10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Quail Eggs Consumption

Not everyone is aware of the health benefits of quail eggs, ranging from helping to lose weight up to prevent mental illness. Quail eggs contain higher nutritional value compared to other eggs because it has bigger yolk to white ratio than other eggs.

Moreover, it contains all nine essential amino acids that human can not produce such as: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, histidine, and valine. Quail eggs are also an affordable and nutrient-rich whole food that act as a valuable source of many essential fatty-acids, antioxidants, choline, vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Here are ten health benefits of quail eggs you can get :

1. Quail Eggs are awesome for weight loss

One of the most powerful property that quail eggs contains is in regard of helping us shed some extra pounds. The consumption of quail eggs as primary source of nutrient will allow our body to enter dietary ketosis. Ketosis is basically a metabolic zone in which our body consume ketone instead of glucose to fuel our caloric consumption. The difference is simple: while in ketosis our body burn fat, and in glycolysis our body burn blood sugar.

One of the easiest way to achieve ketosis is by eating high fat and low carb diet. Quail eggs are rich in fat and protein and very low in carbohydrates. In comparison to chicken eggs, the same portion of quail eggs have higher fat-protein ratio compared to chicken eggs.

Such a high ratio makes quail eggs one of the most powerful tool to help enter ketosis. Entering ketosis will result in rapid and consistent weight loss averaging 2 to 2 ½ ponds loss per week. Dozens of nutritional studies suggest that doing ketosis diet is healthy because ketosis is a natural metabolic function that humans have.

In ketosis diet, we restrict carbohydrates intake to only 2-4 percent of total calories consumed compared to normal diet where carbohydrates supply 50-60 percent of total calories. The easy way to adopt ketogenic diet is by adding a lot of fat and protein rich whole food such as quail eggs as primary source of our caloric intake.

There is no evidence that engaging in ketogenic diet will result in a heightened blood cholesterol in long term nor does it increase risk of coronary heart disease.

2. Improve Your Endurance in Bed

Many societies including Chinese and Indonesian societies have regarded quail eggs as one of the most used aphrodisiac that assist men’s performance in bed. Indonesian traditional herbal medicine called jamu has long incorporated quail eggs to improve virility and sexual endurance.

One of the main reason is the good cholesterol in quail eggs help increase the production of testosterone hormone and subsequently improve your libido or sexual desire. The phosphorous content inside quail eggs also helps men maintain their prostate health and so strengthening the reproduction system. Proteins, other vitamins, and mineral also serve as sexual stimulants and help reproductive glands produce healthy semen.

3. Repair Your Vital Organs

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM thousand years’ worth of medicinal wisdom suggest that quail eggs will repair five most essential human organ including heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. The reason is supported by modern science that discover quail eggs are a cocktail equivalent of amino acids.

Those amino acids are needed to help repair the broken parts of our vital organs. Moreover, it is found that quail eggs facilitate the formation of proteins that will help repair body tissue.

Stomach is one area that will be benefited by daily consumption of quail eggs since the alkaline nature of the eggs help treat stomach ulcer, gastritis, and help combat other digestive tract disorders. As bonus, all the good essential and non-essential amino acids not only is good for vital organ but also help us maintain glowing and healthy-looking skins.

4. Boost Your Muscle Growth

Essential amino acids are part of the building blocks of your muscle. They will form protein and used as main ingredient of your muscle growth. Eating a lot of quail eggs while building muscle is a good choice because quail eggs are very rich in its protein content.

Our muscle breaks down after undergoing about 45 minutes of hard exercise, and our body need the supply of protein to rehabilitate the broken tissue and potentially grow it bigger.  In fact, science suggest that the most crucial part in weight-exercise or any other exercise involving muscle is not on the period of exercising but rather on the rehabilitation period after exercising.

Therefore, it is important that we ensure that our body will receive all the nutrients it needs to rehabilitate and grow our muscle.

5. Improve Your Brain Function

Another health benefits of quail eggs is improve your brain function. One of the secret of excellent memory is buried deep inside our skull. It is the sheath that cover our brain nerve called myelin. Myelin covering of our brain nerve cells allow faster transmission of electrical signal in our brain and also to retain memory. Myelin made of fat and proteins and both ingredients are present in quail eggs in generous amount. One of amazing health benefits of quail eggs can offer.

6. Enhance Your Immune System

Quail eggs contain antioxidants and lysozyme that will help your body shield itself against infections and disease. The white park of eggs contain substances that prevent viruses and other infections called ovomucoid proteins that serves as natural anti-allergic substances. This lysozyme also helps protect the eggs to be immune from harmful bacteria such as salmonella. Besides, ensure that the eggs is safe for consumption.

One of the direct impact of enhanced immune system is better resistance to allergies. Allergy is basically bodily reaction to foreign infection (usually pollen or insect bites) that trigger our immune system to go haywire. Allergies can result in emergency because of uncontrollable inflammation all throughout the body.

The consumption of quail eggs will improve our immune system and soothe allergic reaction. It contains proteins found in many antiallergic medication. This finding is further supported by nutritionist at GarkiHospital, Abuja that said, “Children who eat quail eggs are less likely to suffer from infectious diseases than those who don’t.”.

7. Supplement Your Dietary Requirements

Quail eggs are rich in nutrients. They contain a lot of vitamins including vitamin A, B6, B12, D, E, B2, B1, Choline, K, etc. The richness of vitamin content is remarkable. For example, vitamin D in an egg fulfills more than 20 percent of the recommended daily intake.

The daily consumption of few pieces of egg daily will help us prevent condition linked by the insufficient vitamin D intake such as osteoporosis, sclerosis, and certain immune system disorder.

Quail eggs are also rich in minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Manganese. Micronutrients like these are very important in helping us maintain proper metabolic regulation and hence we must ensure to include them in our daily diet. Last but not least quail eggs are also rich in antioxidants such as Selenium.

Antioxidants like Selenium is important to help our body dump toxic substances from environment such as pollutant and heavy metals. Quail eggs are also rich in proteins and fats that is essential in maintaining proper biological regulation in our body. Consuming daily to get the health benefits of quail eggs.

8. Prevent Mental Illness, Neuro Gegenerative, and Severe Debilitating Diseases


Epilepsy can be debilitating for many people and have lifelong effect. One of the most effective treatment to heal epilepsy is through adopting ketosis diet. As reported by New York Times that the ketosis is now a popular alternative and is adopted by more than 100 hospitals in the United States and Canada. Modern study is widely supported the Ketosis effect on reducing seizure.

One study conducted by University College London found that 38 percent of patients on the diet had their seizure frequency reduce by half. These effect is observed even when the patient is resistant to the existing available drugs. The underlying reason why ketogenic diet work for epilepsy is because the substance produced by liver helps protect brain cells from being damaged – as reported by pediatric neurologist at the University of Calgary. When the body burns far for energy then the liver will produce the substance.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)& Autism

New psychological research has suggested that the brain of children who suffered from ADHD lacks essential amino acid named tryptophan which caused abnormal production of several important hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. This also hamper children’s ability to learn and to do task requiring concentration. The lack of serotonin is especially associated with more impulsive behavior – also known as one of the symptoms of ADHD. Whereas, children with autism is known to have increase transport of amino acid named alaine but the relationship is not well known at the moment. Eating quail eggs will helps the supply of important amino acids that will ease the symptoms of ADHD and autism.

Schizophrenia and Depression

Experts agree that quail eggs’ nutrient-rich content helps treat depressions, anxiety illness, and even schizophrenia. One of the reason quail eggs can improve mental health condition is because the rich protein, essential and non-essential amino acid contains within them helps remedy the damaged nerve inside our brain. Mental illnesses are known to affect certain part of the brain that affect general mood.

For example, people who suffer from depression are experiencing prolonged ad intense sadness due to altered brain condition. The repair due to rich nutrient content from quail eggs combined with brain plasticity helps us retain good brain condition. Also, repair the damage that presents inside our head. Additionally, in schizophrenic and depressed patient, brain inhibition mechanism is disrupted causing severe sensitivity to stimuli input from environment. Consumption of good protein found in quail eggs will help balance the imbalance inside the brain. This also reduce the pain from being sensitive towards the input from environment.


Bad cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer because it produced a waste product called beta amyloid plaque inside our brain and cause damage inside our brain. It further supports a hypothesis that diet plays a very important role in answering the cause and also the cure of Alzheimer. One of the health benefit of quail eggs is that it contains a lot of healthy cholesterol. It is known not to cause bad cholesterol level to raise even if consumed in a long term.

9. Quail Eggs Prevent Stroke

As published by Journal of American College of Nutrition, a longitudinal study conducted from 1982 to 2015 by Dominik Alexander showed that daily intake of one eggs would reduce the risk of stroke. Quail eggs has advantage compared to chicken eggs in many areas. The study also debunked the myth that eating eggs would increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Quite contrary if any the total stroke risk is reduced. The study further established that there is no link between eating eggs and increase in bad cholesterol level.

10. Help Manage Your Diabetes

Cameroonian believe that the daily consumption of quail eggs will help reduce blood glucose level. This is supported by the study published by African Journal of Medicine and Medical Science that found quail eggs lowered glucose level and improve renal damage due to diabetes melitus in their experiment using lab rat. Additionally, for type 2 diabetes patient, eating quail eggs to induce ketosis in our body allow our body to deplete blood sugar and survive on breaking down fat.

Naturally, ketogenic diet will reduce the occurrence of blood glucose spike because we minimize the intake of simple carbohydrates such as white rice or flour. The method of going into ketosis would allow management of blood sugar level as we reduce our carbohydrates intake and subsequently maintain stable blood sugar level. However, be mindful of the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) especially for type 1 diabetes patient.

There you go! You have learned how incorporating quail eggs on your diet will tremendously improve your health and well-being! From maintaining and lose weight, improving immune system, and improving your stamina in bed. Routinely consuming quail eggs and achieve the health benefits of quail eggs!

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