20 Incredible Health Benefits of Taro Leaves

Taro is kind of tropical countries’ plant which all of the parts are edible. The plant is originally from some south-east Asian countries and also Southern India. It becomes phenomenal because there are huge contents of nutrition in the leaves that humans need, so there are many health benefits of taro leaves. Besides, Taro is popular as one of the earliest plants which are cultivated and provide the main food for many people in numerous countries like African countries and of course Southern India. The name is also various like dasheen, dalo, cocoyam, elephant’s ear, kalo, kacchalo, etc.

The green leaves of taro have been widely used in a lot of Indian dishes. The taste is as similar as spinach but the leave can potentially be toxic due to raw consumption. The leaves provide calcium oxalate source which can trigger swelling and itchiness to the throat. Therefore, the leaves must be soaked all night and they must be cooked to avoid the toxicity.

Taro Leaves Nutritional Value

Before talking further about health benefits of taro leaves, you have to know the nutritional value first. Taro leaves are the best diet to consume regularly because they are rich of protein, dietary fiber, ascorbic acid and more other essential minerals including, iron, riboflavin, thiamin, phosphorus, vitamin B6, zinc, vitamin C, potassium, niacin, manganese, and copper. Based on some studies, taro leaves also bring anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Taro leaves is not only tasty but also brings a lot of benefits for us. In some outlines below I will tell you taro leave benefits, especially for our health.

1. Decreasing High Levels of Cholesterol

There is a shocking fact that taro leaves have no cholesterol (0%) whereas the fat is only 1%. This is why people that suffer high cholesterol levels are recommended to eat this super food to lower the level. There dietary fiber and metthionine exists in the leaves so including the leaves in your daily diet can solve your cholesterol problem. Hence, taro leaves can be the perfect option to keep healthy.

2. Best Food for the Health of Your Digestive System

Cooked taro leaves, are very easy to digest because they bring dietary fiber that is important for appropriate digestive health. The fiber content maintains the stool bulk while normalizing the motion of your bowel. This will help in the prevention of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel and constipation syndrome. Moreover, the fiber intake will help weakening the possibility of colon cancer development.

3. Boosting Heart Health

Heart problem is susceptible to certain intake containing cholesterol and saturated fat. Fortunately, taro leaves are proven to have saturated fat in low levels. Hence, the leaves are claimed as healthy food to maintain your heart. The fiber inside the leaves is the best way to prevent cholesterol accumulation within the streams of blood. Meanwhile, the potassium contents are crucial in helping to maintain the blood pressure so it will always be under control. It can decrease the levels of homocysteine within the blood to prevent strokes and heart problems.

4. Providing Sufficient Electrolyte Balance for The Body

Another taro leave benefit comes from the potassium content. Potassium itself is known as important mineral needed by human body for functioning well. It absorbs and breaks down carbohydrates, controls whole heart activity, builds muscle, promotes good development of human body and keeps better balance of acid base. Besides, potassium is also crucial for staking electrolyte balance and the fluid of body. Due to the rich potassium content, consuming taro leaves regularly can provide adequate quantities of the mineral for the body.

5. Preventing Cancer

One of the best ways to prevent cancer naturally is by eating taro leaves. Based on the research, regularly consuming the leaves which are freshly cooked can keep off the dangerous disease. The reason is that taro leaves contain high amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C provides powerful and protective antioxidant which is good for preventing common ailments such as cough, cold to particular cancers. Such vitamin helps to grow powerful connective tissues such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons. By giving the vitamin the body’s immunity level will be higher, the process of injury healing becomes faster and the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitter becomes better.

6. Maintaining Healthy Skin

Taro leave benefit is not only for health but also for beauty. In taro leaves, there are adequate amounts of vitamin A and vitamin E that can protect our skin. Such multivitamins can clear skin conditions and also enhance the cellular health. It means that blemishes and wounds hell faster whereas wrinkles are diminished. As a result, a healthy skin glow of skin is returned.

Taro leaves also contain high levels of amino acid called threonine. This compound assists in the building of elastin and collagen in which they are so fundamental for gaining healthy skin. Therefore, including the vegetable in your daily diet can help you rejuvenates your skin and prevent wrinkles simultaneously.

7. Strengthen The Fetus Development

There are many health benefits of taro leaves, especially for pregnant woman. All doctors will recommend their pregnant patients to get sufficient intake of folate. Taro leaves are the right source of folate so they will need to serve any taro leave-based food during their pregnancy. Folate is not only essential for a normal fetus development but also it can prevent most birth imperfections such as the defect of neural tube. Moreover, folate is crucial for the synthesis of DNA while it is also considered to be useful to prevent rectal cancer and colon cancer.

8. Curing Hypertension

Hypertension is known as high blood pressure. It is majorly discovered in individuals in the mid age category. The disease can be prevented by eating foods having low level of fat and sodium. There is 20 mg of sodium per one cup of taro leaves which can help you maintain fluid retention and kidney problems.

9. Best Food to Treat Anemic

Iron is categorized as the fundamental minerals since the role is very vital in helping to develop the RBC or Red Blood Corpuscles. Also, iron is needed in transporting oxygen to numerous body parts. Whoever suffering anemic have to consume taro leaves routinely because it can provide the lack of iron while avoiding weakness, fatigue and tiredness.

10. Good Food for Healthy Eye Vision

To keep your eyes healthy, you need to get sufficient intake of vitamin A. One of the best sources of vitamin A comes from taro leaves. The vitamin A existing in taro leaves has high levels so it can be relied for supporting normal vision and eye health. They do not only promote better health for eye but also help to maintain the acuity of vision and prevent various eye disorders such as myopia, cataract and blindness.

11. Providing Cell Protection

Taro food brings perfect minerals and nutrients that our body need. There are compounds of phenolic and caretenoid that can release antioxidant properties for the cell protection. Both of the good compounds assist the body when fighting against free radicals while maintaining the vital cells from oxidative stress and further damage. Hence, it is kind of prevention step against serious diseases such as heart diseases and cancer.

12. Great Food Source for the Need of Vitamin B6

The next benefit of taro leaves is due to containing a lot of vitamin B6 amounts. Vitamin B is included as another vitamin B group which is very crucial for numerous body functions. It is not only beneficial for metabolic activities but also for oxygen transport and anemia prevention. This kind of vitamin is required for neurotransmitters while it can protect your heart health by decreasing the level of homocysteine. Homocysteine itself is known as an amino acid in which it can trigger stroke and cardiovascular diseases if it comes in high level within the blood.

13. Amazing Food Source that Provides Copper

Considered as an essential property for human, Copper is required to gain normal metabolism. It is involved in the respiration process by helping the oxygen transportation and assisting the right utilization and absorption of iron stores and fat. Because the body doesn’t have the ability to synthesize such mineral, it is highly recommended to consume food ensuring enough intake of copper. It can be realized by consuming taro leaves due to the great amounts of essential copper for your body.

14. Providing Good Amounts of Manganese

Manganese is needed only in low levels. However, it is essential to keep the body organs to function properly. It influences a lot in the building of bones, connective tissues, and also sex hormones. Besides, manganese plays important role in the calcium absorption, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, brain and nerve function and the proper levels of blood sugar. Truly, eating the leaves of taro can assist you to fulfill your manganese requirements. Moreover, manganese can be used to treat certain health condition like osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome and arthritis.

15. Providing Sufficient Amounts of Magnesium

Magnesium is involved in most of biochemical process in human body. It plays important role in some major functions such as helping protein synthesis in the body, maintaining a good immune system, maintaining nerve and muscle function, maintaining healthy bones, controlling blood glucose, producing energy and regulating blood pressure. You can get all of them by eating taro leaves regularly.

16. Providing Enough Amounts of vitamin B1

Another taro leave health benefit is presented by its vitamin B1 content. Vitamin B1 is really needed for nerve conduction, carbohydrate metabolism and energy production. Also, they are involved in the production of blood cells. Taro leaves brings an essential source for people that need vitamin B intake. They deliver 0.14 mg amount of vitamin B1 per 100 g when they are cooked and served without salt. We only have the vitamin in small amounts because it is soluble in water while the deficiency can happen in certain short time (2 weeks) if there is insufficient dietary intake.

17. Preventing Aging Process

Complex nutritious contents such as vitamins A, B, C, and minerals including manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, potassium, etc can help people from early aging. It is because all of these contents function as good antioxidants which are helpful to protect against various illnesses and retard the aging process. In addition, taro leaves are gluten free, low sodium and cholesterol free.

18. Helping Your Weight Loss Program

When you are having a weight loss program, you will need to adjust your diet consisting healthy intake. Taro leaves can be your best choice to eat in daily because they are low in either calories or saturated fat. Hence, taro is considered as your ideal food during your weight loss program. It supplies great amounts of fiber for your diet that satisfy your hunger while making you fuller for many hours.

19. Boosting Your Energy

When you need an instant energy supply, then you need certain food that consists plenty of energy after consumption. It is taro leaves that can release energy that you need. It contains high level of protein so it will be an important food source for additional energy. Furthermore, it is rich in B vitamins that are the key to boost your energy.

20. Boosting Your Immune System

Probably, the most important property in taro leaves is its role within the development of immune system. It has vitamin C in extremely high level per serving. Hence it stimulates the formation of more blood cells defending human body from unknown pathogens. This can ensure your body not susceptible from any attack of diseases.

Those are what I can explain about taro leaves and the benefits. The list of 20 health benefits of taro leaves above show us how nutritious it is! There are extremely beneficial contents and micro nutrients that come in huge quantities. There is no doubt that adding such healthy leaves in your daily diet can boost your health and happiness. Especially for people who want to apply health life style, this should not be ignored in their diet.

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