12 Marvelous Health Benefits of Urine Therapy

Hello people, today we have to talk about the stuff that really weird for some people, really strange and unusual. You knew kind of therapies out there that will offer you some great stuff for your body like the stone therapy, the fish therapy, and the others. They usually want to introduce the things out there that really have much kind of benefits you can get from them. But, we’re not gonna talk about that. There’s something more to be discovered in our own body. Like this one, the urine therapy.

Is it gross? Yes, we bet you thinking of that right now. But here’s the fact, you can get much health benefits of urine therapy that really good for health and metabolism. The way to use the urine came in several ways. You can drink it (don’t feel sick yet) or either apply it on your face. But beside that, urine can show you the important informations about your own health by just looking at it. So, the usage o the urine has different kind uses, depending on your needs. Even though it’s a bit gross, but here are the health benefits of urine therapy for you :

1. Preventing Viruses That Can Cause Allergy

The first one on the list of health benefits you can get from an urine therapy is to prevent the viruses that can cause allergy. Some people suffer many kind of allergies that make them do each kind of reaction depend on the allergy. Usually they prefer to use the usual medication like the pills or the tablets that can be used to treat them right away.

But, you can also prevent the allergy by consuming the urine. Just one glass of urine in the morning can create and build your antibody to make you more invincible to the viruses. Even though there’s still a risk of you getting allergy, but the number has been reduced into some low levels. So, there’s no need to be worry about the allergies anymore.

2. Cancer Medicine

Not so many people know about this, but urine therapy can be used as an additional medicine to cancer. Yes, some of you may think that this therapy is ridiculous and not fitting anywhere for curing cancer. But believe it or not, the urine of a person that suffered cancer contained the nutrition called tumor antigent. This antigen tumor can help some people to prevent the forming of cancer cells.

But then again, to get the tumor antigent contained urine, it’ll be a bit demanding, because you need to ask some people’s urine in hospital to get the proper amount of urine you can consume. But for the people that got cancer, they can having their own urine to consume in the starting of the day, until the evening. Hopefully they can better in a week or two after dilligently consume the urine.

3. Maintaining The Teeth

Beside those benefits mentioned above, there’s another great health benefits of urine therapy, one of them is to mantain you teeth to be healthy and more clean. The technique is just applying some urine on your teeth, even though it smells weird,you can wash them off afterwards with clean water.

This is actually the old technique that came form the ancient Rome. Many people then used this method because there’s no good teeth cleanser back then. So, the people just doing this inside their daily activities to get the best looking teeth with such an easy and natural way. Many people love it too because of the fact that the therapy doesn’t cost you anything.

4. Preventing Diseases

The other health benefits o urine therapy is to prevent some serious disease. The technique is really simple, only by consuming the urine in a cup of a tea size every morning. You must pick the right urine to do this, the cleanest one. So, if you find that your urine is in a bad condition, like very bad smells, very thick colour, and foamy, you must throw it out right away. You must pick the most clear urine you can produce.

Not like the other benefit above that came from the land of gladiators, this technique of consuming urine to prevent diseases is came from Asia, precisely in India and China. They like to do this back to nature stuff instead of using the chemical medicines. One because of it’s natural and second, because it’s free.

5. Curing Burns

The other health benefits of urine therapy is to cure the burns. Usually for moms, or for the people that working in workshop can get the burns on their skin. Either that came from the kitchen utensils or the engine that can burn your skin so easily. Usually we use the tooth paste to cover the burns, to give the cool feels and make it less hurt.

But, what if you can’t find any medicine when you’re just got the burns? The answer is contained in your own body. Your urine can cure it right away to cleanse the bacteria and also treat the burns right away. You just need some of the urine and apply them on your burns skin, this can be done as a first aid.

6. Curing Animals Sting

Beside burns, urine can also treat the stings caused by some animals like bees or jellyfishes. You can easily treat the sting caused by the bees easily with the way of applying urine on your skin. Just rub them in all the areas that have been sting by the bees. With this way, you don’t need any additional medicine to cover you.

And then for the jellyfish, there’s some controversies of it. Some tell us that treating the jellyfish sting with urine can bring a fatal thing, your skin will be much hurt in the meantime. But some other people also tell us that urine is the best medicine to cure the sting caused by the jellyfish. If you want to try to cure it with urine, do it at your own risk.

7. Really Good for Skin Care

Beside goof for your health, urine is also good for your beauty. It can be used as solution to maintain your good skin. Not only maintain, but it can also cure the bad condition of skin too. People in the ancient times were doing this kind of method to make them more beautiful in a very natural way. They either apply the urine on their own face, or just drinking it to get all the benefits from inside.

But either of them, work really well. Many people in the modern era tried to do this method for their beauty care, and they didn’t disappointed. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to give the urine therapy a chance to show you all the health benefits from urine therapy for you, by applying or drinking it. Hopefully you can get the best result.

8. Health Indicator

Beside treating our body, we can use our own urine to detect some diseases inside our own body. Some times we don’t realize that our body is actually in a very bad condition. Without realizing it, in the future we can collapse without knowing the reason. If you take a very carefully observation, you can see your own urine that tells you about your body condition.

Some of the diseases can be told by the looks of urine itself. You need to contact your doctor when you see your urine in these several conditions. First, urine can be so foamy, so foamy that you think it’s a beer not urine. And then you can see the blood in your urine, indicating there’s something wrong with your kidneys. Even though it’s shocking to look at the bad conditions of your urine, it can be really helpful for your health in the future.

9. Reducing Hair Loss

Beside using it as a drink and face supplement, you can also use it on your own hair. Yes, your hair. You need to know that urine has something good inside of it, the nutrition that also good for you hair. With the proper usage of urine, you can have the clean, strong, and also less hair loss in the future. To do this, you must do something that can give you this health benefits of urine therapy.

You must get the cleanest urine first, don’t pick the urine with the thick colour . And then, you can combine it with the potato flour, or as you called as potato starch. Combine these two and mix them into something new to treat your hair. Rub them on your hair, and leave it for an hour or more. In the final step, you can clean your hair with the clean warm water. And by this step, you can get the best looking hair you’ve ever seen. You don’t need to add more hair supplement, because the chemicals contained in it can destroy the nutrition left by the urine and potato starch. Just use this urine therapy for your beautiful hair care, you’ll not be disappointed.

10. Treat Constipation

Beside having the benefits to cure the wounds, making face more clean, and doing a very good care for hair, this urine therapy can also give you the other benefit of curing the constipation. Constipation is happened because of the firm waste that left inside our body, because we’re not consuming the fiber enough in our daily basis. This can cause the waste more solid and can not easily be thrown away.

To fix this, you need to do this urine therapy to cure this, at least make it easier. Before reconsider drinking the urine, take a look around to find vegetables or fruits. If you happen to find them, then you need to eat them first before drinking the urine. But it’s okay if you can’t find them, as along as you have the clean urine. The salt contained in the urine and good nutrition will help you a lot in this hard time. It can help to making the bowel movement inside your body to be more easier.

11. Make Your Body Calmer

Not just the tea or coffee that can make your mind and body calmer. This urine therapy can also give the exact thing to you. Even though it doesn’t have the caffeine that really helps for calming our nerves, but the urine contained a thing called Melatonin. This Melatonin is actually a hormone that appear when you’re about to sleep. That’s why this urine is a very good way to make you more calm and easier to sleep. Just one glass of urine every morning, drink it regularly.

12. Treating Acne

Yes, urine can treat your acne. The urine has some of great nutrition inside of it, one of them is the properties that considered into the anti-bacterial ones. These nutrition can give you the shorter time to cure the acne than using the usual medicine to cure it. Also, this method is very natural and doesn’t give the side effects for your skin.

That’s the 12 health benefits you can get from the urine therapy. Remember, not all the urine is safe to consume. You can take a look at your own urine first before finally thinking about consuming it. If there’s no indication that shows the urine has the bad diseases contained in it, then it’ll be safe to finally taste it. You can’t force yourself to do this, you need to be relax and feel comfortable to reconsider having this kind of therapy in your life. But here’s another function of our own body, for your own health that doesn’t need any money to do it, and free of charges. Maybe for you with the tight budget can apply this therapy in your daily life. Just do it once or twice per week, don’t do it much often. Don’t worry about the cleanliness, the urine is actually the extract of the blood that has been cleansed in the kidneys. So it’s considered as a save therapy for all. Good Luck!

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