15 Fantastic Health Benefits of Yellow Dock

For common people, the yellow dock does not impress them much and it tends to be unwelcomed. However, Native Americans and herbalists do not think so. They treat the plant as one of important herbal remedies that are available till now. If we look at it closer, actually the healing benefit can be got from the root. It has been used for different treatments and has been considered by herbalists as a panacea (cure various ailment you have).

Yellow dock root plays important role in providing chemical properties to cure a wide-range of medical conditions. It contains oxalates, glycosides, rumoquin, tannins and anthraquinones. Anthraquinones property is useful for smoothing the bowel movements and prevents constipation. Such property also functions to help to treat skin aliments and hemorroids. Hence, this plant is also considered the health tonic. No wonder, many herbal medicines recently include this plant in their composition due to various health benefits of yellow dock.

Many researches have been conducted to gain how beneficial yellow dock for our life. Here are the important health benefits of yellow dock that are issued after long studies:

1. Presenting Antioxidant Action

Based on modern herbal studies, most phytonutrients contains high level of antioxidants and so does yellow dock contain. Antioxidants are very crucial in retarding oxidative damage, known as a process happening at the level of cellular and it can be considered as good cells within your body that is attacked by numerous bad cells or free radicals.  This attack will result in aging and cellular damage whereas antioxidants fight against those harmful free radicals.

Evaluations of yellow dock’s antioxidant potential have confirmed its benefit to throw away oxidative stress. The study conducted by Department of Chemistry at JamiaHamdard, India finds that the plant has effective antioxidant activity that works to scavenge oxidative damage and free radicals, including within liver tissue.

2. Helping the Digestion Process

From the study conducted by University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical center, it is found that yellow dock has potential in human digestion process so it will make the stomach easier in the function. Also, the plant can give you aid when it comes to heart burn. It is considered as a bitter herb stimulating the digestion. It improves the functions to digest by improving the digestive enzymes and the stomach acid. It also helps the liver and the gallbladder. With lower contents of anthraquinone it is useful to trigger various enzymes and the bile issues to throw away constipation and digestive disorder.

Yellow dock has been labeled as a bitter herb because it contains tannins and it is like many other bitters that make nutrient absorption and digestion more efficient. The bitter taste also controls blood sugar within your body by lowering sugar appetite while increasing fullness feeling at the same time. To get this health benefit, you can serve ¼ to ½ teaspoon of it three times in a day. Optionally, you can add it to tea to drunk three times in a day before having meals.

3. Detoxifying Our Vital Organs

The next health benefit of yellow dock is helping to detoxify your body. The cleansing power in the plant can help you with numerous functions. It functions as a lymph and blood cleanser, helping to improve the action of lymph glands within the body. It also repeals lingering waste within your intestinal tract. It works by making bowel movements easier as well as improving urination frequency that is beneficial in eliminating toxin. No wonder, such super herb is included as one of traditional blood formulas in Jon Barron’s Blood Support formula.

Liver is considered as the hardest working organ where one of the functions is to detoxify toxins. To support the liver’s work, you need to consume bitters that you can get from yellow dock. It will stimulate the detoxification process in liver and boost the production of bile if you consume it regularly. Adding detox-assisting herb such as yellow dock can help the liver functions in throwing out toxins, excess hormones, and waste products.

4. Acting as Skin Care

Our body always produces hormones but the excessive ones can cause skin issues. If you experience such skin disorder you can take yellow dock for the medication. Some skin problems like acne, age spots, psoriasis, eczema rashes can be overcome by consuming the herb. The health benefit of yellow dock is really effective, especially to treat acne. It can be applied into your face in every rise of acne. Besides, the herbal treatment puts out a nice smell during the application on face. The bitter components within the root are beneficial to balance the hormones by supporting to eliminate the excessive estrogen during the menstrual and luteal phases. Since many skin disorders originate from slow detox of waste products and hormones, consuming the yellow dock’s root can also generate clear skin.

5. Treating Constipation

If you have constipation, then you have to believe in the health benefits of yellow dock. It is because of the low-level laxative effects that exist in the herb. There areanthraquinone glycosides in the root which can stimulate the intestine peristalsis that increases time for bowel transit. Commonly, people prefer using harsh medicine to heal constipation. However, strong laxatives can cause dependency while causing damage to the intestines. With smaller contents of peristalsis, yellow dock can be consumed for longer time. Also, the herb is gentler in the use, yet still works effectively in the digestion time.

6. Containing High Minerals

Large amounts of minerals are accumulated within Yellow dock. These beneficial minerals that are taken from the soil are passed into the body of yellow dock consumers. Considering the custom of minerals within our country, especially with the use of modern farming method, it impacts to the nutritive aspects that makes yellow dock plant as your herbal choice. It contains high amounts of iron and it is claimed as a worthy herbal companion throughout pregnancy and menstruation. Such earth wise herbal can increase iron status whenever you need it.

7. Helping Anemia

Anemia is a condition when your blood gets extreme weakness and tiredness. It can be healed by using the mix of dandelion root, burdock and alfalfa. Fortunately all of them exist in a wonderful herb, which is yellow dock. Also, the effectiveness has been experienced by people from previous generation to recent generation. This traditional healer plant has also been researched many times. As the result, in the plant, especially the root, there are properties to cleanse and fortify the blood. Also, this herb is claimed to strengthen our body. To treat your anemia, you just need to simmer the roots in your tea. It takes only 20 minutes till it ready to drink. Moreover, it is recommended to take one tablespoon for a cup of water to make the beverage.

8. Fighting against Dangerous Organisms

As we know, antioxidants deliver many advantages for our body. Based on some studies, yellow dock contains high amounts of antioxidants which act as our body defender. When there is an attack from harmful organisms, additional antioxidant intake is needed to fight those attackers. By consuming the yellow dock regularly, your body will get extra helps for your body defense.Meanwhile, consuming it can also support the development of a healthy microbiome. The inuline in the herb functions as a prebiotic that feeds such beneficial bacteria that is good four our health.

9. Curing the Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of common disorders that happen in our bowel. It can be minimized by drinking a beverage that is mixed with yellow dock. Based on a research, the plant is beneficial for pushing the body to the balance during diarrhea and constipation. The herbal intake is effective to heal the diarrhea because it contains tannins functioning as astringent to dry, heal and tone tissues. Such quality is needed during diarrhea treatment.

10. Providing Anti-Diabetic Intake

Most health benefits of Yellow dock are gained from inside the body, especially when it is taken for diabetic patients. There are methanol extracts that is beneficial for healthy DNA and more other protections for your inner parts of body. This amazing plant also functions to prevent the scavenging of free radical and inhibit production enzymes producing glucose. No wonder, yellow dock has been chosen as anti-diabetic intake, especially for diabetic patients. Furthermore, some other studies claimed that yellow dock is a good anticancer and can protect the protein and DNA.

11. Treating Menstrual Pain and Other Health Problems of Women

Yellow dock is closely related to relieving pain during women’s period. A study has reported that one of health benefits of yellow dock is to process excessive hormones. It is considered as effective menopausal formulas with effective pain reduce. For women that suffer from their PMS or some other disorders during menstruation, yellow dock can be included in their daily herbal beverage to relieve the pain.  Besides, yellow dock is also useful as herbal remedy for some other women’s health disorders like heavy bleeding, irregular menstruation and uterine fibroids.

12. Treating Sore Throat

Sore throat is a health problem occurring on your throat due to a viral infection, allergies or stomach acid. However, not all people know that yellow dock is included as one of the best herbal medicines for sore throat. It contains metal element that can decrease the pain in your sore and guts.  Furthermore, it is not only good for treating sore throat but also bronchitis, coughs and laryngitis.

13. Treating Arthritis and Rheumatism

Arthritis and Rheumatism actually refer to the same disease with the same symptoms, like inflammation and joint paint. To threat this disease, herbalism need to consider a safe and effective medicinal source like yellow dock. This magical herb can heal various diseases, including arthritis and rheumatism. Making it as a tea beverage can be an optional way to grab the benefits through your daily diet. As a result from your regular consumption, the arthritis and rheumatism you have will be reduced due to its anti-inflammatory components.

14. Treating Liver Disease

Liver disease is kind of disease that needs serious treatment from us. Fortunately, there is health benefit of yellow dock that is associated to liver disease. Two parts of yellow dock, the leaves and root can handle such problem of liver. It functions as an alternative medicine that can be drunk as tea for patients that suffer the disease. Relating to the benefit, there have been some studies that proved such herbal effectiveness to liver disorder patients. Although it doesn’t guarantee total cure but the herbal drink can be your alternative to treat liver greatly.

15. Treating Fever

When your body’s temperature is over 37 degrees Celsius, you are having fever. You don’t have to panic for it because there is an effective fever reducer that comes from yellow dock. Yellow dock is rich in vitamin A, phosphorus and manganese that have been known as the effective herbal medicine for fever. Also, it can gain your appetite that loses during fever. For the prevention, you can include it in your daily drink.

Some Conditions You Should Note about Consuming Yellow Dock

Although health benefits of yellow dock have been revealed including the listed benefits above, you have to note few things about it. It is not recommended to consume it in under-cooked or even raw. It will cause several serious symptoms like vomiting, nausea, trouble breathing and heart problems. If you have a skin irritation or allergic reaction when touching yellow dock, you should avoid consuming it. Because it contains oxalic acid, it can cause diarrhea for some people. If you have vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain due to the consumption, tell it to your physician. For those who are taking drugs for lowering calcium should not consume the yellow dock also.

By considering the health benefits of yellow dock and some influencing conditions, you can now your position whether to take it or leave it. Normally, it is a safe consumption with beneficial contents. It depends on how your condition to make it as your intake. That’s all for the health benefits that I can share in this article. The consideration and execution are in yours.

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