The Amazing Health Benefits of Paw  Paw Leaves

Back here again with us to talk some more about the health benefits of Paw Paw Leaves. Maybe some of you still don’t know about what actually the Paw Paw leaf is, the answer is the leaf is the same thing like the known Papaya leaf. So the word Paw Paw is the same as Papaya. Now, some of you may know that the Papaya or Pawpaw leaf has this very bitter taste. That’s the reason of why so many people hate the leaf and always get rid of it as soon as they get the Papaya. But actually, the disposed a really valuable leaf, a very valuable leaf. With the combination of boiled water and Paw Paw leaf, you can get the best medicine for your body.

The Paw Paw leaves have so many kinds of good nutritions like Calcium and Vitamins. The vitamins contained a leaf of Paw Paw are Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. The complete 5 alphabet. Actually you can easily find the Paw Paw in a tropical area like Indonesia for example. But you should remember, the Papaya was firstly developed in the country of Mexico, the tropical area of America. So maybe you should take a look at the areas in Latin or maybe South America to find one. You can bring as many as you want for you home, but first thing first you must know what kind of health benefits of Paw Paw leaves you’ll get from the boiled water of Paw Paw leaf. Now, we’re gonna tell you about the best and wonderful benefits you can get from the Paw Paw leaves.

1. As an Anti Cancer

The  first health benefits of Paw Paw leaves is to used as an anti cancer. You can use the boiled water of Paw Paw leaves for so many good benefits. One of them, as to prevent the Cancer. This deadly disease can be so harmful for our life, even for our love ones. So, you can prevent the Cancer from the start, by consuming the boiled water of Paw Paw every morning. You can hold the bitter taste for a while, it’s better then getting a Cancer. You can make the Paw Paw leaves as a juice too, which also have the same benefits as boiled water.

The way for it’s consumed maybe a little different, but not too much noticeable. Well, the Cancer you can prevent are so many like the breast cancer, vaginal cancer, and also a rare type of cancer called heart cancer. The very bitter taste of a paw paw leaf has so many antioxidant in it and also the anti cancer matters contained in it. With one single bowl of Paw Paw leaves boiled water, you can say goodbye to those cancers.

2. Preventing the Growth of Bacteria

We may meet some bacteria in our daily activities. The bacteria infected us in their own way, by using so many paths to finally enter our body. They can be in a food, in a drink, or just hanging around in the air, waiting for the exact moment we breath in. Some bacteria are considered as weaklings, they died upon arrival on our bod because of our immunity. But, some of them are really dangerous, and often invite some harmful diseases to us.

Then, the way we can do to protect ourselves is preventing the growth of bacteria, by consuming the Paw Paw leaves. The clean boiled water of Paw Paw leaves can have at least 50 goods matters that really good to fight those sneaky bacteria. So, you don’t even need to worry about the bacteria inside your body, your kids, and your family. A bowl of Paw Paw leaves boiled water per day really helps a lot.

3. Increasing Body Immunity

One of the great benefits the Paw Paw leaf has is to increase our body immunity. With very high level of immunity, we’ll be “invisible”.  The usual stuff like influenza or something else will easily be prevented by the improved level of immunity. That’s why, the immunity is is so important to our health. Not because to prevent the diseases for happen to us, but we can make our sick body regenerates faster when catching a disease. So by then, we can be healthy in a short time. You already knew about the 50 good things inside a Paw Paw leaf, maybe you should reconsider to start drinking it right now.

4. Curing Malaria

In the tropical areas, Malaria can be a serious disease and often take the life of the poor people that suffered from it. Malaria can be cured by medicines, but sadly they’re not the natural ones and having the side effects which annoying enough for the sick people. So, what is the solution of this problem. The answer is once again, the Paw Paw leaf. The boiled water can be consumed easily, even though it tastes so bad, but the benefit from it can cure the Malaria-infected people with ease. They’ll surely be healthy in a short time with proper medication and diligently drink the Paw Paw leaves boiled water. One of the best health benefits of Paw Paw leaves out there.

5. Preventing Dengue Fever

This is one of the child killer in the countries. Many kids suffering this dengue fever, but sadly they’re gone because of it too. Then, the medicines were not so successful as now, many of them are considered as failure. But in the year of 2017 the medication of Dengue Fever can be found in such many ways, the hospitals will easily cure you. But if you happen to don’t have any money to go to the hospital, then you should try another alternative, using Paw Paw leaves as medicine. Of course, by its boiled water. You can drink the boiled water after you eating, so it’ll be 3 or 4 times a day consuming it. With the diligent and patient, you can easily be cured with this alternative.

6. Reducing Menstrual Pain

Of course, many girls must meet their menstruation if they’re mature enough. Some of them are so smooth, and some of them aren’t. This is why the existence of Paw Paw leaf can be really helpful. In Indonesia, the Papaya or Paw Paw is very well known to reducing the pain during menstruation. Even some of the medicines for menstruation will contain a Paw Paw leaf as a based composition. You can make a drink of Paw Paw leaf by yourself though, with very easy steps. Just add the Paw Paw leaf, sugar, and salt altogether into a glass. Also complete them with the addition of hot water. Then you finally you created the best medicine ever to curing the menstrual pain.

7. Smoothing Your Digestion System

The next health benefit of Paw Paw leaves is to smooth the digaestion systme. One of the annoying problems of life is the problem you can meet in your digestive system. Sometimes you can’t “extracting” properly, and needed more time just for the thing. This can be annoying if you happen to have so many stuff to do in the next schedule. So, one way or another, this must be fixed as soon as possible You can try the Paw Paw leaves to help you. They have the enzyme called Papain that can be very useful for digestion problems. Plus, they can help some people with celiac disease to digest the wheat gluton protein. So you don’t even need to worry a bit about your celiac.

8. Lower Hypertension

The other useful health benefit of Paw Paw leaves is to lower hypertension. Hypertension may become troublesome because it has the potential to invite the other dangerous diseases like cholesterol and also heart attack, which is the number one humans killer in the world. So, to prevent Hypertension, we can do another way to makes Hypertension be gone far away, like drinking the boiled after of Paw Paw leaf. The nutritions you get from it are so many which are very useful for the blood tension. Also beside that you can do another activities like having fun or exercising to reduce stress.

9. Removing Acne

The Paw Paw leaves can be used to make your skin more beautiful. This health benefit is really good for you. Acne is really annoying, especially for you girls. Any cream and lotion used on your skin, but you may don’t even know the side effects that “medicines” will bring to you. The chemicals used in the process may cause a harmful damage to your face if you stuck in a bad luck. So, choosing the proper medicine to cure acne is very important, to both removing and maintaining. The natural way is to use the Paw Paw leaf facial mask. Yes, you can turn the Paw Paw leaf into a very useful mask. First, you dry the leaf, and then blend it with some water and put them into a mixer. Finally, you can apply it to your face. Use them twice per day for maximum result.

10. Increasing Thrombocytes

One benefit of Paw Paw leaf is to increase the number of Thrombocytes in our body. The rich amount of it, can reduce the chance of use getting Anemia. Also, we can be more healthy and more fit to do our daily activities with full energy. With the increased amount of thrombocytes, it really helps the menstruation time, and you don’t need to drink any pill to increase your blood. Just one glass of boiled Paw Paw leaf will fix it in a sec. Amazing health benefit of Paw Paw leaves.

11. Preventing Cataract

Cataract might be a serious problem. Even though the chances are so big in the old age, but even in adult age like 30 or 40, many people still got the chance of Cataract. Vene though to get rid of it is so easy and also affordable, we can protect ourselves from it. With the proper amount of Paw Paw leaves consumed in a day, we can prevent cataract to happen in the future. How come? We’ve talked about the rich amount of nutritions inside a Paw Paw leaf. There, the rich amount of vitamin A can be found. So, the high level of vitamin A and the other supporting matters in the leaf can prevent and cure you from the whiteness of Cataract

12. Increasing Appetite

Maybe some of you even wonder, how this really bitter stuff can increase our appetite? Inside the leaf, you can find many nutritions inside, and then change it into some useful Paw Paw lead boiled water drink. You can sip it in the morning to get your best appetite in a short time. This stuff is very useful for kids, so the parents don’t need to give them the other things except natural nutritions. So with this, they can put away the vitamins and the other stuff to increase their kids’ appetite.

13. Face Cleaner

The next health benefit of Paw Paw leaves for your face is as a face cleaner. Beside use it as a facial mask, you can get more benefits by drinking the boiled water of Paw Paw leaf to get the healthy skin. There are 50 good nutritions that will gladly help you to maintain the smooth and healthy skin. So you don’t need to add another lotion and cream on your skin. One glass of Paw Paw leaf juice in the morning is more than enough.

14. Natural Conditioner

The next health benefit of Paw Paw leaves is as a natural conditioner for your hair. You can get the smoothest  hair with such an easy way. You know, you usually they combined the Paw Paw leaf with other stuff that really good for hair like honey for example. Add some natural stuff into the cream of Paw Paw leaves, just make sure they’re fit the cream.

15. Removing Dandruff

The last thing you can get on the list of amazing benefits of Paw Paw leaves is to remove dandruff. Usually the people use the specific shampoo for removing dandruff. But the result sometime is not satisfying, even disappointing. And now, you got a new alternative, to use the shampoo with the based of Paw Paw leaf. So, f you shopping out there for a new shampoo to cleaning your hair from dandruff, better search the best one with Paw Paw leaf or Papaya leaf on its composition.

That’s it, the list of wonderful health benefits of Paw Paw leaves. Hope you can get all the things with ease and comfort. With a little patient, you’ll surely get them all.

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