7 Health Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor You Must Know

We all need to sleep on the best mattress, and we craving for that. Majority of people feel okay to spend more buck to get the best mattress to sleep. Ultimately, the buck that has spend seems worthy with the quality. Moreover, it’s all deserve to get the best quality with the high price tag, right? That’s why there is a sentence said “price tag will never ever denied the quality”

Most of mattress used as a surface to lay on when bodies get tired. With the comfy materials are offered, people will feel comfortable while sleeping. But if we look back, in the past years and years ago, mattress not the only way to make people could sleep. As homo sapiens, people could sleep everywhere. The most popular place is under the trees. Anchestor said sleeping under the trees also offered serenity. And they could unify with the nature. It’s not as danger as you think, because our ancestors absolutely would find the safe haven. So, they can safe themselves from wild animals around.

Beside sleeping on the mattress and under the trees, have you ever imagine to sleep with neither? Sleeping on the floor for example? It seems weird sometimes, but totally not after you make a try. Most people also utter sleeping on the floor is not good for health. Are you agree with that deposition? There are two answers, yes or no. It depends on what you think.

After do research and try to find out the truth, there are many health benefits of sleeping on the floor just as much as health benefits of sleeping without underwear. If curiousity pop up, here are health benefits of sleeping on the floor that you must know.

1. Body Will Get Stretch While Sleeping

This is the first health benefits of sleeping on the floor. But maybe most of you didn’t know it yet. When trying to lay the bodies on the floor, it is getting to stretch bodies directly. Because there’s no surface and its impose you to sleep in the right way. Unlike sleeping on the mattress, it plays doom with your body sometimes. It will make the lower back getting sick because you literally prone to collapse it. Not only that, your hips also look sink in. That is the main reason why people sometimes feel their hips like stiff after wake up.

With awareness or not, sleeping on the mattress sometimes makes people cannot breathing deeply. The main reason obviously because the wrong position has noticed. When people not breathing as well, of course it will reduced relax. Whereas people need to get more relax while sleeping to get fresher in the next day.

Using mattress is good, especially when its made from good materials. But it is just keep your body in tight.  Not totally keep body’s health because sometimes people tend to sleep in the wrong way. They tend to bend-off and make the body not straightening. That literally makes the skeletal system not work as well during sleep.

One thing that you must know, the position during sleep will define health benefits for body. If you always sleep like sitting in a chair, obviously sleeping on the floor is what you must try right now. It will rehearse you to keep your body’s straighten and you could sleep more relax and breathing deeply. Try this in a couple of weeks and you will get the health benefits.

2. Hips and Shoulders Directly Getting Aligned

According to the first one point above, we mostly sleeping in the wrong way using mattress. It seems like we trying to sleep like sittingin a chair. But it will not happen if you trying to sleep on the floor. Sleeping on the floor will make time during sleep more natural. It will directly aligned your hips and shoulders. All of body will aligned naturally and will make you more relax. Lot of sickness such a sore back, sore hips, strain neck, even headache will not happen anymore after waking up. It will increase your health and give you benefits.

By that benefits, we are not saying you unallowed to sleep on the mattress. You obviously could, especially when you old and grey already. You need mattress for sure because body wane already. For people in young age (we means teen) and adult, if you craving a health benefits during sleep, we suggest you to start sleeping on the floor. Of course if you do this frequently, the benefits will work out. You also can feel the differences between sleeping on the mattress and on the floor. The differences obviously can measured while waking up. Body will get more fresh and no sore after sleep.

No need long time to think about this opt. This one absolutely work out as you wish. Now on, you don’t need to spend buck for mattress. You can save that buck to purchase something you need for in life. If you have mattress already, you can get rid them of. Or maybe you can move that mattress next to another room.

3. Stiffness Will Go Away

Bend-off for couple of hours obviously increase stiffness. But most people not realize that. After wake up in the morning, we feel stiffness. Each part of body moving arduously. You must know, bend-off for long of time make muscles tight up. That is make sense why we sometimes get stiff when tryna to stand up.

If youi trying to sleep on the floor, you will get lot of health benefits. But hey, it is not as easy as you think. You will feel uncomfortable in the first time because there’s no surface during sleep. But if you keep doing this for long period of time, you’ll feel this not as matter. Feel the differences and stiffness will go away.

4. Move Easily

Not as using a mattress as a surface, it will make you more careful to move freely. If you keep pushing body to move one to another side, you must be ready to fall-down from your lovely bed. Why? Because its built-in 180 x 180 cmonly or a bit wild. It is a limited space to move freely. Unlike sleeping on the floor, it will make you move easily. You can move your body one to another side during sleep. Possibility to get more space while moving, especially when your floor built-up wildly. Rolling and rolling one from right side into left side as you want, and feel the freedom.

5. Get Beautiful Posture During Sleep

During sleep, hormone works faster than you could imagine. The hormone will impact throughout our bodies and will impact health. That’s why people need to get the correct posture when they sleep. If people sleep in the wrong posture, all hormone will prevent and will arise diseases. Beautiful posture itself mean to lenghten our bone. So it’s gonna thicken all bone we have.

Sleep on the mattress only provide comfortable and a bit alignment. But sleep in solid hard floor will provide ton of health benefits. Body’s musculo-skeletal will in a good tune. If you have problem while walking because your spine kinda hard to straighten, by sleep on the floor, spine will alignment. You can feel the differences. Body feel better, also walk better than before.

6. Feels Serenity

Sleep on the floor automatically makes you feel serenity. Everytime you feel tired, you directly can lay down on the floor without thinking. Sprawl your body and feel serenity, like you in paradise. You need no more energy to walk into your bedroom anymore. After arrived at home, placed all your stuffs and sleep on the floor. Very easy, right? But remember, please lengthen your body and do not hunched to avoid sore spin, and sort of sore.

7. Save More Buck

For most people, mattress become luxury. Most of them also made mattress as one of their splurge. Is that necessary? We don’t want to do judging. If you have more buck, it is okay. You can spend more money for a mattress. But if you don’t want to spend more buck only for mattress, sleep on the floor must be the right opt for you. You can sleep on the nude floor or put a gauzy carpet as a surface. Yet, carpet’s price tag not as expensive as mattress, right? Now on, you can escalate the amount of your pocket money and save more for something else.

After reading all the health benefits of sleeping on the floor above, you can try now on in your house. But one thing, you must be curious the way how, right? If curiousity pop up, down below we will talk about tips on sleeping on the floor. Here are the tips:

  • Use a mat. Well, in this first one tips, you can use a thin mat. Why not thickness? Because thick mat as same as sleeping on the bed. If you craving try new things and escalate health, thin mat is what we recommend you. Make sure you picked one best thin mat on the market these days and suitable for your flat floor
  • Sleep right on your back. Well, this is necessary for spine. If you hunched often and sleeping not in the right position, your spine will be sore. Also the other pain or sore will arise easily. Avoid to sleep like cuddle something. You need to straighten all parts of body during sleep
  • Grab your sleeping bag. If you feel thin mat isn’t enough to covered all the uncomfortability, you can use a sleeping bag. Sleeping bag must be thin, because the function only as a layer between you and the floor. Using sleeping bag also could escalate warmness. So, you don’t need a thick blanket anymore
  • Use a pillow. To escalate comfort, you can take your best pillow as a surface for head. One pillow is enough to keep head and neck from sore after wake up. Remember, need one pillow only. And let the other parts of body sleeping touch rightly on the floor
  • Clean the floor first. This is quite important. If the floor dirty, you will vulnerable by all viruses that coming from dust. When you wanna stay health and at least minimize viruses, you can clean the floor first before lay down on it. If you feel assiduous, you can swab the floor to make it more clean. Make sure all dust swept away to make you sleep tight
  • Change sides. Maybe you asking why. This is necessary to adapt your body. If you frequently sleep in one side only, now you can change it. From right side into left side or the opposite. Try something new like we were talked before. This is perhaps not as easy in the first time, but after you do it oft, you feel it as habitual. If you were married, try to change position with your wife or hubby. If you single, do it yourself without hesitation
  • Consult with the doctor. Not all people allowed to sleeping on the floor. For some, this opt not suitable because they got sore spine or kind of, we don’t know. Make sure before decide to do this, consult with your doctor first. If you have an issue, we recommend you not to do forward. Because in case, there is a possibility this action could emerge serious meditation

About health benefits of sleeping on the floor, it depends on you. Also depend on what kind of floor you would lie on. Is that a ceramic, wooden floor, or anything else, make sure what you do will icrease comfortability. Not the opposite that would emerge all the pain to your body. In order, don’t forget to put a thin mat to increase comfortability and improve your spine.

Lot of benefits you can obtain by sleeping on the floor. But remember, you must sleep in the right position only to avoid all pain. Issue about stiffness after wake up or cannot stand up because the stiffness will not happen anymore. Even though it is hard in the first time, but it will worth it in the end. Are you ready to try? Hope this article useful for all of you.

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