20 Health Benefits of Yucca Roots That Will Surprise You

Have you ever heard about yucca root? Yucca is not a single plant. There are more than 40 species that come from Asparagaceae family.  These plant already being consumed by people in North America since long time ago. You can eat these also, but consider if you have allergic or still breast-feeding.

In Latin America and Caribbean, these super food is often used to replace potatoes. There are some medical benefits of yucca roots since it contains reservatrol, saponins, and other phytonutrients. Now, we explore the twenty health benefits of yucca roots as below:

1. Protect Your Skin

If you eat yucca root regularly, you will get benefit on your skin. Yucca root has some photoprotective properties to cover your skin from the sun. By its resveratrol that already prove functioned as skin protector. Sun damage and free radicals eventually cause cancer on your skin, but it can be prevented by consuming yucca root as your food. After regularly consuming this supplement your skin sill be lighter and smoother. It can be eaten or made as powder and add to your soap.

2. Make your Skin and Eye Healthy

Containing antioxidant, yucca root will improve your skin and eye healthier. Yucca root also give you more folic acid to help you give more nutritions towards your eyes. Overall, yucca helps you to get more collagen as the main skin protein. Yucca produces much more vitamin C as the main material for gaining collagen. It will brighten your skin and make your eye clear as like as cat eye. A cup of yucca once in two days is enough. As long as you do’nt have any allergic or in a different condition which will force you to not eat this supplement.

3. Better Cognition

If you want to increase cognitive abilities, you can eat more yucca. Yucca is also called as the brain food. It has high level of folate and potassium which are considered as blood flow stimulator to the brain. Consuming yucca root will sharpen your brain even tough you are in old age.  You will not easy to forget anything yo do. Even you can join some competition as like as battle of brain. Or, if do you want to continue your study? Just take the test after study hard and consuming this yucca root.

4. Decrease Arthritic Pain

If you get arthritic pain you should get treatment to ease the pain. One of the food that will make your pain ease is yucca root. With its saponins and resveratrol,  yucca can be functioned as analgesic and anti-inflammatoy for your body. The correlation between both of them surprisingly can remove arthritic pain based on the study that already written in Journal if inflammation 2006. It is not magically get rid you pain, but slow but sure it will make your body more strength than before.

5. Heal Wound

The amount of vitamin C will also help your body to heal wound fastly. The amount of  vitamin C can increase  production of collagen. This part is needed in blood vessel, tissues, muscles, and cells. So, if you eat enough yucca your body will get more vitamin C and it is really needed for healing wound on your body. It is not mean that your wound will be loss without medicine, but it can make you get better soon.

6. Boost Immunity

As already noted that yucca root contain high level of vitamin C. Inside of making life longer, vitamin C also boost your immune system. It can prevent all kinds of free radical that come into your body. As the first line of defence for your immune system, vitamin C play more role on increasing your healthy. It can stimulate the production and activity of shite blood cells. Further more, vitamin C in yucca also help you to prevent organ system damaging and cell mutations as well.

7. Make Your Heart Healthy

Yucca contain of fiber which can fulfill  your fiber need in one day. This will control your cholesterol level. In a cup of yucca root is as much as 4 grams of fiber that is needed for decreasing level risk of cardiovascular by balancing your fatty acid level. The potassium found in yucca will lower your chance of stress. Stress is one of the trigger of heart attack. Potassium also help your body to decrease the tension of blood arteries and vessels. But, you should pay attention to your food everyday. Then, keep exercise to keep your heart healthy.

8. Diabetes Control

Diabetes deals with the high level of glucose in your body. By using yucca as mention above it can help you to regulate the amount of glucose.  Add yucca to your diet and it will work by preventing plunges and peaks on your blood sugar that become trigger of diabetes. Yucca also called as supplement for diabetes treatment. But, consider consult your doctor before use it. Life healthy is the key of get rid from any another disease. Get your food on time and don’t forget to sleep eight hours a day.

9. Weight Loss

Yucca root give you more nutrition in your diet. If you eat a cup of yucca it has 330 calories. It is better than your average veggie right? You can eat yucca by adding some vegetables on your plate such as broccoli, spinach, zucchini, bell peppers, or many more. When  you feel hungry, it means that your glucose are imbalance. Then, yucca help you to balance it, so you will feel full stomach longer than before.

10. Help Your Digestive System

If you are often get constipation, it will be good fo you to eat yucca. This plant is not only help you to loss your weight. But it also help you to stimulate peristaltic motion in your bowels. It will make you healthy by preventing gastrointestinal issues such as excessive flatulence, cramping, and many more. You should drink enough water a day. It will help you to keep your digestive system healthy aswell. So, it is not only by consuming yucca root but also healthy food.

11. Prevent Aging

The amount of vitamin C and antioxidants of yucca has already explained that this plant will prevent aging. The ability of this plant to get rid free radicals and give your skin nutrition are the reasons why yucca can make you look younger than your age. Using yucca is better than having cream with high SPF. Don’t get stress and stay calm is the key to keep younger. Keep smile and enjoy your activities also help to cut aging. After that reduce consuming alcohol and drink more water.

12. Treat Baldness And Shining Your Hair

For all if you who has a problem with hair, yucca root is one of the keys to treat it. You can add yucca root on your shampoo and it will help you to prevent baldness. Then, yucca root also effective to promote hair growth than make you feel prettier than before. Some manufacture industries now start to add yucca root as ingredients in their shampoo or another hair treatment. Avoid chemical treatment that will make your hair fall.

13. Preventing Hyperglycemia

As yucca can prevent diabetes, it also can be used to reduce the risk of hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia happens because of the problem in insulin . the lack of insulin or insulin resistance is the main problem which trigger hyperglycemia. By consuming yucca, the level of glucose will be balanced because of saponine as one of the nutrition in yucca. Then, don’t consume other food which will increase your glucose level such as rice, cake, or sweet drink. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

14. Protect the Kidney

Consuming yucca also gives benefits for your kidney. In which it can purify the blood which come to the kidney. Then, help the body get rid from toxin which will make kidney work hard. The sponine content will improve kidney function. It also will prevent it from kidney gallstones. Further, drink eight glasses of water everyday or more. Your Kidney needs water as the key of its healthy.

15. Prevent Cancer

Cancer happens because of DNA of cell damaging. Some factors that can make someone get cancer is toxic, free radical effect, and microorganism. Those factors can be prevented by having much more antioxidant. Since yucca root has high level of antioxidant, it is really recommended for you who wants to keep healthy and prevent cancer. Just Eat healthy, don’t consume alcohol, and sleep well eight hours a day will help you to prevent cancer.

16. Relieve Headache

Do you often to feel pain in your head. Headache comes to you if your nerve on brain get the excessive impulse. It also contractile your blood flow that trigger pain on your head. Yucca consist of manganese and magnesium that function to relieve pain by stabilizing nerve inside. You can take brain excercise also to prevent headache. Take more excercise also will help you to avoid headache. One more, don’t sleep overnight because it will damage your body overall.

17. Prevent Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is caused by a number of cholesterol which is really high. This problem attack your arteries and further will cause heart attack. Consuming yucca which has fiber and antioxidant is one of the answer to prevent atherosclerosis. Yucca helps you to regulate your blood and keep it move slowly. Live healthy and don’t be stress will help your heart healthy.

18. Get Rid Inflammation

Inflammation occur in your body because of there is harmful toxin and bad microorganism. Then, yucca contains antioxidant dan sapponine which really help your body to clean all toxin and harmful toxin. So, you will free from this kind of disease. Pay attention to your food, eat at the same time everyday, and relax will make you healthier. The health benefits of yucca roots will not affect your body if you eat any kinds food. So, pay attention to your food, eat only healthy food, and ad yucca in your diet.

19. Provide More Energy

It is unquestionable any longer why yucca can give energy. It has many nutrition such as vitamin c, fiber, and carbohydrate. It replaces other food such as, potato, cassava, and even bread. It has 330 calories right? So it is enough to give you energy for your activities. You can fry itand add some cheese or chocolate for giving it taste. A cup of it is enough as your breakfast and give you more energy. If you want to add some vegetables or fruits, it will be nice.

20. Treat Ulcer

If you have a problem of gastritis, you should consume yucca root regularly. Ulcer or gastritis happen because of toxin that come to your body. It will better for you to eat yucca because it will heal you body from inside to decrease chemical drug. Having this plants is actually really good to your healthy especially for your organ system. But, you have to deal with yourself to keep healthy life style.

Those are the health benefits of yucca roots for your body. Though it has many health benefits of yucca roots but it has negative effect also. Some of you will feel upset stomach, vomiting, bitter taste of your mouth, and nausea. So, it will be better for you to consult to your doctor before add it into your diet. Don’t forget to ask your doctor the amount of yucca root that will be consumed to prevent other negative effect.

If you want to add yucca root for your shampoo, soap, or other body treatment you can ask the expert. Though it is safe enough to be used as supplement but it should be in the right dosages. You can add yucca extract as liquid or powder form based on your necessary. The health benefits of yucca roots already known by North america’s citizen and Caribbean. So, what are you waiting for? Get yucca root and make your body healthier.

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