19 Health Benefits You’ll Get if Sleeping Without Underwear and Bra

Having a better quality sleeping is mandatory. Moreover we spent a rough and tired day. If we can improve the quality of our sleeping it will be beneficial to our health. There are so many ways to improve our sleep,  such as sleeping without a pillow, sleeping on the floor, and sleeping without underwear.

Although not everyone initially comfortable sleep without using clothes, but some people have done it and feel the benefits.

Maybe by knowing the health benefits of sleeping without underwear in this article you start trying to sleep naked. And do not be surprised if later you find yourself more comfortable sleep naked.

Top 12 health benefits of sleeping without underwear

1. Save Laundry

This is the most noticeable benefit although it does not affect health. By not wearing clothes while sleeping, you automatically save on clothes. No need to buy pajamas and underwear that you can use during the day. Say goodbye to excessive laundry fees

2.  Good Bye Insomnia

Do you know what makes people experience insomnia? One of them is the body’s inability to be at an ideal temperature. The temperature around the body is trapped by the clothes you wear. Try to take it off, and let your body temperature drop to cooler temperatures so you fall asleep more easily.

With enough sleep you will feel happier, confident and not insecure. No more difficulty sleeping or waking up in the middle of sleep. Sleep without underwear will make the body more relax. Good bye dark circles

3. Feeling of Freedom

Believe or not by sleeping naked you can feel the freedom. Yes, freedom is as simple as that. Wearing clothes during sleep will cause uncomfortable friction and make us feel not free. So take off your clothes while sleeping and feel the freedom. This psychology effect is good for your mental health.

4. Sleeping like a baby

When was the last time you felt such a deep sleep like a baby? If you find it difficult or rarely feel it then this is the right time to sleep naked. With a good night’s sleep, you can have quality sleep and be ready for the next day’s activities.

The thing that makes you sleep soundly is because of the decrease in body temperature and accelerate blood circulation throughout the body. The blood flow that is blocked during sleep is caused by various things like pressure, friction, wrong position and the clothes you wear. Therefore fix your blood flow during sleep one of them by sleeping without underwear.  The body becomes more relaxed and becomes sound.

A good night’s sleep shows better sleep quality. With better quality of sleep you can feel your body more fresh when waking up, and also can make you more youthful.

5. Reduce the risk of diabetes

What is the correlation between sleep naked with diabetes? Well, sleep without underwear optimizes the work of other organs, one of them is brown fat. Brown fat is a fat that will burn calories when body temperature decreases. With reduced calories, then you will be far from diabetes.

This is also benefits in keeping our weight. How great is that?

6. Keeping Our Weight

When sleeping, the level of stress hormone decreases. People who use pajamas do not let their body fully relax because sleeping dressed prevents you from having a healthy sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, your stress level will be enormously high and you will be eager to eat more.

As you sleep tight, your brown fat is activated. Brown fat generates heat 300 times more heat than other organs. Try to sleeping without underwear instead and forget about undesirable belly fat.

7. Healthy skin

Healthy skin can be obtained because the blood flow smoothly throughout the body. Plus you will not have redness because of your clothing cut, and your skin becomes more breathable. Indeed, the red line caused by the clothes will not be giving a bad effect initially, but will have a serious impact in the future.

The red line due to tight underwear can cause itching and irritation. So it’s better to rest your skin while sleeping at night, because it already felt the tightness of clothes during the daylight.

8. Healthy intimate organs

Sleep without underwear avoid from fungal infections and the development of bacteria in the intimate organs of both women and men. Especially for men, not wearing underwear will affect the fertility of sperm. Because the male’s intimate area also need to “breathe”.

Sleeping withour underwear can help balancing the umber of bad and good bacteria in female genital area.  Healthy intinmate organs means preventing our genital area from itch and minimizing the unpleasant smell. Say goodbye to the growth of bacteria and hello for good air circulation.

9. Better quality of sperm

Good sperm are sperm that live in low temperatures. The temperature required to produce sperm is below 36.67 degrees centigrade. So with no use of underwear for men will be easier to produce a high quality sperm. People who are difficult to get offspring are also advised not to wear underwear during sleep.

10. Increase harmony

If you sleep with your partner, then you will increase the harmony of your love life. Sleeping naked helps you to feel each other’s presence. Contact between skins makes you look sexy with each other, it stimulate the hormone oxytocin that can trigger sexual arousal. The possibility to have sex increases.

11. Anti Aging

Want to have a body that looks youthful? So, sleep without clothes could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It turns out that sleep without underwear can help you stay young.

How? Yes because while falling asleep, hormone like melatonin is produced. With a deep sleep then the hormone will be more generated. According to the researchers the hormone melatonin has a role as anti aging. Sleeping without underwear help your body to get a deep sleep and releasing a heat out of body temperature.

This reason should be strong enough to get you started to get used to sleep without underwear.

12. Pain relieving

By not wearing clothing, will relieve tension in the nervous system of the abdominal visera. So it will make your body more relaxed and relieve pain. Besides, our blood circulation will perform optimally, lessening the risk of acute diarrhea, back pain and constipation. Surprised? Please try it yourself.

Now many bra are made to perfect the shape of a woman’s breasts, such as tightening, supporting the breast, until push-up breast that gives greater effect. Women assume, that using a bra can provide an ideal shape on their breasts.

Interestingly, the ideal breast form obtained from not using a bra. If you’re still put your bra on while sleeping, please take a look at the benefit below, then decided whether you need to wear it or no.

The benefits of sleeping without bra

13. Expediting our blood circulation

Wearing a bra too long will press the breast so you can not have a good blood flow around the breast. This is what makes one of the reasons why you should take off your bra when you are asleep. Because of your sleep time, your body needs a full rest, and blood flow should be smooth.

This smooth blood flow will also provide a sense of relief and a good breath circulation. In addition, performance and other body functions can run optimally.

14. Red stripes

Because of tight bra straps, then with a long time it will cause a red line. Other than that, this red line also reduces the beauty of your back and shoulders.

if you keep wearing bra while sleeping, this red line will take you to the next problem, that is skin irritation. Your skin will itch and can cause scars if we keep scracthing it.

15. Preventing skin irritation

After a day of activity then your body will produce sweat, if you keep using a bra while sleeping is feared this sweat will make the skin around the bra will itch – itch even irritation

So sleeping without a bra will avoid you from unwanted irritation

16. Preventing breathing problem

Bras put pressure on our chest, and while sleeping it will fall on the diaphragm so you will feel a little uncomfortable breathing. Try to remove the bra and you will feel more comfortable, because you can breathe properly.

17. Ideal shape

Unlike most women consider, removing a bra provides an ideal shape. Precisely when using a bra, the breast will get unnatural pressure. This is precisely what can cause the breast muscles become loose. So calm down, Muscle in the chest will do a good job to support the chest.

even more, for youth girl who still in growth period. Never forget to always take off the bra during sleep, because it is very good for the development of your breasts. During sleep, the growth hormone will work, and train the chest muscles to stronger support the chest. This can make your chest tighter and fuller.

18. Preventing from breast cancer

Removing the bra can avoid you from breast cancer. Why? Because as already discussed above, that the use of bra too long will press the breast so that blood flow is not smooth. This non-fluid blood flow will cause lymph flow to become blocked. This lymph fluid works to fight against toxins that trigger cancer.

Removing the bra also helps to neutralize the tissue temperature so as not to trigger the appearance of abnormal cells causing cancer. So that is  the reason why removing the bra can minimize the cause of cancer.

19. Preventing from skin pegmantion

Sleeping using a bra will give a black line on the bra line, evenmore for a wire bra. Removing the bra during sleep will avoid from the dark color change in the chest circumference

How to sleep without underwear

First, if you’re not getting used to, try to wear natural underwear or soft material. Do not wear tight clothes, try a loose material. Over time, you get used to taking it off -because you do not feel the difference. For men, use boxers instead of tight underwear.

Make sure to lock the door and window to avoid unpredictable situation -someone goes into your room. By locking the door, the fear of someone seeing your naked sleep will be gone. You can be more peaceful sleeping without underwear. Prepare the robe, in case you need to get out of the room or meet someone for a moment you wake up.

For starters, you can use a soft blanket. Even if you do not use anything you still feel “protected” by your blanket. Keep in mind, use a smooth and thin blanket, so that your body does not feel the heat and body heat temperature can still come out.

Try to take a shower before going to bed, or at least cleanse yourself. Bathing gives a fresh sensation, and your body will not feel sticky with sweat and dust. This fresh body will make you more comfortable to sleep without underwear.

Sleeping without underwear may not for anyone, but it’s worth trying considering the benefits. Hope you enjoy your sleeping without underwear tonight!

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