10 Health Benefits Why You Don’t Need Pillow for Sleeping

We sometimes underestimate the power of sleeping, which makes us stuck in the wrong behavior for years. Surprisingly sleeping without pillow is one of those reasons why we have to give our attention to.

We must want that feeling of waking up feeling fresh and ready to shine for a day, or simply could cross all of those deadlines, and end the day with hanging out with some friends. But then how could we spend a day like that if we don’t even have that healthy body, fresh mind and good vibe to beat the day?

Some people may say, that healthy food or exercise will help. But how many of those people count sleeping as valuable thing to do to keep all the good vibes, the healthy mind and body? Meanwhile so many people however cut their sleep time, just to work or spend so much hours in the internet. So no wonder if they wake up feeling like a zombie and always need some more time to sleep in the morning.

Morning is the crucial time where you would building up your mood to through the day. And sleeping in the night before is the key to have such a fine morning and of course a good mood.

Sleeping is one of those reasons for having a healthy life both physically and psychologically. With sleeping your body that has worked from the minute you woke up will get some kinds of relaxation both in your muscles, fibril, blood flow, brain, heart, etc.

Actually there is no exact rule for sleeping, but there are indeed some things to remember before we sleep, like:

  1. We have to make sure the position is comfortable and relaxing.
  2. It doesn’t make our part of body overlapping the other parts. Because wrong sleep position cause pain and ache all over your body the momwnt you wake up.
  3. The mattress is not hard. That kind of mattress will only cause pain to your back or neck.

And to sleep well sometimes people will take some things to make them feel so. Like eye cover, socks, blanket, lotion even turn on the music. One more thing that people usually can’t get off of these things to have a better sleep. Yep, to have a pillow and a bolster. These two things are useful for people to have back rest all night. At least, they thoughtso.

But surprisingly sleeping without having pillow is even better and recommended for our health. Some researches even explained that sleeping without pillows gives us so many benefits. But not many people know about this.

This time I’m going to tell you about what kind of benefits for you to have if you don’t take any pillows for sleeping. Here they are ;

1. Stay Young

Who doesn’t want to be look like 25 when you’re actually 30? It’s a dream of many people. Butnot many people know that sleeping without pillows makes us stay young. First, that’s because you will get a better sleep quality and that is what makes you wake up feeling fresher. Second, sleeping without pillow will prevent wrinkles to appear on your face.

By doing this everyday you will get this benefit of keeping your body to stay healthy and young.

So for those who want to keep away the wrinkles, have a try!

2. Hello Healthy Bones!

If you always or at least have ever felt like your back is hurt like you’ve sat all day long without stretching for some minutes, then this is the solution. Sleeping without pillows will get your backbone to tail bone back into the real position that will give relaxation for your bones and also muscles. This could save you from osteoporotic and any other bones disorders as well.

3. Increasing Your Sleep Quality

Sleeping without pillow will increase your sleep quality to its finest. Researchers have done some researches that those people who sleep without taking pillow will be more relax and sleep more tightly like they don’t have any burdens. These things will affect the quality of your sleep, and can prevent you from :

  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Backache when you wake up
  • Or waking up in the middle of the night for no reason and can’t get back to sleep

Why don’t you try it, make 7 days of trial to sleep without pillows and feel the ache gets better. For more visible result try to sleep without underwear to increase your sleep quality.

4. Straighten Your Bones

Sleeping without pillow also known to help you to straighten and normalize your backbone structures that you have. This is related to the structure of your bones that become bent or tilted so it will affect your appearance and health soon or later.

With sleeping without pillows will at least minimize the risk of having bone disorders.

5. Prevent You from Pain and Ache

Many people complain about the ache they have after waking up in the following day. That thing could be happened because of the wrong sleep position.

To prevent this thing to happen, you don’t need to buy any expensive tool or calling out a thousand dollar neurologist. You only need to take away your pillow and sleep then make it as your routine, that will decrease the ache and pain on your neck. This will give your bone a condition where it could be in the optimum position like it used to be.  Also, it could prevent you from having ache or pain in your backbone or neck in the moment you wake up.

Now morning is no longer a nightmares after you wake up. Have a fresh morning!

6. Goodbye Wrinkles!

It’s almost impossible not to move our body when we sleep. Cause the fact is we always move unconsciously. When we sleep with pillow, our face will move from one side to the other side.It will give pressures to our skin both on the face or hands or any other part of our body.  Unconsciously, this will give your skin invisible wrinkles that could be decreased if you sleep without pillows.That’s quite scary to realize that all those wrinkles will cost a thousand dollar skin care or dermatologist to make it disappears. We don’t want that to happen, right?

7. Fresh Morning

Fresh morning is now not only exist in the fairytale you read but in your real life. With the good sleep quality, people will get a fresh morning and fresh mind to start a day.  This is helpful to people who has problem with waking up early in the morning and picking up scattered spirit after a long sleep.

8. Your Eyes Shine Brightly

One of those things that we hate in the morning is when we feel sleepy in the middle of rush hour or having a tight deadline. A condition where we feel sleepy in the morning could be affected from the bad quality od sleep that we had. Since sleep quality doesn’t always speak about its duration.

When you sleep well and also with comfortable condition, your body will get a total rest and relaxation. And that’s what sleeping without pillows will affect your sleep quality. That’s why you’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready to start your day.

9. No More Stress

We usually think that stress could affect the quality of our sleep, forgetting the fact that the quality of our sleep also affect the stress level in our body. And in the end with the increasing of stress level in our body it will decrease the quality of our sleep. This time sleep can be so much tiring, because sleeping will only give burden. That’s why you need to try to take away your pillow and sleep without it. The effect can prevent you from having stress or pressure when you sleep.

10. Say No to Insomnia

Sleeping without pillows can help you to prevent you from insomnia to sleep at night. It will prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night and any other symptoms of insomnia because of the increasing of your sleep quality. Insomnia is a sleep disorder when you feel like you are not sleepy at all and it keeps you awake even after the morning come. It could haunt you not only for hours but even for days.

So those are the benefits of sleeping without pillows. But to optimize your sleep quality, you should still remember some things like never sleep right after you eat or sleep in the place that has a comfort and soft surface and of course make sure that you have enough sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day.

Now you know what kind of benefits you could have if you sleep without pillows. Like I said before, now it’s your time to try to put away your pillows from your bed and hope that you can have a better sleep quality from now on.

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