So many cases of chronic liver disease, jaundice, and cirrhosis can be healed by consuming papaya leaf. By consuming it we can be prevented from any liver disease. Why so? Because liver is a place to filter the toxic and there are a lot of toxic that can harm the liver so it can’t work properly as before, any kind of liver disease is firstly come from the disability of liver to filter the toxic. So when the liver has a friend that help it fight against the toxic, liver won’t work as hard as before and it will be healthier.

4. Better digestion system

Papaya leaf also prove that it could makes us having a better digestion system. It could help us to prevent some digestion problem such as constipation, and ulcer. Besides that, it also could help us to have cleaner colon. It is because papaya leaf contain enzyme papain and chymonpapain. Papaya leaf also contain protease and amylase enzyme that could help the body to break down protein, mineral, and crab. Because as we know a big particle as fat for example can be so hard to break down and the process of breaking down the particle it self can harming the digestion system because it works too hard. It also contains anti inflammatory agent that could help you reduce the stomach and colon inflammation. Since our digestion system is being cleaned and there are some amount enzyme and compound that help our body from inside to digest the molecule.

5. Control the sugar level

Diabetes is caused because the sugar level in our body is too high and the insulin is too low so the sugar can’t be controlled and it’s harming the body. So someone who got diabetes will be injected by insulin routinely. Here, papaya leaf works to manage the production of insulin and make sure that the number of insulin is enough to control the sugar. Besides that, because papaya leaf contains high and strong antioxidant it could help us reducing the possibility to have the kidney damage and fatty liver because of the high number of sugar. And just for your information diabetes may cause many problem not only specifically on kidney when it getting worse so papaya leaf play such an important role here.

6. As a cure for menstruation pain

Menstruation is a condition that every woman should pass every month. This period is caused by the hormonal activity that changes every month. Because of the hormonal changes, not a few woman feeling the pain during the menstruation period. To reduce the pain you can consume papaya leaf as a juice because it can balancing your hormone and reducing the pain during the menstruation period. Besides that, it also can help you to have a better menstruation cycle. And the result you will feel less pain and even won’t feel the pain at all and your menstruation will running routinely. Because the unstable menstruation cycle also can lead you into some serious problem that is why if you think you have already consuming some ingredients of food such as this papaya leaf but your menstruation cycle still not running well you have to go to the doctor.

7. Boost Skin Health

Because of it anti inflammatory agent inside the papaya leaf, it could help you to boost your skin health. It contains vitamin A and C that can boost your skin health. Free radicals is being pressed by papaya leaf so it could prevent you from many skin problem. Free radicals may cause some problem toward our skin such as wrinkles and dark spots. Karpain compounds inside the papaya leaf can clean your skin from toxic and prevent you from some skin problem such as acne, pimples, and freckles. When all the problems is solved you can have a beautiful and healthy skin.

8. Hair Growth

The next health benefits of papaya leaf is for hair growth. Papaya leaf became an ingredient for anti dandruff shampoo because of its karpain. Karpain can kill the fungi that caused the dandruff, because dandruff is a result of fungal infection. It also effective to remove dirt and oil from your hair because of its alkanoid component. Papaya leaf also can help us to prevent balding and thinning hair. Folic acid inside papaya leaf help the hair to have a better circulation for our hair follicle. So, when all the problem of your hair is solved, your hair will grow better, faster, and healthier.

9. Reducing Cancer Risk

Papaya leaf can help to reduce the side effect of chemotherapy and inflammation. Acetogenin compound inside the papaya leaf is act as anti cancer and it could help us to prevent some cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Tannis inside the papaya leaf also protect the intestine from infection. The flavonoids inside the papaya leaf could reduce the cancer risk by arresting the cancer cell that develop.

10. Curing Eczema

Eczema is a chronic condition where the skin is itchy and redness. The main cause of this disease is the weak immune system. It usually happen to baby and children also those who got asthma or having an allergic history. To reduce the effect of eczema you can just apply papaya leaf juice to the affected area routinely.

11. Reduce Stress

Stress isn’t a simple thing that we can ignore. It may brings us to some serious problem such as high blood pressure and heart attack. Job, family, relationship, could be some from many problem that caused many people having stress. To help you with this papaya leaf that is known because it is rich of vitamin C could help you. Vitamin C inside papaya leaf can help you controlling the stress hormone flow. When the hormone is controlled you will not have such a over stress that may bring you to some serious disease.

12. Anti aging

Nowadays aging is become a problem for many people both male and female. Many people has aging earlier than they should. This may caused because of their unhealthy life style, pollution, and free radicals. Papaya leaf can help you with this. It contains lots of amino acid that can regenerate your skin cell. Cell regeneration is the production of more new cell to replace the death cells. Cells also has a life span so when the number of death cells is higher than the new cell this may cause your body aging. When your skin cell is regenerated it could works maximumly and stronger for fight against the free radicals and make you look younger and healthier.

13. As a cure for emphysema

The next health benefits of papaya leaf is as a cure for emphysema. Emphysema is a inflammation disease that makes your breathe shorter. This is caused by the air pollution that can destroy the alveoli inside our lungs. Alveoli is used to filter the air that come into the lungs so it will filter the oxygen to be absorbed and carbon dioxide to be released. Inside the papaya leaf there is vitamin D that has the function to prevent you from emphysema and help the alveoli tissue to get better. Vitamin D is responsible to decrease the inflammation in lungs. That is why emphysema can be cured by consuming papaya leaf.

14. Increasing Appetite

Appetite problem is commonly found on children simply because they only eat their favorite food and most of it is junk food. Appetite loss also can bring children into some serious problem such as constipation because their body needs of fiber isn’t fulfilled. To fix this condition you can cook papaya leaf in many various way so the children wants to eat it. Papaya leaf can help the children has a better appetite than before. By this they surely will eat anything and their body needs of fiber, vitamin, mineral, and etc will be fulfilled. With this healthy dietary habit the children will have a better immune system and prevented from some disease.

15.  Preventing constipation

Constipation is a disease that makes you difficult to defecate. This is happen because your body needs of fiber isn’t fulfilled either from vegetables or fruit. You will try to drink instant laxative of even using laxative paste before you defecate to make you defecate comfortably. Rather than using any instant laxative that we don’t know sure the ingredients and the side effect of it it will be better for us to try to make a natural laxative from papaya leaf. Papaya leaf could help our colon to work well and smooth to expulse the waste inside the colon. So by this, you can have a smooth excretion system.

So those are some health benefits of papaya leaf that maybe you don’t know before. Thank you for reading this article until the end and hopefully you’ll have more knowledge about papaya after reading this article. Stay healthy with natural ingredients as long as you can it is better than using the commercial medicine that has a bad effect for your kidney. And for you who don’t like the bitter taste of papaya leaf you can combine papaya leaf juice with another juice to decrease its bitterness. You can also search another recipe that makes you enjoy to eat papaya leaf.

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