15 Wonderful Health Benefits of Rambutan

The rambutans are endemic fruits of tropical and subtropical areas, that’s why many of you still confuse with this kind of food. You can’t find any of them in cold areas like Europe or America. They can’t grow much better there. Maybe you can find some that exported from other tropical countries. And somehow they packaged them into a can. So there you have it, a canned rambutans. But, the canned version is of course not the best healthy one. So you can consider to find the fresh rambutans that only can be found in tropical areas like Indonesia or Malaysia, or maybe Hawaii. There you can taste the delicacy of rambutans with fully grasped the rambutan health benefits. But don’t worry, some stores already included the rambutans into their inventory.

So why a rambutan is very good for you? A one tiny rambutan fruit can give you dozens of vitamins like vitamin A, C, a good amount of protein, carbo, and also fiber. Beside that, the fresh rambutan will give you enough minerals, one of them is Calcium, plus the others. So, with those good things, the rambutans can give you a lot of benefits that very good for your own body. Beside making the body healthier, it can give you another benefit to makes your beauty more well maintained. Without further do, let’s see some of the great rambutan health benefits you’ll get:

1. Curing Small Disseases Like Sprue Mouth and Dry Lips

Because the high amount of Vitamin C contained in the rambutan, it can cure the sprue mouth and dry lips, small diseases due to the less consumption of Vitamin C. Those diseases will be gone in a sec with a good amount of rambutan consumed. But beside those, the rambutan can easily treat another disease like sore throat for example. For you who don’t know, the rambutan also has a great amount of Vitamin C, even though maybe smaller than lemons. But, the rambutan has the more simple way to consume it, eat them directly. Yes, you can eat the fresh ripe rambutan easily by eating them directly without using any other tools to eat it (make sure you remove the seed before you swallow it). With this rambutan health benefit, you don’t have to worry anymore about the annoying sprue mouth.

2. Rich of Carbohydrate

This fruit can be an alternative for a good breakfast combined with bread and also the other supporting meals to make you feel so energize in the morning to begin your daily activities. The fruit can also be a choice for kids. Just put them into their breakfast menu, by peeling the rambutans first, then remove the seeds, and then serve them on a plate. The rambutans have this kind of sour and yet sweet taste, which is kids favorite. You don;t need to cook the rambutans, or maybe combine them with the other stuff to create something new. Just eat the fresh rambutans that will give so many rambutan health benefits. The fresh fruits always give the best things.

3. Make Eyes More Healthy

We know that the eye problems happened because of the lack of Vitamin A in the body. The diseases usually not so serious, but sometimes they can be more dangerous if not treated well. So, to prevent the bad things to happen, you may as well start to do something like consuming the rambutans. The high level of Vitamin A contained in a rambutan can easily fulfill the needs of Vitamin A. With a proper consumption of rambutan per day, you’ll gain the healthy eyes and more clear vision in the future ( if you still consuming them). You may as well consuming the well known source of Vitamin A, Carrot, and cooked it into a sup or something. Then for the dessert, you can eat at last two until five rambutans.

4. Greatly Reducing Bad Cholesterol Level

Bad things can happen from high amount of LDL Cholesterol (the Bad ones) which is the rival of good cholesterol called HDL. This LDL can give you the high risk of getting the serious medical diseases like heart attack for example, that can kill you whenever it wants. Even though the person that have a heart attack can be treated within hours, the chance of survival is pretty low. So, before catching the killer disease we must protect our self and prevent the high level of Bad Cholesterol in our body. One solution is consuming rambutans. You know, one rambutan contained the high amount of flavanoid, one of many nutritions that can prevent the bad cholesterol greatly.

5. Preventing Anemia

Sure, the girls that already have their period are not too strange with the word Anemia. Even though Anemia is not dangerous, but sometime it will somehow make the day more tiring and boring. Anemia makes the girls more weakened and tired due to the loss of much erythrocyte. If not treated well enough, you can fall sick for days. To prevent Anemia, the thing you can do is eating rambutan. One of this rambutan health benefits , which is preventing Anemia is caused by the Iron contained in a rambutan. One or two rambutans per day can help you to prevent Anemia to happen.

6. As a Shield For Cancer

The high amount of free radicals contained on stuff we’ve consumed before is one of the factors to invite the most dangerous disease on the planet, Cancer. The free radicals will invite the bad cells and finally destroy our cells within our body in flash. In this step, we don’t know what actually happen to our body. Yes, it’s hard to detect cancer on its first time infecting. Many will know when the Cancer reaches at least in stage 1. We can do stuff to prevent that to happen, one of them is consuming a proper amount of rambutans. We can also get rambutan health benefits for preventing it. The rambutans can clean your body from the bad free radicals contained within you. So, in order to maximize the potential of non free radicals body, you may as well start consuming rambutans everyday, maybe two or three is enough.

7. Increasing Body Immunity

The immunity is very important for our life, to protect us from some harmful diseases that can catch us someday. With the improved immunity, we don’t have to worry about catching the bad diseases that may come from another persons. One step to increase it, is by eating the rambutans. One rambutan contained Vitamin C as a good natural antioxidant. Also the nutritions inside the rambutans  being a good aspects for creating the white blood cells. The white blood cells here are our soldiers to fight so many viruses and bacteria, making our body more protected.

8. Kidneys Cleanser

Kidney failure is also one of the diseases that killed so many people. Not caring about the health of kidneys, will determine that person’s health in the future. Detoxification, is the way to cleanse our kidneys. So, the “junk” that left in our kidneys, which not fully cleaned in previous cleaning activity in our kidneys may be cleansed by rambutans. So, in rambutans there’s this little guys called Phosphor, which is a good neutralizer of toxin that trapped in our kidneys. With the fruits, you can get this rambutans health benefit with ease.

9. Lower High Blood Pressure

The high blood pressure may be a bad news for old people. So many of them suffer some serious diseases that came because of the existence of the high leveled blood pressure. High blood pressure will increase the health risk  of the person to catching the heart attack in such a young age. So, even though your age is not considered old, you still may suffer the serious disease because of the high blood pressure. Then, what can we do prevent them? The simple answer is consuming rambutans. The rambutan have some useful minerals, minerals that can be a natural medicines for heart attack. We’ve described about the minerals above, that very good for preventing some serious diseases including heart attack.

10. Curing Diarrhea

The bacteria inside the foods we’ve consumed can make us fall into the deepest depth of diarrhea. One of the annoying diseases out there. With diarrhea on your side, you daily activities will surely be messy. Then, eating rambutans can be a great solution. Your digestive organs will be more protected if you consume the rambutans sufficiently. So by that, you may less worry about eating some foods that you can buy outside. Just make sure they’re clean enough to eat before swallow them.

11. Say No to Constipation

Beside diarrhea, here’s its friend called Constipation. Constipation happens when we don’t have enough fiber consumed in a day. The fiber is actually a very important aspect though, so consuming vegetables and fruits is of course really recommended. But, maybe you should consider to eat the rambutan fruit because of many vitamins and fiber included inside. With the push of Vitamin C and also a lot of fibers, your “cleaning” activity will be a smooth one.

12. Pregnant Mothers Helper

Being a pregnant mom is pretty challenging. Morning sick, constipation, and other annoying stuff will greet the pregnant moms almost every day. Then, to help them prevent or reducing the chance of those stuff, they can get a beautiful bliss from a rambutan. Rambutan can give them a high immunity, for them and their babies. Plus, the good amount of Vitamins is really good for their metabolism. With just the cheap  and fresh rambutans,  they can get the best nutritions for their daily needs in very simple way. Consuming them is also very easy, just by peeling of the “hairy” skin and then just eat them. They need to put away the seed though.

13. Rejuvenate The Skin

For the women out there, the fruit may already famous in their eyes for taking care of their skin. Rambutan has many good nutritions contained in it, including the good proteins that will serve you as your skin rejuvenator. The proteins will change the dead cells in your skin and replace them with the new ones. With that, your skin will be very smooth and looks so fresh. Plus, the number of acne will surely reduced. So, you don’t have to go to the expensive beauty salon to get the healthy face.The rambutans will fix that for you. With that, you’ll get the rambutan health benefits for your beautiful face.

14. A Really Good Nutritions For Your Healthy Hair

Beside maintaining your face, the rambutans have another great benefit to make your hair more healthy than ever. You know, the rambutans also contained proteins and zinc, which very good for the growth and the hair’s health. This rambutan health benefit requires a bit money to get the rambutans, but it’s considered really cheap than buying a health shampoo and other lotions.  With only grasp of rambutans, you can get the same result.

15. Successing Diet Program

Making diet program to be successful is another goal in life for many people. With the proper and diligent exercise or workout, the diet program ain’t success without the supporting meals. One of them, is rambutan. Rambutan has many things that good for people in diet, like fiber and also calory. So, you don’t need to always rely on salad and vegetables. Try to eat rambutans sometimes, they can be a great help to successing your diet. Even with a canned ones, you still can get many good nutritions from there.

Those are dozens of amazing health benefits you’ll get from a rambutan. Well, another give from our mother nature surely will give us a lot of advantages for our health. So, you may as well start to reach the fruit at your nearby stores to feel the taste and many benefits from it by yourself. Good luck!

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